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Because their spirits aren't broken

from Pets with Disabilities

The following adoptions have been directly through Pets with Disabilities.  These wonderful spirits have found their forever families - and will continue to teach about the true loving nature of the animal heart and spirit despite any of their disabilities.


After watching Skippy the last few weeks, we put a hold on his amputation realizing this little wing was a big part of his vibrant personality. We  witnessed him actually using the leg for daily life activities.

Skippy was  adopted this past weekend by a wonderful caring  couple, who absolutely fell in love with his "norm". Skippy is now living life large in Virgina Beach, with his rescued fur sister, Cadence.  I received a nice note from her adopters this past week,  "Skippy is the biggest cuddle bug and happy go lucky dog we have ever met!  He loves to play fetch and cuddle with her big sister!  He is such a sweet gentile soul and became an instant couch potato.  We cant get enough of this sweet boy. Thank you PWD!"

Name: Skippy
Age: 1 year old
Disability: 3 legged
Breed/Weight: mixed breed? anyone's guess.. 35 pounds

History: Skippy was an owner relinquishment, he was born with a front leg deformity.

Skippy arrived at the rescue very scared and shy but within a day, he was quick to learn he was very safe and warmed up to all of us very quickly! All we can say is wow, what a sweet, smart, energetic pup. He loves car rides, playing with toys and will settle quickly on any soft bed or lap. He learned the routine of the rescue so fast, we were all quite impressed with his intelligence! We have all fallen in love with this boy. He will definitely fit into any family, with cats, kids and of course another canine friend. He will be very loyal companion, with a family he can count on for the rest of his life.

Clifford  " Big Red"  our sweet blind boy has finally been adopted to a couple whose hearts were so compelled by Clifford's history and neglect, they fell in love with his laid back personality and wanted to give him a happy ending, a loving and trusting home! 

I received a text from his adopters recently, "Clifford is awesome! He and Angel are starting to really bond.  He is sleeping and snuggling in our bed at night, loves that, he plods along well and has managed our yard with brilliance. We recently had friends over and Cliff fell in love with our friend Al.  He jumped into his lap every night for hugs, LOL.  He is definitely feeling at home!" Thank you PWD!

A big heartfelt  thank you to this  couple for adopting their first blind pup,  and helping him thru his adjustment period  in their home!  Clifford will be forever loyal and thankful to you!

Name: Clifford (the big red dog!)
Age: 2 years old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Retriever Mix, 65 pounds

History:  Clifford was a stray taken to a very rural Tennessee shelter. Cliff is blind in both eyes, but his left eye needed to be removed due to discomfort and infection. Clifford was most likely used as target practice, since he had bb's lodged in his eyes and ears. Most likely blinded by bb's.

When I saw Clifford at the shelter, I immediately emailed the shelter to see if any other local recue groups had responded, they said "No, only you". I checked a week later only to find out he was still there, looking so defeated, his spirit gone. I knew we need to take this dog. When our volunteers met the transport, they too noticed he seemed beaten down, one of the saddest dogs they had ever seen. He got into our car, wondering what was going to happen next in his life, little did he know he was going to PWD, and he would soon believe life could be good again.

After a few short weeks, meet our new and improved  Clifford, "our bid red dog"!  WOW, with some good nutrition, vetting and the comforts of home, his real personality has started to shine through the despair he came with. He loves life, people, and enjoys the company of other dogs.  The kindness of the rescue is all new to him and we think he is really digging it! Cliff is a very loyal pup, a big love, we enjoy getting our Clifford hug every day. He will be a very dedicated family member.

Marley Adopted! Our cute little orphaned pup has finally landed with a couple who are completely over the top in love with him! "He is doing great, him and Trooper are best friends, everyone that comes over just falls completely in love with him. He is such a love bug, we could NOT be happier but best of all Trooper loves having a little brother. These two are in constant play mode, and when resting right beside by one another!"

Thank you to this wonderful couple who have been hoping to adopt a PWD pup for a while, and their patience landed a perfect match.

