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Because their spirits aren't broken

from Pets with Disabilities

The following adoptions have been directly through Pets with Disabilities.  These wonderful spirits have found their forever families - and will continue to teach about the true loving nature of the animal heart and spirit despite any of their disabilities.

Scooter was adopted in February 2009

He is one of the most fearless, five-pound, Yorkshire Terriers you will ever meet. He is very social and will proudly roll up to any person or animal and say "hi." Scooter was hit by a car which left him paralyzed from the waist down. Scooter, now six and a half years old, is very grateful to be alive. He does not let his disability hold him back and he always has an enthusiastic and cheerful disposition. Definitely not shy, he loves being around people, sitting on laps and having his ears scratched. His favorite activity is being outside and running around in his wheelchair. Scooter was relinquished to Pets with Disabilities because his owner could not longer care for him due to their life changes. Scooter does well with other dogs and cats. He is neutered and current on all his shots.

Becky was adopted in January 2009

She is a small black lab. She is your typical lovable lab just wants to be around people and other dogs. She was probably born with a birth defect which left her with three legs. She very very sweet, and likes to be part of the action, but then she needs a break she takes a breather from the excitement. Becky is spayed and current on all her shots. She gets along with cats, dogs and of course people. She is just a great dog and deserves a second chance making some family very, very happy.

Tye was adopted in December 2008

He is a Border Collie. He is one laid back, easy going dog. He is lovable, cuddly and very intelligent. He wants desperately to be around people. He is friendly to everyone he meets. Tye is good with dogs, and great with cats. He would love to sit beside you and get his tummy rubbed all day. Tye, was a stray in a Kentucky shelter, when we stepped in on his behalf. He is active, but is perfectly content in observing the other dogs. He absolutely has no problem with stairs or jumping into the car. Tye weighs about 40 pounds, is neutered and is current with his vaccinations. He enjoys life, and is happy he has gotten a second chance at better life, which he well deserves.

Sammy was adopted in January 2009

He is a little Lhasa Apso mix who was picked up as a stray. He has only has one eye, is partially deaf and has a little arthritis. Sammy still has a lot of life and love to give to someone willing to open up their heart and home to an older dog with a disability. He gets along well with other dogs and cats.

Missy was adopted November 2008.   

Missy a blind Australian Shepherd mix. She was an owner relinquishment at a Pennsylvania shelter.  Missy was adopted by a family member, who open up her heart and home to her.  She now resides in her new home right next door to Pets with Disabilities.  We  are so lucky to still get to see her everyday.

Petey was adopted March 2009.

Petey was picked up as a stray. When Petey arrived at PWD, he had severe back legs issues.  We thought Petey would need a wheelchair but within a couple weeks,  Petey  amazed us all.  He started using his front legs to compensate for his weak back legs.  He was able to run and walk with just his 2 front legs. This little great natured terrier now resides with a wonderful family in New York State

Macey was adopted January 2009.

Macey along with her litter was found by some caring folks in Puerto Rico.  These pups were completely cover with ticks.  Unfortunately, Macey contacted an infection from the ticks,  that made her blind. She was medically treated for many months in Puerto Rico and was transported safely to PWD to start her new life.   She  now resides with a wonderful family in southern Maryland. 

Jessie, adopted July, 2008.   

Jessie was relinquished to PWD, after her  guardians, were unable to physically care for her.  We sent Jessie's bio and picture to a friend in California who had recently lost her wheelchair dog.  She fell in love with Jessie instantly. We transported Jessie to her new home.  What an extraordinary person to want to adopt a paralyzed dog she had never met, and on the other side of the country.  They are both doing great.  Jessie is one awesome dog and deserved a second chance at life.  Adoptions like this are a miracle!!

Prancer adopted January 2009

This little guy was relinquished along with his sibling to a local Maryland Shelter.  Prancer's sibling got adopted very quickly, but Prancer was left behind because of severe problems with his back leg .  They asked if we could take him on and of course  we said no problem.  

Prancer was only with us for a week when we asked our Pets with Disabilities friends Deb and Tim Ritchie of Charlottesville, Virginia if they could make room for him.  There was no hesitation, this great couple came up to Maryland and adopted Prancer.  

Prancer now lives happily with many other  Chihuahuas and a wheelchair dog named Teddy;  they rescue last year from us.  Thank you Deb and Tim for giving Prancer a new and loving home.


Sometimes special people, come along for special dogs.  And this was the case with Charley.  Besides being physically disabled, Charley was very timid and shy around humans.  This couple was still willing to adopt Charley and  allow him the time to heal in their home.  Charley will join 3 cats and their rescue beagle.  We are thrilled for Charley and hope his trust in humans will only continue.  Latest report, from Charley's new adopters,  is that   "Charley is doing great!"

Charlie is 2 year old gorgeous hound dog.   He  was one of sixteen dogs taken from a breeder/ hoarder.  Charley was the only dog that survived.   For the past 2 years of his life he was kept outside, battling all the Ohio weather elements. At some point,  Charley broke his leg and was never taken to a vet for medical care. Hence his leg has heal as shown in his picture.  Can you imagine the pain he endured.  A kind couple from Maryland,  found out about Charley and ask if we had room for him at PWD.  They went and rescued Charley and got him safely to us.  Charley  does not have a mean bone in his body.  Everyone that meets him falls instantly in love with his lovable hound face.   Charley will spend some extended time at PWD while he becomes more trusting of humans.  He is slow to warm up to people because he is so shy and timid.   He is starting to come around!  Charley was taken to our vet for an evaluation on his leg, amputation was not recommended because he is NOT in any pain.  Charley is considered a three legged dog but runs like the wind with the other dogs.  He will make a great family  pet!

TYSON was adopted April 2009

These PWD volunteers could not resist little Tyson.   We brought Tyson to his new home last night where he will join 3 other rescue dogs and many rescued cats.   Tyson hopped right into the action last night  like he had been part of the pack his entire life.  We are so thrilled for little Tyson. 

Tyson  is a small terrier mix. He is 5 years old and weighs only 5 pounds. He has a slight neurological issue in his back legs, but  has been under great medical care, and has regained most of the movement in his hind end.  He came into rescue with a bb gun injury,  our vets are now certain this was the reason for his hind legs problems.  He gets along with dogs, loves his toys and so enjoys sitting and cuddling with humans.  He would be a great companion dog.  

Bubbles, aka Rebel, adopted June 2009

Rebel,  after a year of patiently waiting,  finally caught the eye of a wonderful couple in Bel Aire Maryland.  When we brought  him to his new family Rebel now renamed, "Bubbles",  it was as if he had lived there forever. His blindness was never an issue,  they had room for another rescue dog, and Bubbles caught their eye!    Bubble's will join his two new guardians, along with 2 other rescue dogs.   Besides Bubbles getting a new home, I believe we have found great friends that will help spread the word on our mission

Rebel is a 15-pound Doxle, a doxie/beagle mix. He was placed on the endangered dog list at our local animal shelter. Rebel has been rescued and thank goodness this little blind dog is getting a second chance at life.  We are now looking for his forever home. Rebel navigates his way through life beautifully by his sense of smell and touch. Rebel is good with people, other dogs, cats, and is crate and house trained. Rebel would be a great companion dog and enjoys and needs the trust of people.

Frannie adopted July 2009

Frannie,  renamed by her new adopters CoCo after, CoCo Chanel, a French designer, who was an orphan and grew up slowly making her way until she became world renown.  Not sure if  little CoCo will be world renown, but we do know she has now landed safely with 2 great guardians  and will be living quite a nice life and will be well taken care of now!  CoCo will spend her days playing with her new sisters, and traveling between her city home and country home.  We are so happy for our little deaf girl. 

Frannie,  a 6 month old, Bijon/terrier mix.  This cute 8 pound bundle of energy was born or suffered a neurological disorder which left her deaf and blind in her left eye.  She is a comical girl that will bring a smile to your face every day.  She is the smallest dog in  our rescue, but can definitely hold her own with the big dogs.  She has fit into our rescue like a glove and has learned the routine in a matter of days by following the other dogs.  She  is a team player, respects the older dogs, and plays with the younger dogs.  She needs a patient caretaker that will take the time to continue teaching her.  Frannie was a picked up as a stray at a local Maryland Shelter.

Samantha adopted July 2009

Anna,  came into our lives a few years back when she first  met us at a pet expo, never imagining that she would be needing our assistance with one of her dogs.  Rex, her beloved German Shepherd,  needed a wheelchair for the last part of his life.  While at the rescue  little Samantha caught Anna's  eye and the two bonded.  I believe dogs choose their people, and Samantha was patiently waiting for Anna to recuperate from some health problems.  Finally, we took Samantha to her new home.  When we left, Samantha never looked back.  She was enjoying her new person and her new brother Bear, giving  Anna lots of kisses, as they were both watching Animal Planet on a wide screen TV.  I think Samantha will add a lot of joy to her new guardian's life.  I believe it was well worth the wait for Samantha!

Samantha is a 20-pound, little ball of energy, possibly a terrier/border collie or Pomeranian mix. She is a quick and very intelligent young pup. She has a slight neurological issue on the left side of her face, which makes her even cuter. Samantha gets along great with all the dogs.  Samantha needs a strong and creative handler. We think she would make a great agility dog. She is very toy driven. She will definitely provide lots of joy and excitement to some lucky person. She is current on shots and spayed. Samantha was relinquished by her owners at a local shelter.


LUCY, an 11 pound, 8 year old Tzi Shu.   I went down this past weekend to pull a border collie, when I saw Lucy laying in a little ball quietly in her cage.  She had skin issues and for some strange reason smelled like tar, and I knew with the way she looked a rescue needed to step in on her behalf.  I went back to the shelter and rescued her. She has been vetted and was determine her skin problems were most likely from fleas. Lucy, is being fostered and just needs a little TLC.  She has already shown quite an improvement  in just a few short days, since being with her foster family! She is the sweetest, and most gentle dog you will  ever meet. She is great with dogs, cats and will make a wonderful companion to a very lucky person.  She is spayed up to date on her shots, and we will have her teeth cleaned for her new adopters. 


Once again, this kind couple open up their hearts to yet another blind dog, Milo,  now  renamed Pippen.  Without even meeting Pippen,  this couple said, "YES we will take him".  Amazing dogs who were in charge of their destinies, finding amazing people to give them a wonderful and safe home and unconditional love.  Meeting  compassionate people who just "get it" and understand, makes rescue work so rewarding.  We are so happy for Pippen!

Meet Milo,  a 15 pound, 4 yr old,  blind poodle.  Milo was abandoned by his family in North Carolina, and ended up in a shelter.  A kind rescue got him out, and transported him safely to PWD.    All we can say about Milo, is that he one little love bug, and will sit on about anyone's lap if they let him, and who wouldn't!    With in minutes, Milo understood the lay of the land and got along with all the other rescue dogs. He is one smart cookie, and will make be a great companion dog.



