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Frequently Asked Questions 
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Duke and Misty have become ambassadors for the spirit of the wheel chair dog.  We have discovered their is not a lot of information about living with and caring for a wheel chair dog.  We'd like to share some of the answers to some of the "most asked" questions.  For more information, please contact us.

Q:  Did it take a long time for Duke and Misty to get use to their wheelchairs?
A:  Duke is our younger dog; it took Duke about a minute to get used to the chair. However, it took Misty a little longer. Misty was a little over five when she got her first chair. She was a little more stubborn than her counterpart Duke. Now, you can't stop these two on their wheels.

Q:  Has the wheelchair made a dramatic improvement in the life of your dogs?
A:  Absolutely. If they did not have these chairs, they would not be able to go on walks, play, visit schools and nursing homes. It has definitely given them a good quality of life.

Q:  I am concerned that my dog will be immobile during the day, when we are not home. Will he/she only have a few hours of joy, we can give him/her each night when we are at home?
A:   I too, was concerned about this. But soon realized that most healthy dogs just sleep during the day, when their owners are not home. When we get home, we place them in their chairs, and they walk and play like normal dogs. We do exercise them a lot on the weekends.

Q:  Will our wheelchair pet be able to play with other healthy dogs?
A:  Absolutely, the non-wheelchair dog might be a little frightened of the chair at first, but will get used to it. Duke and Misty play with one another and play with our non-wheelchair pet Princess, with their noses and upper body and front legs.

Q:  Where can I get a wheelchair for my disabled pet?
A:  Dewey's Wheelchairs for Dogs is the place to go to get wheels for your disabled pet.

Q:  I have a web site about a disabled pet. Will you link to it?
A:  Yes, just email your URL to Joyce.

Q:  How do you bathe Duke and Misty?
A:  Duke and Misty are bathed once a week, Duke we bathe in the bathtub and Misty is small enough to bathe in our kitchen sink. When the weather is nicer they can be bathed in their wheelchairs.

Q:  Are you happy with your wheelchairs?
A:  We have tried other styles of wheelchairs, but found Dewey's Wheelchairs for Dogs, is a great wheelchair. It is light, durable and easy for the owner's to use. Now Duke and Misty have a good quality of life, thanks to these wheelchairs.

Q:  Do your dogs have control over their bodily functions?
A:  Not really, Duke and Misty know when they have to relieve themselves, often they have no control over it. But they try. They are able to relieve themselves in the wheelchair. We try to keep them on a schedule.

Q:  How long can you leave Duke and Misty in their wheelchairs?
A:  Duke and Misty can stay in their chairs for a long time, about two hours at a time. Misty can lay down in her chair, and Duke will let you know when he is getting tired. He will come and lean on me.

Q:  Do your dogs drag their legs? If they do, does it hurt?
A:  Yes, they both drag their legs. No, it does not hurt them. However, their legs can get wounds, and start bleeding. We have not found anything yet to wrap around their legs, still working on that issue.

Q:  Can your dogs go up or downstairs?
A:  They can do both, with supervision. We have to help them go up and down stairs.

Q:  Does the wheelchair go over lots of different terrain?
A:  Yes, we have had Duke and his wheels everywhere; the beach, the snow, campgrounds, he can go up and down hills with no problem. But we do supervise Duke and Misty in their chairs, they can tip over.


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