Name:  Marley
Age: 4 years old
Disability: 3 legged
Breed/Weight:  Spaniel mix, 25 pounds

History:  Marley found himself abandoned when both his fur parents died within a year apart.  One of our West Virginia rescue partners reached out to PWD to help him find a new forever home.    Marley was able to spend some time in a foster home while waiting for a spot to open up at PWD, this is what her foster mom had to say about sweet pup. "Marley my little foster cuddle bug!  He was friendly to all our visitors, loved to curl up on our couch, his favorite spot or was my shadow, tagging along with me all over our home. He loved his momma!"

Marley has settled in nicely here at PWD, he loves to hang with the big dogs, and is very playful with them!  This little guy has warmed his way into our hearts, he is a petite sweet boy who also has found his way to our sofas and settles nicely in our office. Marley is also great with cats, kids, AND a great car rider too (his past fur parents were both truckers and he was their companion pup.)  Marley is also housebroken. He will add great energy to his new family!  We love this little guy and hope we can find him a forever home quickly so that his beloved parents can finally rest in peace. 

This adopter suffered a tragic loss of her best friend a few months ago, feeling lonely in her heart and home, she felt the need to adopt another 4 legged or in this case a furry 3 legged pup. Leo was adopted and has already fill this persons heart with joy.

"Leo" is doing great, he has been a hit in my small Baltimore neighborhood, we take daily walks around the block, and has already made friends with another 3 legged pup! I am thrilled to have Leo in my life, my heart is filled once again with helping another furry friend in need. Thank you PWD, for bringing Leo into my life."

Name: Galileo
Age: 1 - 2 years
Disability: 3 legged
Breed/Weight: Not sure (what do you think?) 35 pounds

History Galileo was found as a stray with a bad leg injury. Unfortunately it was never treated and the leg could not be saved.

Galileo was lucky enough to have been at a foster while a spot opened up here at PWD! This is what his foster folks had to say about him! Sounds like a great dog, and will find his forever family very soon! A big thank you to his foster family, who helped with his recuperation and got to know him!

"Galileo is very loving. He is fantastic with kids and other animals. He loves to be outdoors and thrives on human companionship. He is always under someone's feet. He will make a great pet. He is also a very good watch dog. He always barks when someone strange comes to yard/door, but once he realizes there is no threat he makes friends quickly. He likes to play with our cats, but not all of our cats want to play with him, when he gets swatted he respects the cat and steers clear. He has had a successful recuperation with his amputation and I think is happy his bum leg is gone! He is happy and bounding around the house and yard. He has already learned to navigate steps. He is a super sweet boy and will be a great pet to a very lucky family."

Our sweet Tippy now Gretchen has been adopted. As you can see she has settled with her new family with ease.

A note from her new fur parents, "Gretchen joined our family in New Hampshire, and we can not imagine our lives without her. She has such an outgoing personality, so sweet, affectionate, playful and LOVES to cuddle! We would like to thank Joyce and the pwd team for always being there to answer our many questions and for helping our Gretchen find her home with us!"

Name:  Tippi
Age:  2 years old
Disability:  3 legged
Breed/Weight:  Small Terrier/lab mix - 30lbs

She was found under a house with her litter of  4 puppies - nursing the only surviving puppy.  She had a severe leg injury that required amputation.  Tippi likes to play with toys, gets along dogs and is SO sweet.  We are looking forward to getting to know her better in the upcoming weeks.

Tippi was heart worm positive and has been treated.

Chaz is one miracle pup! Both his legs were successfully repaired and his recuperation was a success here at PWD. Mr Chaz will now being sharing all 5 pounds of his feisty spirit with many more folks at an independent living facility where he will reside with his new adopter, a retired school teacher who adores him!

PWD is thankful to everyone who contributed to Chaz's medical care, he was very thankful and great patient!

Meet our newest Critical Care Team recipient, Chez. Chez had a very unfortunate fall and sustained multiple breaks in both his front legs.  He has already met with our orthopedic team. His prognosis was grim, without surgical intervention, so Chez will undergo major surgery to repair both his legs. Chez will require many weeks of post op care here and at the hospital.    

This little guy has been nothing short but amazing and patient, as we all get to know each other.  I know he knows we are here to help him.


Talk about a match made in heaven!   When Gizmo (now Jackson)  met Luna,  we all knew these two were meant for each other,  they play, ran, chase each other like they had known each other for years! 