After 7 months,  our Molly finally got her angels, in the form of a loving home!   Molly will enjoying life in the north east, kayaking, and frolicking with her new sister, Winnie, a  fun and easy going Yorkie. Molly was a rescue favorite, we are so happy for her! Thank you Amanda Mezick,  for helping with the adoption of Molly

Molly, a 5 year old, 40 pound,  Walker Coonhound.   She was an owner relinquishment at a rural Kentucky shelter.  We are not sure how she lost her back rear leg, but she is doing fantastic here at the rescue.  Her favorite activity is running the border line of our fenced in area.  Molly had some anxiety when she arrive here, but  within a couple weeks she settled in nicely once she knew she was safe.  Molly DOES NOT like to be crated and she  has free range of the rescue.  She is a sofa sleeper and will mostly likely want to climb into bed at her new home.   Molly is very gentle girl, with a sweet personality.  She is also great with other dogs and cats, She has become a rescue favorite and will make a great addition to a family.


GiGi,  a senior 6 pound chi mix - estimate between 12-15 yrs old-  Pets with Disabilities rescued this little one from one of our local shelters.  Gigi was a stray and  no longer wanted by her person.   When I met  her, I  realized we were her only hope for survival.  GiGi, has come around quite nicely here. She  has lots of energy when she is out and about with the other dogs, but easily cuddles up in her bed and sleeps most of the day. GiGi needs to gain a couple pounds, is slightly vision and hearing impaired.  She is learning life is good is regaining her trust with humans - finally wagging her tail!!


SHAGGY is a young St Bernard mix with the sweetest heart and kindest  soul you'll ever meet.  Pure love flows out of this goofy, wiggly butt, sweetheart. She is SO HAPPY to have a person to hang with - giving back 3 times any love given to her.  Shaggy wags the bushy tail - and can hardly contain herself with new visitors - just waiting to welcome them to the rescue and show them how easily dogs can overcome any of their history.  Shaggy is a rescue and visitor favorite - she's never met any person or any dog she isn't happy to be with - and you just FEEL happy being with her.

She was found in the overnight drop box at our local shelter, just another puppy that had been cast aside as disposable. But - Shaggy does a great job of letting everyone know - she was not a soul to be thrown away.

Shaggy's back legs and hips look a little different then most dogs you'll meet, because  our vet believes that both her knees had been fractured either from  growing up in a small crate or abuse.  Only Shaggy knows what happened to cause this, and she's not telling us. But the good news is that Shaggy does not seem to be in pain and finally has the freedom to exercise and strengthen her muscles. She runs thru the back yard, and will happily climb into your lap, although she will probably never be able to manage a flight of stairs...  so, Shaggy's new home needs to provide her access to the yard and the family inside without requiring her to manage stairs. She is a happy dog, always wagging her tail,  as if to say thank you for giving me a chance.

Shaggy is playful with the other dogs, wags her tail constantly, but does tire quickly and is perfectly content watching the other dogs play around her.  Shaggy, is a great dog and has endured so much in her short life.  She  handles her disability like champ.   She is one awesome dog that deserves a wonderful loving home.   We absolutely adore her here at PWD.  And she is great with children!

A Christmas Miracle,  this was the best Christmas present to the  rescue this year!  Bo and Cash  finally getting a home which they so rightly deserve!   A long journey for these two blind boys!   

BO and CASH, are two of the most amazing labs we've ever met.  They absolutely love people - happy to go on walks or cuddle on the couch.  Their tails wag so hard and fast when people come to visit at the Rescue - just wondering if this is their new family visiting.  As with all the blind dogs that have come into the rescue - we usually have to tell people they can't see....  because they are happy to jump up for a hug, go for a run, move among people and other dogs with just their acute sense of hearing and smell.  They are truly 2 really fabulous dogs.   They are about 2 yrs old - so young and needing  a home that is willing to open their hearts to both of them. These two blind boys were being offered "free" at a tractor pull in Ohio when a kind person stepped in on their behalf and transported them safely to our rescue. Our vet thinks they were either born blind or became blind due to lack of nutrition from their mother - so, their whole life they have only been "normal". They about 45 pounds each - petite for the breed. They are great with other dogs, cats and of course people. They are both neutered, current on shots, and housebroken. If you ever thought about adopting a dog YOU think is disabled - come meet Bo & Cash - they'll show you a different side of normal and we guarantee you'll fall in love.


HARLEY found a wonderful home with a family that recently lost a dearly loved beagle!  Harley is healing their hearts and making himself a treasured member of the family.

Harley is a very loving 1 1/2 year old beagle that adores attention. He has come upon some hard times but he sure is a trooper. He has glaucoma and is blind in his left eye. His right eye does need drops to keep the pressure from building up but he still has limited vision in this eye. We will take him to our eye doctor to get a full evaluation. Even with this against him he has plenty to give. We believe that Harley has a little bit of basset hound in him, which makes him a little shorter than his fellow beagles. He loves to play keep away and if you give him a belly rub he will be your friend forever.

Harley did have a brother, a cocker spaniel, so he would probably love to have another dog in the house with him. He would love a place that has a small back yard for he loves to sniff and investigate. He loves to go on walks.  Altogether he simply needs a great home with lots of love. He will always greet you with a tail wag and tons of kisses. He never fails to light up your day!

PWD Angel

Jordon Conley is Harley's angel!!

GERTIE has joined the Army,  well not really!   Little Gertie,  caught the eye and heart of a  great friend to Pets with Disabilities. Besides her  loving guardian, Gertie now Misty, will  join a wonderful dog family to help her navigate thru life.  We are thrilled for Misty!

Gertie has microphthalmia in both eyes and is blind and is a little shy but she is coming out more and more every day. Gertie is finally starting to use her nose to seek me out.  She  should be a relatively small dog when full grown.  And since she is blind at such a young age, she will adjust to new environments wonderfully....  this is not a handicap for these dogs - it's just their life as "normal"

Isn't she adorable??  We are really enjoying having them....  (Megan, our blind public relations director, has taken the pups under her wing)

PWD Angel

Thank you, Sharon Sirkis  for being an angel to Gertie

Every weekend Ean was scheduled to be transported to PWD over the past several months - the weather cancelled the transport.  When the rescue in NC took him to the vet to be neutered last week, the vet that had been treating his legs was shocked to see him again - and amazingly happy.  Ean will be living with the vet that fell in love with him - and obviously have the best care as he grows up managing his disability.  He had many fans here at PWD... but, we're happy he found his forever home. 

Say "Hello" to EAN.  This is an adorable, 8 lb, 12 week old pup coming to Pets with Disabilities soon.  He was born with some very unique front legs - they have been described as "wings" - in that they seem to fold into themselves - but that doesn't seem to slow him down one bit!!  He races around and even goes over stairs.

He'll have x-rays this week to determine any corrective actions that might be recommended - but, as Sam as told us, unique front legs are just a different "normal" - and life is always fun.

Pearl now Twinkles,  will join a well balanced dog family, and human family!  Twinkles will join another blind beagle, friendly hound and active border collie, and a very loving women who believes in the word rescue.  Thank you for opening up your heart to another special needs dog!    Meeting folks like Jennifer makes us keep rolling.

Pearl has microphthalmia in one eye, but has limited vision in the other eye.   Pearl gets along really well, it is almost like she is sighted. She uses the beagle in her to listen and smell everything new. She turns her head from side to side when I talk to her and then runs in my direction. 

She  should be a relatively small dog when full grown.  And since she is blind at such a young age, she will adjust to new environments wonderfully....  this is not a handicap for these dogs -  it's just their life as "normal"

Isn't she adorable??  We are really enjoying having her.... (Megan, our blind public relations director, has taken the pups under her wing)

Barney Adopted April 2010

Barney found a wonderful home in NJ with a family that appreciates dogs that know how to live a different kind of normal, since he will have a  3 legged dog as new playmate.  Barney captured their hearts as he explored and played with his new friend.  He made himself at home, navigating stairs, picking up nylabones, and settling in for some well deserved cuddles.  We want to thank the 12yr old boy in the family - he found Barney on-line and promptly asked his parents if he could join the family....  it gives us tremendous hope in the next generation!! 

Barney's  new life started when he was found abandoned in at a veterinarians office parking lot.  The staff thought he was a skunk until he excitedly welcomed them once in their office.  They soon discover he was  blind.  Amazing little guy who most likely survived the evening just waiting for some kind folks to help him.  He immediately grabbed the hearts of the staff.  They cared for him, and thanks to 2 kind women transported him safely to us.  

Barney is a bundle of love with all sorts of positive happy puppy energy.  You would never know he was blind. He has made himself quite comfy on his sofa.   Not sure how he knew to jump up on the sofa but he figures life out very quickly!   He is a smart little puppy and already housebroken.  Barney sticks to me like glue,  anywhere and everywhere I go, and has begun to negotiate steps.  We are so happy Barney made it to us.  What an trooper he is, and an amazing survival story!   We think Barney is a lab/border collie mix

PWD Angel Thank you Marsha Robertson for being Barney's angel

Theresa Fisher Everit & Richard Everit are Barney's angels - thank you

Snowy Adopted May 2010

Snowy, now Jack,  has been adopted to great family in northern Virginia, which include another deaf dog named Benny!   Jack is now learning all sorts of new things like going thru his new doggy  door!  With the kindness and patience of humans these dogs can lead amazing and incredible lives. Thank you, Suzanne and Ron, for opening up your heart and home to another dog with special needs and making a safe haven for them. 

SNOWY is a 5 mo old collie mix with the softest fur!!  And, he is sweet, sweet, sweet!!  Snowy came from a rural shelter in WV, found as a stray.  He is blind in one eye and has partial vision in the other - we also believe he has some minor hearing loss. He came into the rescue - so HAPPY to meet everyone and all the dogs.  This little guy has no issues with his disabilities - or anything life has to offer him.  He loves to cuddle, plays with the other puppies here, and has a unique joy for life.  We're so thankful the shelter staff went out of their way to get him to us - he's going to make a wonderful member of some lucky family. 

Leroy Adopted June 2010

Leroy found his permanent home with his foster Mom and her other dogs.  She fell in love with him and decided she couldn't part with him.  We're thrilled for both of them - Leroy will be loved for the rest of his life!

Say "HI" to LEROY!  He was rescued from one of our local shelters.  What a wonderful, sweet, handsome boy he is.  Leroy is a blind poodle, 10 pounds, approx 8 yrs old.  He is completely housebroken and absolutely loves to cuddle.  He's doing really well adjusting to his new surroundings - and is very connected to people.  Leroy is not overly active, he hasn't shown any interest in toys yet - he just really enjoys "hangin" with his person - a fairly "low maintenance companion" at this time.


PWD Angel

Thank you Barbara Sappington for being Leroy's angel in honor of my Diesel

Thank you Sandra Medock for being an angel to Leroy! 

After our fundraiser last month a very good friend of mine and PWD, came by to take a peak at the pups!   Not knowing, she would  fall for Jay!  Jay's new home is now New Jersey.  He  has joined  a very active canine and feline family, her border collies will certainly keep Jay rolling we hope for many more years!  Thank you Janice for opening up your heart and home to this kind old soul, and making room for us to rescue another disabled senior! 