"We are the luckiest family to have adopted Jackson from PWD,  he is one amazing little guy, and  has adjusted great to his new home, and Luna is having the time of her life with her new fur brother.   Thank you PWD for everything!"  

Name: Gizmo
Age: 1-2 years
Disability:  Minor back leg disability, amputation definitely NOT needed.
Breed/Weight: Lab/terrier mix, 35 pounds.  

History: Gizmo was found as stray and taken to a West Virginia shelter. Gizmo was overlooked by possible adopters and rescues, although his disability is minor, he was still in need. 

His foster person wrote a little about his personality as he waited for his transport to PWD, "Gizmo is a happy super sweet little guy that loves to give bear hugs to anyone he meets. He loves to play with toys, in fact is a toy hoarder, he would find toys and hide them in his crate.  His favorite activities is to play fetch with a tennis ball then settle in with a peanut butter Kong!  He is a very fast, energetic boy and we think another playful fur friend would be great for him. Gizmo is good with kids, crate trained, and house trained."

Gizmo has arrived a PWD and is settling in nicely. He was a little shy at first, but then the bear hugs and tail wagging started with in a few days. We hope we can get this sweet boy a home quick!    

Name: Riley
Age:  6 months
Disability:  Deaf
Breed/Weight:  Border Collie mix, 30 pounds

History: Riley was relinquished to a shelter in South Carolina,  he was too active for his family. Loyal PWD supporters and adopters pulled him for us and is now fostering until transport is set up to Maryland.

Riley is a bundle of great energy,  he is very agile and very smart.  His foster says, he is such a funny boy. He loves to wrestle and loves to play with the other dogs. He enjoys playing fetch but his most favorite activity is by far chasing the hose.  He is incredibly, loyal sticks by us when he can, he leans on us and craves affection.  He has learned some basic hand signals, still in the chewing stage but we have offered him kongs and interactive toys and that has solved the problem, he is crate trained. Riley will be a wonderful family dog with active family and canine family. He will require a yard with hard fencing.


Amazing CHARM has been at the rescue for almost 2 yrs.  She tried a couple of different homes during that period, finding herself back at PWD. It's been difficult to understand why people are not "lining up" to take this brilliant, friendly, gorgeous border collie home.  She has no issues with any of the dogs at the rescue, she is happy to greet any new person she meets, she is content to just be with her person when there is nothing else going on. We have spent the last couple of months really focused on her to try and understand what she was looking for....  and then it became VERY clear - SHE IS HOME! She has no desire to find anywhere else to go - she "runs" the rescue facility, she is by Joyce's side at all times, her tail is always wagging, she loves her life here!!  She has a job as the "queen" to keep things running in accordance with the rules - and she does it very well.  WELCOME HOME, CHARM - we're so glad for your assistance and love forever.

Name: Charm 
Age: 8 years 
Breed/Weight: Border Collie/ 45 pounds 
Disability: Blind

History: Charm developed mature cataracts in both eyes which left her blind. Fearing for her safety on a working farm, her family reached out for help. Her eyes have been examined and tested by an eye specialist upon arrival here at PWD to see if cataracts could be removed. Unfortunately, after further diagnostics, surgery is definitely NOT an option. She is NOT in any pain and handles her blindness like a champ.

Charm has been with our rescue for almost a year, scratching our heads and saying WHY? To say Charm is blind is true, but truly not fair. After spending a year with us, I can honestly say Charm is by far one of the most intelligent border collies I have had the pleasure or knowing and spending time with. Charm likes conversation, our communication skills have become like two good friends, one helping another. I tell her where she needs to be and she understands quickly. She knows when I need for her to come in, she knows where all the doors are located, she knows her eating area, and when I just want some company in my office and she gladly lays with content by my desk. We created a mutual respect and trust for each other. Charm, welcomes all of our visitors and volunteers with a big welcome hug, as if to say are you here to meet me?

As one of our volunteers noted people need to come see the beauty of Charm first hand, and understand being blind has not taken her border collie spirit away in fact it has enhanced it!