A big thank you to Brad and Karen Killian for taking a special interest in Jay at their local shelter and getting him safely to us.

Jay (or JJ) - is a happy senior mix breed dog - he was left in a PA shelter - found as a stray.  He is deaf and has impaired vision, but has no problems managing the big yard at the rescue with his tail always high and wagging.  Jay would love to have a person of his own, because as much as he likes his walks, he really loves being with his person.  He is living with a roomate at the rescue and has no handling issues.  We're really not sure how old Jay is - but, we do know that he deserves to spend his "retirement days" in the arms of a loving family.  Please contact us for more information about Jay -  we'd love to tell him we received an application for him.

After being abandoned by his people to be euthanized,  this older pup, has found new life with a wonderful young couple in Frederick Maryland!  They  were willing and ready  and able to help another senior disabled pet. Taz will join another older 3 legged chi,  and many feline friends.  We are thrilled for Taz. 

Special thanks to Kristy Anderson,  who was working at the Calvert humane society the night Taz was abandoned and took a special interest in him, and a big thank you  to Gee Freeman for fostering Taz and making the transition to a new home easier on him and his new adopters

Here is TAZ!!  and this how Taz came to be at PWD:  
(written by Kristy Andersen, a shelter employee)
Thursday Evening a lady walked into the kennel around 3pm with a small dog in her arms, she says to me "I'm here to drop off my dog", I said "oh, are you boarding" Knowing well she was not there for that. She responds " No, I'm here to drop him off for good".
I asked what the problem was and she said she was moving and just cannot keep him anymore. The first time I looked at him, I knew he was not an "adoptable dog". When I spoke to her more and got more information about "Taz", I learned that he was 13 years old, completely blind, and partially deaf. He also has vestibular disease, horrible teeth, bad ears, skin problems,  his feet were encrusted with feces so bad that Sally asked "are those tumors on his feet?", and his toe nails were VERY long and curled under so far they were embedded in the dried up feces on his feet. I'm sure it was painful for him to walk. It sounded like he had tap shoes on when he walked. It was disgusting!
If we didn't take him he was guaranteed certain death at TCS where she was headed after our kennel. I have no authority to say yes, so thank god Sally pulled in and just said, here just sign him over!  I came in early for my shift on Friday to attempt to bathe him, he smelled so bad, and I knew his feet were painful. He was very good in the tub, I had to soak his feet in order to get the dried up feces off of them. He was very dirty, and his ears were filthy. 
I called Joyce Darrell with Pets with Disabilities to see if she could assist us. She came to meet him Thursday night before he was all cleaned up. She didn't think he needed to be euthanized just because he was 13 and had some health issues: he was eating, drinking, and still seemed happy. I basically was begging her to take him!!  Today she brought over her 3 legged lab Casey to test him with other dogs, the two did not pay one mind to each other. She was amazed at how much better he looked just in 3 days. You can tell that he feels better also. He is getting around much better, and for the first time I heard him bark and saw him wag his tail this morning...  Today I signed Taz over to PWD .Thank you to Joyce and PWD for taking on "Taz" and giving him the love and attention he deserves in his senior years!

Taz has had his necessary vet care....  Isn't he handsome???  He's become a very happy guy, all cleaned up, able to walk pain free, and eating some great food.  If you're interested in sharing your lap with a sweet guy during his senior years, please contact us.

PWD Angel

Taz's Angels - John & Bonnie Yurga in celebration of 
Oscar's 7th Anniversary

Thank you, Edie Freund  for being an angel to TAZ

Angels come to people in all sorts of ways,  for Niki and her husband who just lost their beloved blind pom,  it came in the form of blind, chubby,  bold, Doxy named Chubbs!   We are so happy for Chubbs, he  is a great dog who deserved to finally settle into a loving home.   Chubbs is now enjoying farm life in Front Royal, Virginia, with a four very active min pins!

Chubbs is a  5 year old longhaired mini-dachshund. He is an awesome dog and a gentle soul He loves to romp outside and when he looses a bit more weight, he will "gitty up to his gallop!"   Chubbs is great with other dogs, kids and adults.  He is totally blind, a bit overweight, and has a allergy to grass that is controlled by over the counter benedryl.  He very much deserves a loving home willing to work with his weight control and provide a safe environment for his blindness.

Savannah, now Annie, found a wonderful home with a family that fell in love with her sweet nature and gentle spirit.  She'll never find herself as a lonely stray again.

Savannah,  a 4 month old lab hound mix, is a fun loving puppy that is looking for a forever home.  Savannah, was found as a stray and and brought to a Virginia shelter, where she sat for over 2 months without anyone looking at her - what were all the adopters thinking??  They passed by a wonderful little girl!!

Savannah is blind in her right eye (we'll have it diagnosed by an eye specialist, soon) but sees well in her left eye. She is so happy to be with the other dogs - she and Brandi have become fast friends.  She's quite the cuddler - and one of the dogs here at the rescue that can chase a regular tennis ball for you.  Savannah, will be a small pup, maybe 30 pounds at the most.  Her sweet personality will win you over - come meet her!!

A big PWD thank you to our new  volunteer Amanda Myers for getting her to us safely

Mimi, now Bailey,  is now keeping company with a her new partner in life, Sylvia.   Bailey walked into Petco one afternoon and it was love at first site!    Its so nice to find great adopters, who appreciate the true canine heart.  Bailey is already sleeping in the bed...   We know Sylvia and Bailey will have a wonderful life together!   A big thank you to Cam Monahan for being Mimi's angel

Mimi an adorable 4 year old beagle, was  given up by her people for lack of time.  We are not sure how she lost her back leg but she gets around great on her 3 remaining legs. She is an active little pup, that would love to go for walks or just cuddle up with her people.  Mimi is an awesome dog that would love to share her life with other dogs, children and even cats! 

HOLLY, the 3-legged wonder - has found a perfect home and a wonderful companion to spend the rest of her life with.  She'll be the constant companion to her new "fur-dad", helping him feel complete again after losing his other 3-legged friend just 4 months ago.  We already have an update from "home"....  
Holly is settling in so well!  She is such a joy!  She and Dad went to work together this morning and he just called me with an update... she immediately made the rounds and introduced herself to everyone
Dad's blind cat has absolutely no problem with Holly!  I know she missed having Lego around the house and I think Holly is a comfort to her.  Yesterday I was working around Dad's house and found them both curled up on a cushion in the dining room together!  The other cat is still 'testing' Holly and hisses at her sometimes- but she used to do that with Lego too.  Holly just ignores her.  Dad said Holly and both cats slept in bed with him, which is amazing.  I would have thought it would take a few weeks for them to all be in bed at the same time.  Holly loves Dad's back yard!  She especially loves chasing the squirrels!
They say some things happen for a reason, and I truly believe Holly was meant to be with my Dad!
Thank you so much for rescuing this sweet girl and your role in making this very special connection!

Name:  Holly - Age:  6 yr old - Disability:  3 legged - Breed/Weight:  collie mix, approx 40 lbs
History: Holly was abandoned in a NJ home after a divorce in the family.  She was found on the street at 1 yr old with her leg already amputated and carrying one of her puppies.  She lived with the family for 5 yrs.
is a wonderful even tempered beautiful girl.  She loves being with her people, hanging in the office at the rescue or going on rides to be involved.  She is good with other dogs, but people are her passion.  Holly will lean in for a good cuddle or hang, listening to you talk.  She likes exploring the yard and is truly a dog with a huge heart to share and no issues.  We think Holly would make a fantastic therapy dog and we know she would love that work.

When I went to finalize the adoption with Buddy and his new family yesterday,  I walked in to find Buddy snuggling on the sofa with his new people,  what an awesome  site to see!  I  was sad to see Buddy leave the rescue, but so happy he will be close by with a family that loves their pets!  Buddy,  will join an active canine and feline family,  he loves all his new playmates, and has even made friends with their guinea pigs!   What a great dog!   Thank you Kevin and Maggie for opening up their heart and home  to another PWD dog in need!   A big thank you to all the volunteers at the Humane Society of Greene County,  for caring enough to see Buddy was a great dog, whose life was worth saving, and  for getting him safely to us!  

Name:  Buddy Age:  1 1/2 yr old Disability:  no knee caps Breed/Weight:  shep/lab mix, approx 40 lbs (a little guy!) History: Buddy was a stray in a rural PA shelter. 

BUDDY LOVES to play with other dogs and is good with cats.  He has no temperament issues with people or other animals - he's just always HAPPY.  Buddy was born with no knee caps, so his back legs don't bend like most dogs - instead of running with alternating legs, he gets around really well with a "bunny hop".  He runs like the wind, and then when he's tired, he'll lay down for a little rest - then he's up again. He is a fantastic dog - so happy to meet anyone.  Buddy is not stingy with his kisses and will make a wonderful family member.

  PWD Angel

Thank you to Buddy's Angel - Mari Stein 

LOLA - now named Holly, has "purred" her way into the heart of her new family - already finding her place in on the couch!  We are so happy there are people that see the "spirits that are not broken" in the animals that find their way here.  Holly will be living near-by, so we hope to hear about her new adventures for a long time.

Lola, a 6-7 mo old kitten,  was brought in as a stray to our local shelter.  Lola sat in the shelter for over 3 months, overlook because of her disability.  Lola was born with only one functional eye,  but this sweet lovable girl is still as loving and playful as any other kitty!   We recently had her at her first pet event, and the people stopped by to visit Lola could not believe how friendly and social she was!   Lola is a healthy kitten, virus free and has been spayed.

MYLA's adoption is official!  She's been living in her new home for months, has recently been spayed, and has become a loving member of her lucky family!!

Myla was living in a home with several kittens - an energetic curious girl!  One day, the owner came home and found Myla hanging by her back leg in the cord of the window blinds.  Her leg was obviously injured (who knows how long she was hanging!) but -  her injury was ignored for over 2 weeks.  Even when the leg became so infected that part of it fell off - there was no vet care provided.  Luckily, a friend of PWD saw Myla's condition and raced her to the vet office - Myla was relinquished to PWD in order to save her life.  She had the necessary surgery to remove the infected portion of her leg - and is currently racing around her "post-op" foster home.  We are taking applications for Myla - she's an energetic, friendly kitten - and is not missing a beat running around on 3 legs!

This is the 3rd PWD adoption by the Pinkas family!!  This family is truly one in a million!  Charley will provide lots great entertainment for his new family and for their other blind pup,  Macie!!

Meet Charley - Charley is a blind and deaf 10 week old puppy that was left at a shelter in VA.  Charley is having a great time exploring the rescue and getting to know everyone....  he likes toys and "sniffing" EVERYTHING!  Charley will need a special family willing to stimulate his senses of smell and touch - and also willing to do some creative training! He becomes aware of his surroundings very quickly - and loves a good cuddle with his person. Charley also needs some angels!!  He has an appointment with a specialist to determine what has caused his disabilities.  These tests are costly, but are necessary information for any potential adopter.  Can you please help with his vetting??  He so deserves the chance to live his life to his potential.

After being here for almost a year, Duffy received the best holiday gift, a quiet home with a forever friend.  Duffy, a big lap dog, will now have access to unlimited snuggles with his person. Neza, a graduate student, will be more than happy to provide Duffy with a warm lap as she continues her studies. She is thrilled to have another dog in her life especially one, that needs extra TLC, and one she can help with new life experiences, like a daily walk to the local star bucks!  Thank you Neza, for opening up your heart and life to Duffy.

Name:  Duffy - Age:  3 yr old - Disability:  Blind - Breed/Weight:  Yellow lab, petite, approx 40 lbs History: Duffy's beginnings started very rough. He was found in a outside drop box, at a local shelter in Kentucky, very thin and heartworm positive.  A Michigan rescue took him in and provided his medical care but was having difficulty placing him.  They had other dogs that did not understand his disability, so he was crated for long periods of time.

DUFFY is really, really great with people - will climb right up in your lap for hugs and he LOVES throwing his toys in the air - and then finding them. Duffy is  learning to become more confident and independent.  He likes to jump up on the couch to cuddle and prefers to have his person with him while he experiences new things.  Duffy will do best in a home where he is the only dog or has a very confident, balanced companion.  We think he would also like someone home  most of the time.  He is a sweet guy - and is looking for that special family to help him continue to grow in his confidence. 

  PWD Angel

Duffy's Angel In Memory of  Mordecai Fox, thank you.


We are so happy for Tucker - he now has a wonderful family and new "brother", Logan,  that he loves to play with.  Once Tucker landed in his foster home - he turned on the "Tucker charm" we all know and love....  and once you've been hit with the "Tucker charm" there's no letting go.  The family decided he couldn't leave (little did they know, Tucker had already made that decision!)  THANK YOU to a wonderful, kind family that opened their hearts to let Tucker in....  we hope to hear about his adventures for years to come.

Meet Tucker, a 4 yr old blind, very petite Great Dane (maybe Boxer) mix with a big heart and a gentle soul.  He's weighing in at about 60lbs - and needs to put on a few pounds - which he will with a diet of good food here at the rescue.  Tucker was a stray in a rural area of Ohio.  We are so thankful there were caring people ready to help this sweet boy get to safety. Tucker was most likely born blind because he manages so well in any environment.  Tucker has recently had his eye removed - such a big happy boy, no longer with any pain.   Tucker loves to play with other dogs (playing like a big puppy!), enjoys a car ride, and is so gentle in taking his treats - quite an amazing guy.  He likes to cuddle and is not stingy with his kisses.  He'll make a loving addition to a family ready to open their hearts to a gentle giant!  He LOVES people - so would be best in a home where he can have ALL the attention, or with other dogs that are willing to share their people.

PWD Angel

Thank you, Dana Schmalenberg  for being an angel to TUCKER!

Chico adopted February 2011
Mary, a den mom for Rescue Inc, could not resist this little guy.  Chico will  be in loving hands and living life large in New York.  He will  join a family of small pups, so he will have lots of dogs his own size to pal around with!  Thank you  Mary and Tom,  for opening up your heart and home to this little  feisty pup

Name:  Chico
Age:  1.5 yr old
Disability:  Neurological birth defect - unable to get around using his back legs
Breed/Weight:  Pom/Chi mix - 3.5 lbs
History: Chico was an owner relinquishment at a rural Virginia shelter, due to his disability.
The vet believes Chico has a Neurological issue,  because his skeletal system looks normal, most likely a birth defect.  Chico can stand, but is a bit wobbly, and will fall over.  A wheelchair will suit this little guy great.  He is in no pain, vibrant and alert. He manages quite well and is easy to handle.  He loves to be picked up and  will snuggle with anyone!  

Stan adopted January 2011
Stan now Dandee, is living big in Texas!    Where he shares his home with many new friends,  including another 3 legged pup!  Thank you Marilyn, for working with Dandee and settling him into his new home.   Life is great in Texas for Mr.. Dandee.

Name:  Stan
Age:  7 yr old
Disability:  3 legged
Breed/Weight:  Rottie/ Airedale terrier mix
History: His former folks  were evicted and unfortunately didn’t take him with them.  He was surrendered to the Baltimore shelter.   With the shelter being over run by dogs, Stan's time was up, he capture so many shelter employees they phone us to please accept him.
is good with other dogs, but most importantly yearns for the touch of a human being.  He will be a great companion dog.  Our vetted noted he is in remarkably good health, just needs a good bath and a few pounds.   

Anna,  a good friend of Pets with Disabilities,  has open her heart and home to yet another PWD dog.  Thanks to Anna,  Cada, will experience allot of life between her suburban home and her country home!    We certainly will miss Cada, but know he is great hands, and will work his charm with all the new people he meets!

Name:  Cada  Age:  6 mo old  Disability:  Blind with Chondrodysplasia  Breed/Weight:  Choc lab mix
History: Found next to a trash can in rural Ohio, taken in by the local shelter.  We have just fallen in love with him here at PWD,  as the old saying goes, someone's trash is always someone else's treasure and we know Cada will not be here long because he truly has a heart of gold and will grab your heartstrings as soon as you meet him!  
is a happy energetic pup.  His condition makes his front legs a little shorter then his back legs, but that doesn't slow him down at all.  He loves to cuddle with his people and run with the dogs. Cada loves to hear his name called - and comes running without hesitation. He's had no problem adjusting to his new environment at the rescue, but since he is so young, we are anxious for him to find his new home quickly so he can really settle in and bond with his family.  He did great in the car for the ride from Ohio.

  PWD Angel

Cada has an angel - In honor of Keaton and Gwyneth - thank you

Meet Ivy - I am a 6 year old Jack Russell and I am blind!  But don’t let that fool you…I do just fine without my eyes.  I was born without eyes, so really, to me I don’t know anything different.  This is how I’ve been my whole life.  My originally family gave me up when I was two.  Pets with Disabilities took me in and adopted me to a young couple.  They took good care of me, but just had a baby…and you know how that story goes.  They didn’t have time for me anymore so I went back to Pets with Disabilities.

I am great with dogs, kids, and cats.
I LOVE to go for car rides and am excellent in the car.
I get around find in the yard on my own and only need a little help to find my way back to the door.
I LOVE to go for walks, and when I am on a leash you can’t even tell I don’t have any eyes.
I am in foster care now in Sewell, NJ, and my foster mom says I am VERY easy to care for.
I am somewhat housebroken.  Occasionally, if I can’t find my foster mom in the house I have an accident, but when she keeps me on a schedule and gets me outside – I know how to do my business outside. I am a total lap dog and love all people – in fact, I’d make a great therapy dog – I am very calm and don’t get startled by new voices, noises, or strange people touching me.

Name:  Lizzy
Age:  1 yr old
Disability:  Fused lower vertebrae 
Breed/Weight:  Husky - only 40lbsHistory: Lizzy was an owner relinquishment to a shelter in NC.  PWD stepped in after several rescues denied her.  
Watch Lizzie playing
Meet our high stepping,  Lizzy, a feisty playful husky mix. Lizzy's lower vertebra is fused, by either a birth defect or a  tragic accident,  as a result, her back end is not always in sync with her front end. As she is running and playing with the other pups,  her back end will occasionally  slip out on her.  She is such a  good sport she gets right back up , wagging her tail, and continues her active life. Not even a fused spinal cord will slow her down! As you  can see,  Lizzy enjoys  life  to the fullest. No complaints from her,  life is good! She is a gorgeous  dog that needed a 2nd chance  in life. 

Lizzy and Vinnie adopted together! May 2011

The Miller family, have open their hearts and minds to two great dogs, that became buddies here at our rescue.  As they said they could not take one without taking the other!   When you meet families willing to take on a  special needs dogs, move furniture and removing carpets to accommodate new family members, you know that you have found truly wonderful adopters!    The Millers, willing to go the extra mile, have truly restored our faith in humanity!   

A BIG thank you to the Miller Family and to their daughter Rose who had the foresight, in wanting to help a dog, whose chances were slim in finding a home!  

Name:  Vinnie
Age:  1 yr old
Disability:  Has 4 legs, but only uses 3 of them
Breed/Weight:  Hound mix, approx 30 lbs

History: Vinnie was stray brought into a rural shelter in South Carolina, he was found in a local parking lot outside a shopping center.  He was walking up to people for affection.  He possibly may have been dumped there by someone who had a litter of pups and didn't want him because of his leg.  As fate would have it, Vinnie being abandoned was the best thing that could have happen to him, because he is now safe at PWD, until he finds his new family!

Vinnie a lovable little hound mix, will certainly melt your heart when you see him!  He is  very playful and keeps up with the rest of the pack!  He is sweet innocent and just wants someone to love him.   His whole mouth smiles when you pet him!  Its very cute to see.    He is one very smart affectionate pup, that would be a great addition to any family.

  PWD Angel

Thank you, Jarret Palmieri  for being Vinnie's Angel
Lizzy's Angels - Bonnie and John Yurga 
In Celebration of Oscar's 8th Anniversary
Kristen & Geoff Tlachac for being Lizzy's angels

Welcome back to the dog world Gerry!  Gerry lost his beloved chocolate lab, Terre, over 2 years ago, not until he met Jack (now renamed Sergeant Jack), did a dog capture his heart.  Sergeant Jack's zest for life on 3 legs, won Gerry's heart in seconds!   Gerry, a renowned artist, resides in Annapolis. Sergeant Jack will be keeping him company in his Annapolis studio, as well and learning how to swim and sail Gerry's sailboat.  On the way home, Sergeant Jack laid his head on Gerry's arms, as if to tell Gerry,  thanks!  And thank you Gerry, for opening up your heart to Jack.

Name:  JACK
Age:  1 yr old
Disability:  3 legged
Breed/Weight:  German Shepherd/ Lab mix  1 year old
History:  Jack was hit by a car when he was 6 months old and severely injured his front leg. Jack owners finally relinquished him to a vet office where finally received vet care.  His leg could not be saved. A good Samaritan step in and helped with Jack's medical care, and the vet office staff got him safely to us.
is a very rambunctious pup, but he will settled quickly.  He has the best of both breeds, loyal as a German shepherd, but as playful as a young lab!  He loves to play and  run gets along with other dogs and cats! His energy and spirit is over the top!  A fun dog, that will melt your heart,  and  he will  make a great companion.

Samson, is a very mature young pup!   He is the calmest young dog  I have ever encounter in our rescue work!  He  loves people, other dogs, and cats! 
A gentile, courageous, sweet soul, that has missed a lot of his puppyhood being hurt and in pain.  As our vet said, his life has certainly changed to the better in the last 48 hours and we hope the rest of Samson's life will be with a great family, where he will get the love and care he certainly deserves! 
Samson was rescued Monday, vetted on Wednesday and adopted on Friday.  Busy week for this young pup!  Thanks to our good friends Barb and Mike, of  Running Hare Vineyard,  for orchestrating this adoption so quickly.  For Jolie it was love at first sight, and when Tim came home from work there was Samson to greet him! Samson and his new feline friends, will be enjoying his new home, nestled in 15 acres of  beautiful woods, with Tim, Jolie, and Jolie's 91 year old mom, Pearlie, whom Samson seem to instantly bond to.  