Charm spent a couple of days with a very dear friend, she too was amazed at the awesomeness of Charm with her family and her fur family of border collies. "OMG! She is really a fabulous dog – VERY connected to people, when you call her, she comes right over, gives you a little “nose pop on the leg” and then jumps up to say hi as close as possible. She was great with the other dogs, but didn’t really seem to need them around, she loved being part of a “household”. We got home very late, so in the morning, she met the dogs, and then I put them all back to bed and left her out downstairs. She did a complete “mapping of my house” – it was amazing to watch. I decided to leave her be and went back to bed – about an hour later I heard her upstairs walking around the hallway – then she went back downstairs. By the time everyone got up again, she knew where the kitchen counters were, where the door ways were, where the couple of in-room steps were, the water bowls, the dog beds, the tables, chairs, etc… I was in awe. Brilliant girl!! I did not have to provide her ANY guidance after her “mapping” was done – in and out the door, up and down the deck, calling her from another room, up and down the stairs like any other dog. She does some herding, but only when the action is amped up and she feels she needs to be involved – ran FULL speed after my dogs in the back yard – but, other than that kind of “work” she was very content being with everyone, not really looking for “stuff” to do. Only minor toy interest, she ate in the kitchen with everyone without issue. She will only bark when she has something to say  “ I know you’re behind the closed door, open it.”

It is official our sweet Pepper, has been adopted!  Yesterday we received a wonderful sweet update from her fur mom!

 "Pepper is just about the sweetest soul we have ever met!  She just wants to be with us, and insists on a good pet from time to time, and that is about it.  She LOVES her beds, and would like to have one in every room (since she follows me from room to room, its only fair).   We believe that the other dogs at Pets with Disabilities were a great comfort when you couldn't be right there with her.  With that in mind, Pepper will likely get a new  fur friend sometime soon.   I am a therapist, and she accompanies me to most of my sessions, where  she is a very calming presence.  She is very sweet and tolerant with our kids, ignores the cats, which is just fine with them, and just wants to sleep, lay in the sun, be loved and showered with affection (and about 5 more beds).  After 5 years of who-knows-what, she deserves nothing less."

Name:  Pepperdine,  aka Pepper
Age: 5 years old
Disability:  Leg deformity, most likely birth defect in front right leg,   her mobility is fine, and she is able to do stairs.
Breed/Weight:  Corgi/beagle mix, 40 pounds

History:  Pepper was abandoned on a busy highway, a kind Samaritan pulled over and got her to the safety of a shelter where she patiently waited for her family for over a month, they never came.  She soon became a shelter favorite, as the manager noted  "one of the sweetest pups we have ever seen, she is so lovable and will sing for her treats!"

When we were asked to rescue her and saw her beautiful soulful eyes, we had no hesitation!  Pepper stayed in a foster home for a couple of weeks and just as I expected she was a great dog! Her foster family noted, "She gets along great with our pack, no aggression at all, just the most sweet loving soul, friendly with other pups, friendly towards kids, good on lead, good in the car, and house trained. She will make a great companion dog for any situation!"

Pepper is now at PWD and has become our new office pup (along with a few others) waiting for that special family to come meet her and steal your heart!

It warms my heart to announce after spending 2 years at PWD, BRODYS ADOPTION DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! Brody was very happy to give up his PWD apartment to snuggle with his new fur parents. A pretty great trade. Brody will share his new life in Delaware with 2 PWD alumni dogs, Skye (deaf) and Ozzie (visually impaired) and loving fur parents who have opened up the hearts and home to now 3 PWD pups! A huge heartfelt thank you to these wonderful folks. ... Enjoy your home Brody, you will always hold a special place in our hearts here!

I receive a recent email "Day 6, another awesome companion, Brody is a sweetheart, how could he have been at pwd so long is perplexing to me? He is everything good 10 fold! We love him, thank you for all you have done for Brody and letting us give him a happy ending!"

Name:  Brody
Age:  2 years old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Golden/ lab Mix

History: Brody was in a "hoarding" situation, all their dogs were confiscated and relinquished to animal control.  Because of Brody's neglected past he came to us physically and mentally broken. Expecting a young vibrant blind pup, Brody was a far cry from this. He was withdrawn, shy, very thin, and his spirit was gone.