A big heartfelt thank you to this family, for opening up your heart and home, so that Samson could live the rest of his puppy hood and adult life happy and safe.

Name:  Samson
Age:   10 months old
Disability:  Right leg broken and dislocated elbow, no medical treatment, elbow and leg has healed, Samson walks with a limp.
Breed/Weight:  Chesapeake Bay Retriever   approx 80 pounds

History:  Samson was dropped off at the overnight drop box at our local shelter.  They immediately contacted us.  Our vets determined Samson had some sort of major trauma to his right front leg.  He broke his leg and dislocated his elbow.  No immediate care was given to him  (who knows what kind of pain Samson was in while he was on the mend) and his bones have totally healed.  For Samson, this is as good as its going to get, he now walks with a small limp, and appears to be in NO pain.  He does not have much flexion or bend in his right front leg, so one level living might be perfect for him.  I feel swimming should still be a big part of his life.  A great low impact exercise that Chesies,  love. 

A big thank you to Dr. Judy Morgan, of Clayton Veterinary Associates,  Clayton NJ,  for orchestrating Layla's adoption to one of her clients that was looking for a new best friend for his mom!   Dr. Morgan,  a very thoughtful vet who believes in rescue work, (she has 9 rescues of her own)  was the  first veterinarian to assist  us in finding a new home for one of our dogs!   Layla has already become best friends with her new person, a very active senior.  Layla will enjoy, daily walks and then snuggle up to watch TV with her mom  in the evening!   What a great life!
Name: Layla - Age:  3 yrs old - -Disability:  3 legs - Breed/Weight:  Pug/Rat Terrier Mix / 12 lbs. 

History:  My former guardian had to give me up because the Landlord said NO pets…so you see… it wasn’t my fault.  I’m a good girl and here I am without a home.   I am hoping there is someone out there who will see how Special I Am and give me a home again.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I am missing a leg.  No worries though, that does not slow me down…I have three other legs that work just fine! I am good with dogs and cats and people. I am housebroken and behave beautifully in the house.  But my greatest trait is I am LOYAL.  I bond completely to those who love me and NEVER leave their side.  My foster mom would love to keep me, but she has pig (can you believe that), and I am not very fond of  him!  So if you don’t have any pigs in your house…I’d love to come live with you.  I am in foster care in Sewell, NJ, Please spread the word for me…I REALLY WANT A HOME OF MY OWN AGAIN!!  Love, Layla

Thank you to everyone that inquired about Kellie.  Kellie, now Teagan, has found a wonderful home with a family that fell in love with her.  We took her to beautiful upstate NY to meet her new family and they immediately fell in love.  She is ruling the roost with her new home, with her big brother Scruffy (who is so gentle with her) and the big family cat, Twiggy.  Thanks Cyndi and Dan,  for opening your heart and home, and making life safe for this little puppy.  This was a special adoption for us.

There was so much interest in Kellie. If we had this many folks interested in  all of our dogs,  we would be able to help so many more,  please remember dogs like  Brandi, Lillie and Brett,  3 blind dogs, that have been at the rescue for over a year,  waiting for their home and person to come

Name:  Kellie
Age:  4 months old
Disability:  Deaf
Breed/Weight:  Chihuahua,  approx 3 pounds
History:  Kellie, was a breeder "reject"  when a kind person stepped in before she was euthanized,  and got her safely to us. 

Kellie, a loving kind smart little puppy!  For being a litter reject, I consider her one of the prettiest and unique Chihuahuas I have ever seen. She is an active puppy, loves to play with the adult pups,  but will fall fast asleep in your lap!  She is definitely a lap puppy!  She loves to play in the grass and has an adorable little trot. For being such a tiny dog she manages stairs and even jumping on her favorite chair to fall asleep.  She has no handling issues.   She will make a wonderful easy companion.

After spending 2 years of healing at PWD,  our beautiful Skye has finally found a forever home, with a wonderful family in Delaware.  After  a month of fostering and understanding Skye's needs, she is adjusting to her new home and family.  We are so happy for her, and a big thank you to Ross, Nancy and her mom Joan, for finding that connection with Skye, and having the patience to continue to work with Skye on her terms. 

Name:  Skye
Age:  2 yr old
Disability:  Deaf
Breed/Weight:  Husky mix, approx 45 lbs
History: Skye was a stray in the local shelter. She had been captured many times and the owner refused to reclaim her again.
temperament is beyond awesome.  She is the rescue ambassador for the other dogs living at the rescue.  With any dog management issues we have at the rescue - Skye in never part of it.  She is amazing in how well she gets along with all other dogs.  She is a very confident, laid back dog, that really likes to play - she has a blast with Brandi (they could easily be adopted together).  She is also good with cats.  Skye can be a little shy meeting new people, so will need guardians that will be patient with her as she continues to build her confidence and become comfortable in any new environment.   Skye will only go to a home with a hard fence - preferably 5ft or higher.  SKYE returned from her foster experience - and she is READY for her new family.  She had a great time living in a home, loved a house full of dogs, and especially loved humans that always had cookies in their pockets! Skye can be a little independent in new situations - hanging back, watching what is expected of her - but over the 2 months in her foster home, was comfortable coming over for a cookie and an ear scratch - she is very sweet and her trust is beginning to develop rapidly.  She is a rescue favorite - and is waiting for that very special family that will appreciate her gifts.  Skye will be placed in a home with other dogs.

  PWD Angel

Skye's Angel - Jinny Salisbury  - in honor and memory of her husky mix, Shadow

Thank you Tara Mingione for being an angel to Skye

Thanks to Tara Campbell for being Skye's angel

We are so happy for our 3 legged boy, Tommy.  He landed with a wonderful person and one awesome Lab!!  He will be living a charmed life in Annapolis! A big thank you to his foster mom, Sylvia,  who nursed Tommy back to health and provide a safe and loving home.

Name:  Tommy
Age:  3 yr old
Disability:  3  Legged
Breed/Weight:  Domestic Short hair
History:  Tommy a very loyal kitty,  was found beside his decease owner.    Animal Control was called  and Tommy landed in the Baltimore Shelter.    His time was up, until we step in and found a wonderful foster home for him!  We are not sure how he lost his leg.
Tommy,  is doing great in his foster home,  receiving some much needed TLC.   He is a
 fantastic affectionate cat, just  happy to be out of the shelter and  to be given a 2nd chance of being a loyal companion for another lucky person.   He has no handling issues - loves to be held and likes to play.   He seems to be ok, with his tripod beagle brother.   

Wow,  after being at the rescue for almost a year,  Max's  family finally found him!  The Dover family visited PWD and totally fell in love with his laid back personality.  Max will be hanging with another foxhound  just as friendly and a family who is so excited to give a home to a blind hound!   Max will be living in a quiet neighborhood and will be a wonderful ambassador to all the kids that visit the Dover home.  A big thank you to them for opening up their hearts to Max.

Wanted to share a quote from Max's new folks, 
"Many, many thanks for rescuing Max. He is a really wonderful dog, and I can only feel sorry for those who overlooked him before we came along"

Name:  Max
Age:  5 yr old
Disability:  Blind 
Breed/Weight:  Fox hound, 40lbs
History: Max was a stray in a rural Va shelter
All you Megan fans,  Megans brother has arrived!!   MAX, like Megan, a  real sweetheart,  with his nose to the ground, he has already began to learn the lay of the land here!  He is an easy going lovable dog, just waiting for his family to come and share his easy going manner!  If you love our Megan well you are going to fall in love with Max too! Thank goodness,  a good Samaritan found him,  and brought him to the safety at her local shelter.   Max is adjusting very well here, with the "PWD Mayor" introducing him to new people and dogs, in just a couple days.  A typical hound like wonderful personality!


Congrats to our little blind puppy, Maggie, who basically hit the lottery! Besides her new human family she will be sharing her new life with a one year old Shepherd mix, a cat, and a ferret! Maggie was a little inspiration to us, and I believe will become a great ambassador for the cause. We love little Maggie and so pleased this has had a happy ending for her and her new family!

Name:  Maggie
Age:  2 months old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Boxer/shepherd mix

History:  Maggie, was from a surprise litter,  knowing this puppy was blind, they were told to either euthanize or get her to an appropriate rescue,  thank goodness they chose the latter.
a loving kind smart loveable mutt.  I met her parents, and they are both about 25-30 pounds.  So Ma
ggie, full grown should be about the same weight.  She is an active puppy, loves to play with the adult pups,  but will fall fast asleep in your lap!  She loves to play in the grass and has an adorable little trot.  Maggie was born blind, so this is her norm, she knows know different, and will navigate thru her life like a seeing eye pup.  She will amaze you. She has no handling issues and loves to give kisses. She will make a wonderful inspiring companion.

Gus has been adopted and will share his life with a young and growing family, 2 active boys (one soon to be very active) and a friendly boxer named Chance.  A big thank you to "mom" who wanted to make a difference in a dogs life and give a home to one of our pups here at PWD! 

Name:  GUS -Age:  3 months -Disability: Slight deformity in front leg -Breed/Weight: Hound Mix, about 10 pounds
WOW!  WHAT A CUTE ADORABLE LITTLE GUY!  Local animal control found Gus strolling down a road as a stray.  He was rescued and brought to the safety of their local rural Virginia shelter.  The shelter contacted us, within days he was in the safety of PWD.

Gus, is a
feisty playful hound mix, who loves to play and run with all the dogs.  He has a wonderful temperament, and with some general puppy training he is going to make a great pet for some very lucky family. Gus gives great hound hugs, wrapping his paws around your shoulders for a good snuggle.

After spending almost a year in his foster home, his foster family, could not part with the little guy! They adopted Brewster and made him part  a permanent part of their family. A big thank you to Cam and Jim, who are big supporters of Pets with Disabilities and are now double adopters!

Name:  Bruster
Age:  3 yr old
Disability:  broken hip
Breed/Weight:  Chihuahua, approx 10 lbs
History: Buster was hit by a car and received no medical treatment.  He has a broken hip that healed poorly.  He was a stray at our local shelter.
is a fantastic chihuahua, glad to be out of the shelter and back in the grass hanging with other dogs.  He has no handling issues - loved his bath. Bruster has a broken hip, with no spinal cord injury - which means he is able to "do his business" outside, he likes being held, and is a real talker when he has something to say.  Initially, we thought Bruster might need to be fitted for a wheelchair - but, at this time, it's not necessary - he has no problem getting around on one back leg - he's almost like a 3-legged dog since he doesn't use his broken leg.  He met many people at the recent open house (and lots of dogs too!) and was a favorite - a real charmer.