Brody has had a long road to recovery here at PWD,  but all of us including his doctors, feel he is healthy and ready for adoption! Brody is finally off all medications back to eating a regular canine diet, and best of all heartworm negative! We got Brody thru the worst and now its time to find him an adopter who will care for Brody and give him a great canine life. Brody's personality is a 10!  He is a sweet gentle dog, that has done great with all the dogs. He loves to wander thru the the yard independently,  and will sit quietly under a tree enjoying the smells and noises of the outside! Brody is great on lead, but a fenced yard is required for Brody. 

Brody is a favorite of ours and anyone else that has met him.  We are so excited for him and anxiously await to meet the family he fought so hard to live for.

Polly adopted!!! A young couple finally saw beyond her "mobility" abilities, and just saw a great dog that needed a home! Polly is enjoying life is southern Maryland with her much younger fur sister Lucy!

Thank you PWD for giving my wife the best bday gift in her life, the gift of rescue! And Polly is definitely the icing on the cake!

Name:  Polly
Age:  2-3 years old
Disability:  Deformity or injury with her 2 front legs
Breed/Weight:  Shepherd/Lab Mix  45 pounds

History: Polly was found abandoned with her 3 puppies on a busy highway, a kind Samaritan pulled over and got the pups and mom to safety. 

Polly got to spend some time with a foster home while waiting for her spot to open up at PWD, this is what her foster mom had to say about  her. "Polly is a strong female, but does get along good with both male and female pups, she is very playful and enjoys her toys, but like many abandon dogs she seeks attention from humans, loves people."  

Polly just arrived and will know more about her personality as she spends time here. Polly was heart worm positive and has been treated.

UPDATE - 2/8/16 - Polly has been seen by both of our orthopedics and our Physical rehab therapist and we are all in agreement to not pursue amputation of Polly's leg. We are looking into a prosthetic devise to help Polly. So stay tuned for more Polly updates, as we discuss and meet with Animal Orthorcare, who specializes in prosthetics.

UPDATE - 4/15/16 -Unfortunately Polly did not take to her prosthetic limb. She decided life was good without it, and as you can see from the attached video, she keeps up with her 4 legged friends just fine.

Check out this video on YouTube:

Yeager, now Sammy,  has been adopted!  Sammy was here just long enough to get  his much needed  medical care, and as soon he was posted, these two  Golden lovers knew Sammy was their dog!  Sammy will be living life large on the Cape with 2 fantastic rescued hounds, Missy and Jake.

We get lots of updates on Sammy, but this one was so sweet,  "They are all so cute together,  Jake and Missy watch out  for him, and Sammy just melts my heart, we just can't get enough of him,  thank you so much PWD!"

Yeager, a 16 week old, AKC registered purebred golden retriever, was brought into this world by a breeder who neglected routine puppy care. ROUTINE puppy care requires worming...  this was NEVER done.  The parasite load in this young puppy is SO extreme, the vet could see worms in his eyes via MRI.  As a result of this neglect, he is now is blind, in pain and will have both his eyes removed. Devastating when it could have been so easily prevented.

Lolly (Lolly Pop) another cutie,  has been adopted!   Lolly, was here long enough to get necessary leg surgery to repair her fractured front legs.  Our adopters were so excited to get her into their family they took her during her recuperation time.  Lolly was able to recuperate in a quiet  and loving  home with her new fur sister, another Schnauzer mix, Gypsie.    A big thank you to these folks for helping us with the recuperation and recovery of this young spirit, who definitely needed a 2nd chance at life!

From our adopter,   "all the dogs we have adopted from PWD have enriched our lives in some way or another. Lolly is the latest joyful addition to our family, despite the suffering she endured she landed in the care of PWD, Joyce and Mike.  She is now a happy bundle of joy, we are grateful for her and as you can see has settle right in!" 

Meet another very young pup, 7 mo old, Lolly. She had a very unfortunate fall and sustained multiple breaks in both her front legs.  Her prognosis was grim without surgical intervention. Lolly underwent surgery yesterday and is NOW on the road to recovery! She will require many weeks of post op care here and at the hospital, besides regular vetting.

Our "quirky"  little Bee has been adopted, she landed in the perfect home!  A person who  "gets  it" and understanding  that with  Bee's history it will take a lot of perseverance,  patience and treats for her to even pet her.   She has committed to working with her daily.  Bee  loves hanging with  Emily, her new canine friend and feline friend  Paxton, these two will be instrumental  with helping  Bee's confidence and trust in new human friends.

A big thank you to this adopter for coming back to PWD to adopt another dog in need, especially Bee!!   

Name:  Bee
Age:  7 years old
Disability:  Partially blind/ deaf
Breed/Weight:   LLasa Apso Mix  20 pounds
History:  Bee came into PWD with Charlotte and Clyde from an extremely neglectful situation. She is unsocialized, so we are working with her to become trustful with humans.  
If you have an interest in helping Ms Bee, please contact Joyce.   Any potential foster or adopter will need to understand fearful pups and have patience.  Ms Bee is fantastic with other dogs, so a well-balanced confident k9 friend would be best for her.  Bee enjoys being outside, strutting around tail high and wagging, she is good on lead and I believe she is more comfortable on lead with human touch.  She is coming along here and she is certainly cute as a button!

Name: Mr Tee
Age: 3 years old
Disability: A healed fracture of the distal ulna, his bone is completely healed, but turned a bit outward in its healing. No amputation is needed. Another minor disability that no other rescue or adopter could see past.  We are thrilled to have him here.
Breed/Weight:  Walker hound,  50 pounds

History:  Mr Tee was surrendered to a Virginia shelter by a hunter because he refused to chase deer.  As they say in Virginia, "Virginia is for lovers" - and Mr Tee is a true testament to this.  

" Mr Tee" is a fun active, goofy pup and has really flourished at the rescue. At first he was a bit shy around humans (not in an aggressive way) but he gets it now, we are not going to ask him to chase deer, the pressure is off and he can have fun, his hunting days are LONG behind him now. He now RUNS over to us with a big hound smile, wagging tail, wanting love and attention from all of us! He enjoys playing with all the dogs, loves to play with tennis balls or any other interesting toy in the yard. What a great dog! 

He is not very vocal, good in the car, housebroken, and settles easily in his apartment.

Another beautiful sweet hound that is ready for find his forever home.

We knew finding the right person to understand the challenges of a very active deaf herding breed would be difficult, but finally a young woman completely fell in love with Rayne's zest for life. She knew the breed very well and was not deterred by the disability, but rather up for the challenge.  After spending 3 intense months of training, proper exercise and routine with her, Rayne, now Murphy, has become a forever family member. 

Check out a glimpse of Murphy's new life! Car rides, routine hikes with his mom and fur brother Mickey, and cuddling on the sofa watching the Ravens play.  These pictures say it all! 

We are thrilled for Murphy,  she is home for the holidays and forever! I recently receive an update from her new fur mom,  "Murphy is my goofy, sweet, stubborn little tomboy. She has required constant training and attention since day 1 but I am so happy to report that she is making progress inside and outside of the home. She puts on a tough act due to her past but she has become such a love bug and guardian for my family. She knows exactly who her pack is :).  We adore her!"

Name: Rayne
Age: 1 - 2 years
Disability:  Deaf
Breed/Weight:  Aussie/cattle dog mix, 30 pounds

History: A local rescue friend reached out to us to see if we could accept a deaf pup, that had been living with her puppy's in an outside pen. Of course we said yes and so happy we did, Rayne will finally be out of the harsh elements of the upcoming winters of West Virginia.

Rayne is a bundle of great energy, she is very agile and very smart.  She is great with the other pups, but loves to be in the company of humans and enjoys following me around the yard. We have a volunteer willing to work with her so she can learn some basis signs. We feel Rayne would do best if she were adopted with one of her “hearing” canine friends she has met and played with at PWD and requires a yard with hard fencing. 

Our little social butterfly Brewster has been adopted to a very loving young family.  Brewster will  join  a new canine friend, Gizmo and some very dog friendly felines!  So heartwarming to see a once very neglected dog, sleeping like a baby in his new home.  We couldn’t be happier for our Brewster.

We received a recent update from his new family, " Brewster is doing great, he and Gizmo are best friends, this morning  they were on the our deck and Brewster was doing spinning zoomies with Gizmo, it was so cute,  thank you PWD for everything, he has fit right in with our family!"