After being fostered for almost a year,  this family fell in love with Roscoe.  I actually think they fell in love with him the first day they met him!  Congrats to Roscoe, and  a big thank you to Chris and Ann for giving  him a warm and loving home!

Name:  Roscoe
Age:  7 yr old
Disability:  broken back leg
Breed/Weight:  Husky/Shep mix, 75 lbs

History: Minutes before Roscoe was to be put to sleep I received an urgent phone call from the local vet office, hoping we could help Roscoe.  Roscoe had been hit by a car  and shattered his back left leg.  After having several surgeries on his leg, his after care proved to be too much for his family, and their vet suggested amputation. They  conceded they could not longer afford any more medical bills and had him scheduled  to be euthanized. When I met Roscoe, I knew immediately he was not ready to leave this earth. I accepted Roscoe, into our program, and with the help of the SPOT, Calvert's Spay and Neuter program, he is back at the hospital getting the support and care he needs.  The surgeons believe they can save his  leg. Roscoe will spend some weeks here at the rescue getting around the clock care, while his leg is o the mend. Roscoe was a family pet for many years, and I believe will have years of happiness and health, with a new family. Roscoe lived with other dogs and children, but probably a home without cats would be best. Roscoe, will be ready for adoption after his leg has totally healed.  We are accepting applications.

Finally a wonderful family saw the sweet and innocence of Patch. Patch will be sharing his life, with 2 active growing toddlers, 3 cats and 2 wonderful caretakers who fell in love with Patch, as soon as they came thru our gates to meet him!

His new mom, sent and update on Patch, "Patch is doing great. He is so smart and what's not to love? He is an angel and we are all madly in love with him. He helped with dinner, has perfect manners, no begging at table or anything, not that this bugs me. It's nice to have a dog in the house...makes a house a home."

Thanks Tammy and Scott for opening up your heart and home to this lovable mutt! We hope to get many Patch updates.

Name:  Patch
Age:  1 yr old
Disability:  Growth Plate did not keep up resulting in his front leg deformity, a birth defect. 
Breed/Weight:  Basenji/ Hound mix, approx 30 lbs
History: Patch was stray brought into a rural shelter in Virginia. "Patch" was a stray, picked up in briar patch, hence we named him Patch, pretty clever name! We thought Patch was a better choice than "Briar"
is a lovable little mix, who will certainly melt your heart when you see him! Patch, yearns for the attention of a human, but loves to play with all the dogs here. He is a smart pup, listens well, very affectionate and loves to cuddle. And does great with cats too. He is certainly, looking forward to a new home and new life with a great family! See Patch enjoying some lovin'

A big thank you our good friends Cindy and Rose, for getting this awesome cat a great home with Rosie's mom, now renamed Willie Nelson.  Willie, is settling in quite nicely and being loved by her new mom!

Name:  Quakie
Age:  1 year old
Disability:  Broken pelvis,  on the mend, might have a small limp,   Felv/fiv negative
Breed/Weight:  Domestic Short hair

Quakie,  Yes, a  strange name for a cat.  But, Quakie was rescued the day of the infamous east coast earthquake, hence we named her Quakie. Quackie is a beautiful cat inside and outside! She was a stray brought into our local shelter, and even with a healing broken pelvis, she still yearns for human attention loves to be held, and very playful.  As as soon are you enter her area, she is so happy for a visit! She will be a fun and easy companion!

At last,  Brandy has found her person!  A young energetic dog that  needed an energetic young man!  It was a matched made in heaven and Brandy is finally at home.   She enjoys her life with RJ and RJ's dad, taking routine walks around a gorgeous townhouse complex with many trails and preservation lands.  Brandy has her own spot on the sofa, where she hangs out and  listens to all her favorite Washington DC sports teams with her new dad!   A big thank you to RJ, a young person, who wanted to rescue his first dog.  And what a guy, to rescue a young blind dog.   

Name:  Brandi
Age:  1 yr old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Mix breed, approx 40 lbs

History: Brandi was born on a farm in TN where her eyes never developed - so she is a "completely normal" pup....  having never been able to see, she is fearless with her world. BRANDI is a precious, 1 yr old energetic mixed breed puppy (possibly a little yellow lab in there!)  She loves to play, comes running over to you when her name is called, her tail is ALWAYS wagging.  She is going to be a wonderful addition to a lucky, active family - she loves to cuddle and be close, and is ready to "go" as soon as the door is opened. She has a lot of confidence and an adventurous spirit.  She is looking for an active human companion to explore the world with.  This is a dog you can take everywhere....  being born blind, she has no idea things could be different.  Typically, we like to adopt our blind dogs into homes that have sighted dogs - they have a sighted companion and depend on their new friends to help them around the world.  Brandi would PREFER NOT to have canine companions.  She is a very confident blind dog, finding their own way, and CRAVING HUMAN companionship.  If you have room in your heart, or know someone looking for a fabulous new friend - please consider meeting Brandi.  Meet Brandi - (click here for video) and here

Mystic is now enjoying the rest of her life with a wonderful  rescue friendly couple, in the DC area!   Mystic now renamed, Sadie, will be enjoying life with her new guardians, a  border collie, Rex and terrier mix Annie.   Sadie's new life will consist of going on morning walks with her new pals, and then joining her fur mom at her  home office, counseling teens and young adults.  I am thrilled for Sadie, a smart gentile soul, who so deserved a second chance.  A big thank you to a wonderful couple for opening up their hearts to an older deaf dog. 

As Sadie was leaving the rescue, her eyes locked onto my eyes as if to say  "thanks for saving my life!"

Name:  Mystic
Age:   7 -8 years old
Disability:  Deaf
Breed/Weight:  Herding Mix,  about 35 pounds

History:   Mystic came in as a stray with collar and tags on, but all efforts to reach the owner have been in vain.  Mystic's owners even ignored a registered letter that was sent out to let them know their dog had been found. We are so elated to have Mystic here at PWD.  She is one happy easy going dog.  Like a lamb, so gentile.  She is good with other dogs, cats and people!  Mystic also seems to know a few signs.  She very smart, connects to people quickly, and understands what they are asking her to do, she is amazing. Mystic is an older dog- but still has a lot of gitty up & go! She is happy to be out and on border patrol, as she trots around the perimeter of our fencing, with a smile on her face and tail held up high, but always reporting back to the barn to check in!  Mystic also walks well on a leash.  She will make a great  ambassador and advocate for her disability. I would love for Mystic to go to a loving family, she is truly a big sweetheart. 

Polo,  is now living a great life with friend, volunteer and PWD supporter and her husband.  They came to the rescue hoping to find a friend for their border collie mix,  Sam.  Things could not have worked out any better!   Polo now Eddie, has become fast friends with Sam playing and chasing each other around; and everyone is enjoying  Eddie's creative and unique personality he brings to their life everyday.

Name:  Polo
Age:  1 yr old
Disability: Spinal Cord Malformation
Breed/Weight: Sheltie/border collie Mix, Weight:  25 pounds

Polo, was found running on the road,  when a good samaritan stepped in thinking he might have been hit by a car. They took him to the shelter last December in West Virginia . No one came back for Polo, and he became a shelter favorite, so many folks just past by this gorgeous dog because he walked a little funny. The shelter transported him to  PWD,  hoping to give Polo a 2nd chance of finding a forever family.    

Polo, feisty playful collie mix,  who loves to play and run with all the dogs.  Polo, has a wonderful temperament, and I might add a  great cuddler with people.  He is fun to watch, as he sidesteps and bunny hops all over the rescue yard.  Don't underestimate him he is pretty fast.   He is a great sport as he wants to continue his active life, with his new home.  

I am so happy  to announce one of our long term residents Lillie, finally went home this past Sunday, to a wonderful couple, right around the corner from the rescue. A big thank you to Gee, Mike's mom for getting Jan to come visit the rescue and introducing Lillie.  Jan felt an immediate connection to Lillie and needed to have Lillie in her life!  It has been a match made in heaven!  Lillie's day  starts by going on a 2 mile walk with  her new mom every morning and helps Jan up those  dreaded hills.  After their walk, Lilly settles into Jan's office and is on duty to meet and greet the customers.  A huge thank you to Jan and her husband, for opening up their hearts to Lillie,  one proud dog!

Name:  Jillie
Age:  3 yrs old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  purebred Blue Tick Hound

History:  Jillie was a hunting dog. When she went blind and could no longer work, she was chained.  The owners wanted her to have a better life, and contacted PWD to help.  Jillie found a wonderful home, with other dogs and lots of love in 2009, but due to an unexpected death in the family, she is back at PWD JILLIE is a wonderful example of the pure hound heart.  She craves interaction with her people and provides us at the rescue with the joy of life everyday.  When she's outside, she runs like the wind, nose to the ground making sure there are no squirrels or bunnies that need to be found.  Jillie has wonderful recall - and will race back to you at the call of her name.  We've learned to appreciate her "hound" hello in the mornings, and we thank her for giving us our daily dose of smiles.  Jillie is missing her family - she really enjoyed being part of a close knit unit of people and dogs. If you're looking for a wonderful lady, that will inspire you to be a better person, with a bigger heart, and a greater appreciation of your gifts, this girl seems to have that capacity.  She is not good with cats.  Meet Jillie

Christmas came early for our resident Collie mix, Reilly!    A very rescue friendly couple, adopted Reilly.  They have rescued many dogs in need, but this is the first totally blind dog.   His new family  fell in love with his pure regal look, and his sweet gentle personality.    Riley,  will join a couple of great rescue dogs, Biscuit, a  bishon mix,  and a Olive, a dobie mix,  both dogs very friendly and social, and Riley really liked them both!   Reilly's new guardians, have a very flexible schedule, and 'mom' works from home, what a great life for Riley! 

A big thank you to this family for taking the time to come to meet Riley, and welcoming him into your hearts and  home.

Name:  Riley
Age:  6-7 years old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Collie/possibly shepherd, blue healer mix  (a beautiful mix)   approx 60 lbs

History:  Riley was a stray, found around the Baltimore area.  RILEY, is our resident collie mix - which means "he is a very gentle, calm, smart  boy",  kind of like Lassie!  He is very laid back, but also confident and very connected to people.  He is happy to take his walks around the rescue grounds and  is happy to meet anyone. He is as sweet as they come.  He is good with other dogs, cats and of course people. This dog has the greatest temperament,  not much more to say!   A big thank you to Toni Vale,  Founder of Freckles for Freedom, Inc an advocacy group that helps,  pities, seniors and disabled dogs get out of the shelter and into rescue groups.

Another young adult wanting to adopt a dog with special needs.  Dexter caught her eye and she committed to fostering him.  After struggling through some basic training and establishing a routine, the decision was made for this to be a life long friendship. Her commitment to this young 3 legged mutt helped him become a gem of a dog and fun  fur friend.  A big thank you to another young person and her family, providing us hope and inspiration for the next generation and for taking the time and patience to work with Dexter! 

Name:  Dexter
Age:  7 months old
Disability: 3 legged - Dexter was born missing a foot and needed to have his leg amputated. 
Breed/Weight:  Hound mix:  30 pounds Dexter is bright and alert and loves to play and run with all the dogs and is good with cats.  

History:  Dexter, along with his litter mates, were turned into the county shelter.  His littermates were all euthanized.  Dexter was scheduled to be euthanized because the shelter could not afford the amputation surgery Dexter desperately needed.  He spent his life in a crate because the shelter staff did not want his leg to become infected.  

The "new" shelter manager stepped in on Dexter's behalf, as a last ditch effort to save his life.  She reach out to us for help.  A volunteer drove 7 hours to get Dexter safely to us.  Dexter's new life has started!  

This past week, Dexter had his leg amputated and is now getting accustomed to life on 3 legs.  We are so happy the shelter contacted  PWD, this puppy is a diamond in the rough and is really starting to blossom here as each day passes. He  has a wonderful temperament and is a great cuddler.  He is fun to watch as he gets used to being 3 legged!   Dexter, is ready for his new home, and will be a great addition to any human and canine family.

Finally,  a person saw the kindness and innocence of Stella.   While visiting, my friend, Myriam,  formed a quick bond with Stella.  And as they say the rest is history.  When  she was scheduled  to travel back home,  I receive a phone call that would change Stella's life.  Myriam could not leave Stella behind, she wanted to adopt her! A big  thank you to a person who finally saw beyond Stella's shyness and know with a little kindness Stella will blossom!

Age:  6 months
Disability:  Congenital skull malformation,   Our vet stated "Stella has  
Breed/Weight:  Doxy/Doby mix, approx 30 lbs
History: Stella, was a stray at our local shelter, her person came to claim her, but decided she was not worth it 
How Stella is getting her groove back here! 
Stella was very fearful and shaking, within a couple days, she now is beginning to act like an adorable puppy should act. Always has a tennis ball in her mouth.    She still is a bit shy when in new situations but warms up quite quickly when she feels safe.  Stella is a lovable mix,  who
will certainly melt your heart when you meet her.   She loves the company of other dogs.  

Our little shy Abby has been adopted by an active retired couple.  We could not ask for a better home for Abby.  This couple has a quiet home and they have time to continue to help Abby overcome her fears and build her confidence.  A big thank you to a South Jersey couple willing to help Abby find her way to a "normal dog's life".

And a big thank you to Karen (Elwood's mom) for fostering Abby and orchestrating this miracle adoption!

Name:  Abby
Age:  3 yr old
Disability:  Broken legs that have healed 
Breed/Weight:  petite lab mix - approx 30lbs

History: Abby was found on the side of the road after being hit by a car - she was rushed to the vet for surgery.  We really thought she would lose one or both back legs. 

 The true survivor that she is....  she is now using all 4 legs and doing well. Besides her physical well being, she is also making  great strides in trusting humans probably for the first time in her life. (During her examination, the vet discovered several bb pellets in her body, she was obviously used for target practice, too). She is happily wagging her tail when she sees us, knowing we are  here to help her, not hurt her.  

Abby is in foster care in Sewell, NJ and doing great.  She does wonderful with dogs, cats and even a pig!  Yes, even a pig!  This little lady is very loving once she knows she is safe.  We are still working on getting her use to the outside world again with walks.  Loud sounds and cars still scare her, but she is making great progress.  Abby is looking for a patient person/family who will continue to let her learn about the world - hopefully with some calm canine friends but she would be happy being an only child too.

Grady, our anxious little guy grab the hearts of a young Baltimore couple.  They are dedicated couple willing to help Grady become a "confident"  dog. A big thank you to Beth and Tim for  not throwing in the towel to a  great dog that needs a little extra care and love!  

Name:  Grady
Age:  4-5 years
Disability:  Congenital Skull deformity, blind in right eye
Breed/Weight: Elkhound, Shepherd, Husky Mix, approx 45lb

History: Grady, was a stray at one of our local shelters.

This high spirited mutt was most likely born with some sort of skull deformity resulting in the lost of sight in his right eye and a his equilibrium off a bit with his back legs -  by no means will Grady ever need a wheelchair.  He is a fun and active dog that socializes with all the pups at the rescue. He was a shelter favorite and they were elated when we accepted him into our program.  Grady has some separation anxiety, BUT he does settle very quickly and IS not destructive. 

He would be best in a home with another pal and some carpet or throw rugs on the floors.  He is a handsome dog and his facial features makes him even cuter.   Please open up your heart to a great dog. 

The foster family  fell in love with this little girl, and just could not let her go!  Sadie grab their hearts quickly and she fit in like a glove with her new human and fur family.  A big thank you to Nancy for offering to foster and now adopt little Sadie. 

Name:  Sadie
Age:   2-3 years old
Disability:  Blind in the left eye from trauma
Breed/Weight:  Beagle mix - a very petite 14 pounds
History:   Sadie was a stray from a Virginia shelter.
Sadie a petite pup and a happy girl now that all her medical needs have been addressed.  She is currently being foster in Bel Air, Md.   Her new foster parents say she is the "perfect pup!"  She gets along great with the other dogs, very quiet, and has not had one accident.  She also mentioned Sadie is the greatest cuddler!   Sadie would be an easy dog, and a wonderful companion dog. 

After a brief foster, Hailey has been adopted by a wonderful couple willing to work with her disabilities.  Hailey is blind and also has some hearing difficulties.  An amazing couple fell in love with Hailey's infectious energy!   They are truly amazed with her ability to understand her surroundings with the help of her fur friends, 2 great goldens, who have taken Hailey under their wing.  Hailey will have an active life with her new family,  camping and boating on the Chesapeake!   Have fun Hailey and please keep us posted on your new life!

Name:  Hailey
Age:  2 years old  
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Lab/ hound mix - Weight  40 pounds
History:  In the heat of the summer Hailey was found left tied to a tree, when her owners  moved.  She has been in a West Virginia shelter since July.
is a precious, 4 yr old very energetic mixed breed dog.  She has beautiful shiny black fur, her tail is always high and wagging, and when you approach her her  entire body is wagging!  She yearns and loves human contact, and will give you  a big  daily Hailey hug. She loves to play with toys and gets along great with other dogs. With her nose up in the air, she navigates around the rescue looking for fun.  She is going to be a wonderful addition to a lucky, active family - she loves to cuddle and be close, and is ready to "go" as soon as the door is opened. She has a lot of confidence and an adventurous spirit.  She is looking for an active human companion to explore the world with. This is a dog you can take everywhere....  being born blind, she has no idea things could be different.   

We like to adopt our blind dogs into homes that have sighted dogs - they have a sighted companion and depend on their new friends to help them around the world. 

Chester has finally made his last stop.  His foster home decided to make him a permanent member!  We are so happy for Chester!!!   A big thank you to Gee for once again opening her heart and home to a PWD dog.

Name:  Chester
Age:  8 yrs old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Lab mix, petite (a little guy!), approx 40lbs

History:  Chester was rescued from a chain!  After what must have been a life with a family, he found himself alone, outside on a chain.  A good samaritan stepped in, talked with the owners, and called us. Chester is an unbelievable eight year old! He has much more energy then other 8 yr olds we've met.  He's such a cute little guy, his pictures don't come close to showing his true personality.  Chester is very healthy and loves trail walks making sure his nose is always to the ground. His tail never stops wagging, and is a huge wiggle butt when he is really excited. He is good off leash and has good recall. He is very happy to be with his person whether he is riding in the car or curled up on your lap. He will follow you wherever you go and is just as happy to be laying calmly at your feet. He gets along with other dogs, but is very curious with cats. He will not hurt them, but is very interested in them. He has no issues walking on a leash and needs very little guidance. While he sometimes bumps into things, it is very hard to believe this guy is blind because he can see right into your heart.

WAHOO,  for Brett.  After spending over a year at PWD,  a young couple from upstate NY opened their hearts to Britt.  What an inspiration for us to find a couple willing to give a home and new life to a middle aged, blind dog.  Britt's new fur parents are very active and her new life will consist of trail walks and daily walks in the busy collegiate town square.  Brett was happy to provide kisses and show her manners with treats.  We are so happy for Britt and so happy her adoption day finally became a reality! 

Name:  Brett
Age:  5 yrs old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  border collie/retriever mix, approx 60 lbs
History: She was found running along a highway in North Carolina,  a good Samaritan stopped and she happily climbed into her truck and slept all the way back to her home!
is our resident border collie mix - which means "she's a very smart girl" - approx 5 yrs old, so is more laid back, but also confident and very connected to people.  She is happy to meet anyone, is sweet as they come, and although she gets along with other dogs, she much prefers the company of humans.   She is another dog that could go everywhere - as long has her person is with her - she's always ready to take a stroll or go on an adventure.  Brett is also a couch cuddler, happy to enjoy the leisurely life if that's preferred by her person.  She is anxiously waiting to find her home.  Typically, we like to adopt our blind dogs into homes that have sighted dogs - they have a sighted companion and depend on their new friends to help them around the world.  Brett would PREFER NOT to have canine companions.  She is a very confident blind dog, finding their own way, and CRAVING HUMAN companionship.  If you have room in your heart, or know someone looking for a fabulous new friend - please consider meeting Brett.

Rosie found her forever home in a small beach community in our county!   Rosie's family, including Mom, Dad, and 2 young boys,  fell in love with her sweet calm demeanor.  She will enjoy one level living with a fenced in back yard and front area.  Rosie has found the front porch is a great way to stay connected to her new community as she meets new friends - human and canine. Enjoy your life Rosie, so happy you are close by! 

Name:  Rosie
Age:  1-2 yrs old
isability:  3 legged, left front leg has been amputated
Breed/Weight:  St Bernard Mix,  50 pounds

History:  Lost her leg at the shelter due to neglect.

Rosie is very sweet and has a very kind "old" soul.  She is very playful, wagging her tail and body constantly but she does seem to tire quicker than the others.  Rosie is perfectly content taking a breather as the other dogs play around her.  She settles quickly in her area and loves her new bed!! She can be a little shy with new things, but is learning to trust that life is good.  

June 2012

Name:  Trixie
Age:  1 year old
Disability:  Growth Plate did not keep up resulting in his front leg deformity, a birth defect. 
Breed/Weight:  Hound mix, about 30 pounds

History: Trixie  was stray brought into a rural shelter in Virginia. 

Trixie is a a lovable little mix, who will certainly melt your heart when you see her!  She  yearns for the attention of a humans, but  is beginning to play and have fun with all the dogs here. She is a smart pup, listens well, very affectionate and loves to cuddle.    And  she does great with cats too.  She  would be a great addition to any human and fur family.

Age: 1-2 years
Disability:  3 legged
Breed and Weight:  German Shepherd - 45 lbs (very thin)

History:  Harley had his leg removed at a young age. He was left at the local shelter, no longer wanted.