Name: Brewster
Age:  1 - 2 years old
Disability:  3 legged

Breed/Weight:  Boston Terrier mix, 32 pounds 

History:  Brewster and his sister were both relinquished to our local shelter, their "family had too many dogs."   The shelter was beyond full when they  were relinquished, their need for space was crucial and they were both put on the at shelter's at risk list. Luckily, one of our local rescue advocates stepped up and pulled both of them before their fate was sealed and so happy she did! We happily accepted Brewster into our program.  He is one  gem of a dog! Unfortunately we have no clue on how he became a 3 legged, and he's not talking. 

What a great face! Brewster is a loving, outgoing, friendly dog. He does great with others and enjoys snuggling in his apartment.  He is quiet, house broken and we are happy to have him with us as he waits his FOREVER family. He might be missing a leg but what he lacks in legs he makes up with his big heart.  He has easily adjusted to rescue life at PWD. Not much more to say about this pup, he will be a great life companion to any family! 

A big thank you to Vicky Dopler for rescuing him and getting him safely to us

Bruce Wayne  aka "Batman" finally has a super hero family to call his own!    We could not be happier for Batman,  whose life was in limbo  with  the multiple injuries he sustained.    A big thank you to our rescue friends in Georgia, to  his  great team of vets,  Martha's mutts,  a group of dedicated transporters,  and finally a huge heartfelt thank you to his family who opened up their hearts  to provide him  with a loving and safe haven for the rest of his life. 

Batman will join 2 other rescue dogs, Sugar bear and Kali, and a vibrant little girl who loves her fur family!


Name: Bruce Wayne aka Batman
Age:  1 - 2 years old
Disability:  3 legged

Breed/Weight:  Hound/Shepherd mix  40 pounds

History:   Bruce was struck by a car, a good Samaritan found him a few days later and  call the local police.  They transferred him to a local vet office where his fate was up in the air. He had 2 broken hips, one needed amputation the other needed surgical repair. After many conversations with the vet WE proceeded with his necessary surgeries, and thank goodness we did, what a fabulous soul!  

We love the markings on his face, hence the nickname Batman.   Bruce Wayne might be missing a leg but what he lacks in legs he makes up with his big heart. Bruce is one laid back dog, who easily adjusted to his new rescue. He has become one of our favorites and has become best friends with our other laid back 3 legged hound Hobo. A great dog, not too vocal, great in the car, housebroken, and settles easy,  not much more to say about this dog, so happy he made it here, don’t miss out on "Batman",  he will be a great life companion to any family!  He stayed at the vet office for over 2 weeks, and they absolutely fell in love with him, and happy for him. Another beautiful sweet hound ready to find his family.

PWD Angel

Thank you to Oksana Ivanova
for being Bruce's angel!

Finally,  our sweet Greta,  now Jenna, has got her own home with her own fur mom. A perfect match for a person who wanted a little company  and wanted to rescue! So happy for Jenna,  besides lots of new toys to play  with (she was quite a toy hoarder here at PWD)  she also LOVES to watch the squirrels and deer at her new patio window!  She now goes on morning, afternoon, and evening walks with her new fur mom and they have met all sorts of new people and pups.   Her fur mom told me  "She is doing great, so smart, she likes to stay up a little longer than I, but we are still  getting used to each other's routine!   Thank you PWD"

Name:  Greta
Age:  7 years old
Disability:  Being a skinny  black dog in an overcrowded shelter.  She needed some minor vetting that we are taking care of
Breed/Weight:  Terrier/retriever  mix, 30 pounds.
History:  Greta was stray found in southern Maryland.   
Finally Greta's fate turned last week and timing was perfect.  I went to visit a stray blind dog at our local shelter and Greta happened to be out in the rescue yard  being walked by a friend/volunteer. I asked about her and the volunteer explained she had been there for over 4 months being overlooked by many, she was one of the only dogs NOT adopted during the "clear the shelter day."  Although not technically disabled, I could tell she needed some good vetting and to gain some weight.  She needed out and she made it quite clear - she did not want to be return to her cell, her brakes were on.  I decided to step up for her and am so happy we did. 

What a fantastic dog! Within days she already looks better, gaining weight, her fur and skin is beginning to look and feel better. She will have minor precautionary surgery this week to remove a small mass. We love her and she has fit in great with the other dogs!  A quiet girl, (except at meal time) and totally 100 percent house broken. She loves her bed and is so thankful to be here. She will be a great companion dog.

Our Lizzy, crawled right in her foster mom's heart, and has become  a permanent family member. Lizzy will be enjoying her new life with a local couple who adore  her! Her day's of neglect are far gone now! 

A note from  her adopters  "We are all chilling here with Lizzy on my lap,  I loved Lizzy from the moment you got her out of the shelter, she is a perfect fit for my family, thank you PWD for saving her life and getting her to better one!"  

AND.  thank you for opening your heart to our feisty independent girl.

Name:  Lizzy
Age: 7 years old
Disability:  Sight and hearing impaired
Breed/Weight: Shih Tzu, 15 pounds

History: Lizzy was a stray, and taken to our local shelter. A very neglected dog that needed help fast.

When we rescued Lizzy she was in desperate need of vetting and grooming,  she was matted, and she had untreated skin, ear, and eye infections. In  just a few short weeks we have seen a big difference in her physically and mentally. It's amazing what vetting and grooming can do to make a pup feel better.  She is very good with dogs, but does seem to have an independent confident spirit.  Her trust in humans is getting better too, but this will take some time is definitely better. I think she knows she is safe now and she is feeling better. She enjoys being outside in small doses but seems to like snuggling on her bed the most.

Daisy adopted! Our sweet girl's life has now come full circle. Thanks to many caring people, from the vet office, (who refused to put her to sleep) to the advocacy group who contacted us, and then finally to us. A young local woman completely fell in love with her playful fun energy and kind soul!

An update from her adopter, "We are doing great, and she is awesome!" Daisy will be living locally, with her fur sister Muffin.

Name: Daisy
Age: 3 years
Disability:  3 legged
Breed/Weight:  Lab/Boxer mix, 50 pounds
History:  Daisy was hit by a car her and family elected to put her to sleep. Luckily before that happened, they were asked to surrender her to the vet office, and they did.  Daisy then received all necessary medical care, and the vet reached out to us.
We are so happy the vet intervene before it was too late for this sweet dog.  What an incredibly sweet fun dog!! Her zest for life and having fun is contagious, we love to watch her play and run with the others. She knows she got a 2nd chance at life and she is loving every minute. Daisy is good with cats, kids and she loves to play with toys and keeps up with all her new 4 legged friends with ease, she is also great on lead. Another great 3 legged pup! She is quiet when inside and has settled into her new routine with ease. We are happy to have her with as she waits her FOREVER family. Not much more to say about this pup, she will be a  great life companion to any family! 

Stella has been adopted!   Our sweet girl is now sharing her sweet  heart with 6 cats, Maggie, another rescue dog, and a very rescue friendly human. Last night received a sweet update from her new fur mom,  "Stella is enjoying her new life in WV with 6 cat sisters and Mama 'Laurie'.  Stella has dog friends nearby who come visit but right now she loves spending all her time with me and her new fur family.  Stella  loves cuddling in bed with her human Mom and can be a 'bed hog' at times.  Her adjustment to her new forever home has been fairly rapid and she has adjusted well,  as you mentioned not great on lead, but we are working on this daily!"    I love her and she has fit right in with my family,  so happy to be a part of the PWD family now,  thank you"

Age:  5 ½  Years old
Disability:  Congenital skull malformation
Breed/Weight: Dachshund/Doberman mix,  40 lbs.

History: Originally Stella was a stray at our local shelter, her person came to claim her, but decided she was not worth it, and the shelter was quite happy about that decision.  Stella has a wobbly gait but this does not deter her ability to walk and run, she does great.  She is actually pretty amazing and cute to watch. 

Stella was adopted 5 years ago and finds herself needing help from PWD again, due to the failing health of her fur mom. Stella came back to PWD a little confused about the transition - initially fearful and scared.  After a day or two until she finally realized she was back where her "good" life had begun. Stella is now feeling more comfortable and gaining confidence daily.  She enjoys her toys and a comfy  bed. She is a lovable mix, who will certainly melt your heart when you meet her. She loves and needs the company of other dogs and cats. In her former home, the cats were her best friends, they would cuddle together. So cute! Stella is a sweet girl looking for a new person and fur friends to spend the rest of her life.  

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