Harley is a stunning, purebred German Shepherd.  He LOVES being with people - we'd like to find him a home where he is able to spend most of his time with his person.  He enjoys the company of other dogs - but the gift of his heart to people is extraordinary.  He likes to chase a ball, run over the rescue grounds, or just hang with you.  He'll make a wonderful best friend to his new family.  Harley's temperament would make him a wonderful candidate for a therapy dog.

May 2012 - Donny found a new home that appreciates the special spirit of the 3-legged dog.  After losing a cherished 3-legged member of their family - they knew the only way to celebrate his life was to give a home to another 3-legged dog.  Donny couldn't have found a better home.  He'll be cherished everyday and enjoy chasing his new siblings around the back yard.

After one day at his new home,  his new fur mom sent us a message,  "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,  what a fabulous dog!  I never thought I'd find another perfect dog but we have and we are so thrilled! "  

Name:  Donnie
Age:  1-2 yrs old
isability:  3 legged, right leg amputated
Breed/Weight:  Retriever Mix,   35 pounds
 He was a stray brought to the shelter.  Donnie caught his leg overnight in his shelter cage.  When the shelter workers arrived the next morning, it was too late, his leg was damaged.

Donnie, another fun loving, easy going mix has made it here safely.  Donnie came into the rescue and quickly became best friends with all the dogs. His front leg was recently amputated but life on 3 legs for Donnie seems like old hat to him.  He runs and plays like he has 4 legs! He loves outside playtime with ALL the dogs, and when inside he is calm, does not seem to bark much and is very connected to people as well as dogs!  He is an intelligent pup, listens very well, understands his new routine here, a quick learner!  Open up your heart and home to this dog and you wont be sorry that's for sure!  

Yeah for Molly!  After losing their beloved dog last year,  a wonderful couple felt it was time to open up their hearts to another dog in need. They fell in love with our easy going and good natured Molly. Life will be good for Molly. Her new fur mom will take her for daily walks and will be so proud to show off her new rescue dog.  And Molly will meet lots of new human and canine friends. As I was leaving, Molly was going on her first walk. A big thank you to another local family wanting to help one of our dogs. 

Name:  Molly
Age:   1-2 years old
Disability:  Visual problems
Breed/Weight:  Shepherd Mix, about 40 pounds

History:  Molly was an owner relinquishment to a shelter - they could no longer care for her. 

Molly is approx 1-2 years old.  A new arrival at the rescue, she was a shelter favorite.  She has a sweet face and a kind personality.  She is very connected to people and good with dogs and cats.  She seems a little confused but with the help of the other seeing eye dogs, she is getting the hang of her new routine.  So happy she made it to PWD!

Name:  Benny
Age:   4 years old
Disability:  Visual problems
Breed/Weight:  Beagle, petite 15 pounds

History:  Benny was a breeder relinquishment to PWD.

Benny came to us with no name, no collar, and no vetting.  He was thin and desperately needed medical care. Benny will undergo cataract surgery and some of his eyesight will return.   Bennie has received lots of vet care and attention here and for the first time in his life, is living in a home.  A real beagle lover offered to foster Benny while he waits for his forever home.  Benny has truly blossomed in her home.   Here's our first report from his foster mom..

His name is Benny, but he should be called Cuddles.  He is an independent little guy but always likes to know where you are.  Benny's 2 favorite thinks are food and attention.  This is Benny's first home setting, and believe me he has settled in quite nicely with my fur family and bird family. Like Lionel, from the Peanuts cartoon, he loves to drag towels around my home, but never destroys them. Its adorable to watch.   He is a great little dog, give him a little time to adjust to his new environment, and lots of love and you will get lots of hugs in return.  Did I mention he loves to sleep in the bed!  

Fencing is required - a beagle's sense of smell could take them far away from home.

June 2012

The dynamic duo has left PWD!  Niki and Deon,  now Archer and Lana,  played together, lived together and now  they have been adopted together! It does not get any better than this in rescue work for a  deaf pup and his hearing buddy Lana to be adopted together.

A big shout out to this young energetic couple who wanted their first dogs to  be adopted from a rescue group,   let alone  dogs with special needs.     We are so happy for Archer and Lana,  keep in touch and posted on the adventures of these 2 young pups!

Name:  Deon
Age:  10 months
Disability:  Deaf 
Breed/Weight:  Basenji/ Dalmatian mix, approx 35 lbs
History: Deon, was a stray at  a rural Virginia Shelter.

Deon is FUN FUN FUN and very affectionate.  He became a shelter favorite and they were so happy when we accepted him into our program.  Deon came into the rescue and was an immediate social butterfly! He has met many new friends and enjoys frolicking with them all.  He is fast, very alert, and just a ball of fire.  He has added a wonderful spark to PWD.   He is an adorable young pup, always looking for action and excitement.  Deon's best home would be with an active loving family and a playful hearing buddy or two.  Hard fencing is required for Deon.  

Name:  Niki
Age:  1 year old
Disability:  Blind in the left eye.
Breed/Weight:  Doxie mix  approx  13 pounds.
History:  Niki was a abandoned at a vets office.
Don't let her little size fool you - Niki is a real spitfire, a small ball of energy!  I was looking out my office window the other morning and saw little Niki, "the LEADER of a pack" as all the 3 legged pups were high tailing it behind her.   Hilarious,  what a sight to see.  She loves life, is good with dogs and loves people!  She also loves to give us kisses, as if to say thank you for rescuing me.  Niki will be a fun addition to any human and fur family.

Milly's rescue story captured the heart of a school teacher in Baltimore.   Since Milly was found in a schoolyard, she already felt a bond with this pup,  wanting to give her a new life and loving home!    Millie now Gizzy,  will be enjoying life with her new family and older rescued Chocolate Lab,  Cocoa.   Thank you and we look forward to hearing about Gizzy's adventures!

Name:  Milly
Age:   4 months old
Disability:  Broken femur bone,  on the mend.
Breed/Weight:  Shepherd/hound mix, 15 pounds
History:  Milly was abandoned in a school parking lot in West Virginia.
Milly is a 4 month old shepherd/ hound mix. A fun loving puppy looking for a forever home.  Milly was found alone in a school parking lot, when some kind folks step in on her behalf and got her to safety than to us.
Milly's leg is on the mend and healing nicely, no further treatment will be necessary.   She walks with a slight limp barely noticeable.  She is a feisty playful girl that loves to play and have fun with all the dogs. She has a wonderful temperament and with some general puppy training will be a great addition for a lucky family.   Milly,  will be a small pup, maybe 30 pounds (at the most).    Her sweet personality will win you over - come meet her.

With a couple of dog smooches from our shy and timid Freddie,  it was his way of telling his foster family, he wanted to stay. And his foster family totally understood his communication and wanted to finalize Fred's adoption.  A big thank you to Karen Quigley for orchestrating yet another PWD adoption, and to Fred's new family for being kind and patient to this awesome pup. Enjoy life Fred.  There is so much to experience,  and now you have a trusting and caring family to share your life with.

Name:  Fred
Age: 1-2 years
Breed and Weight:  German Shepherd Mix - 50 pounds
History:  born with non functioning back rear leg.
is a shy guy - although he is very sweet and does not have a mean bone in his body.  He was born at the shelter and never felt grass or dirt between his toes until he arrived at PWD.  He also had very little human interaction. Fred is now learning about the kindness of people, the joy of a good ear scratch, and the pleasure of a safe, soft bed.   He was extremely thin but will put on weight quickly here.  Fred will need patient, kind guardians to help him continue to trust - and that patience will be rewarded many times over because this dog is a real sweetheart - wanting to share his heart.

A big shout out and thank you  to a wonderful couple who opened up their hearts to two of our dogs. Howie, blind and Lucy, a one eyed dog with heart disease. 

These dogs will be on life long medications and this couple had no hesitation in adopting these 2 dogs together.  They became fast friends here and now will be enjoying life together in a warm and loving home. We are overjoyed and love meeting people willing to go the extra mile for dogs in need.  As they put it in one of their "update" emails,  "these dogs are perfect!"

Name:  Howie
Age:  4 yrs old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Lab/hound mix  25-30 pounds
History:  Howie  landed in the shelter after his person lost  their home. 
is approx  4 yrs old, very laid back dog  and very connected to people.  He is happy to meet anyone and is as sweet as they come!  He came to the rescue and quickly understood the lay of the land - he even navigates stairs without issue. An amazing little guy! Howie is a huge cuddler, so if you are interested in a 30 pound lap dog , this boy is the one for you!   He is cute as they come, and will be  be great addition to any human and canine family! Typically, we like to adopt our blind dogs into homes that have sighted dogs - they have a sighted companion and depend on their new friends to help them around the world. Howie is not good with cats.

Name:  Lucy
Age:   2-3 years old
Disability:  Blind in the right eye from trauma
Breed/Weight: Border collie/hound mix  25-30 pounds
History:  Lucy was a stray and landed in a southern shelter.
is approx  2-3 years old.   She is one happy girl with a cute prance and her tail constantly wagging  high in there air as if to say thanks! Lucy is adorable with her 4 white paws, white muzzle and chest.   She is a smart, independent girl and knows she is finally safe in the fresh air and grass of Maryland.  She is very alert, loves to play and run with the other dogs,  but will settle quickly and quietly on her bed.  She is a great snuggler too.  She will make a wonderful companion for a lucky family.
Lucy will be having her right eye removed the last week of December to prevent infection.

It was love at first sight when this couple came to meet Daisy!  We could not be happier for Daisy.  She finally got a houseful of people that will love her and in return she will show her unbelievable dedication and love and lots of kisses  back to them.  Daisy has already taken a spot on the bed!  Daisy will enjoy living in the animal friendly community of Annapolis with her new fur parents, and for  her family downtime will be traveling to their beach getaway. 
A big thank to this special family.

Name:  Daisy
Age:  3 years old
Disability:  Deaf 
Breed/Weight:  Boxer/Lab  mix approx  65 lbs
History:    First family had to give her up for personal reasons,  2nd family relinquished her to a shelter because she shed too much.
is a very loving dog.  So happy - her whole body wags, not just her tail!  A shelter volunteer fell in love with her and ask us if we would accept her here.  Daisy 
was born deaf but don't let that keep you from considering her!  She knows basic commands and knows when you grab her lead that she is headed outside for a walk.   Daisy also does not jump on you, she has wonderful manners!   She has lived with small children and teenagers and loves them all.  She will give kisses and will be a great cuddle dog.  A happy go lucky dog who has had a rough start and definitely deserves a happy rest of her life.  She will be a great addition to any family.   We have all fallen in love with this pup at PWD.  
I have discovered thru our work with deaf
dogs, they learn very easily and are very "in tune" to their families and surroundings.  We do request hard fencing for our deaf dogs.

When you least expect it, a dogs life can change in a minute!   That's just what happened to our Jenga this week.  Her family finally arrived!   A supporter of our rescue called ready to adopt and most important, looking for a playmate for her rescued boxer Cooper!   Needless to say  Jenga and Cooper became fast friends and the adopter loved Jenga's sweet temperament.  

She understood Jenga's background and was ready to help another dog that never had  a "real" home!   Although Jenga was a bit nervous leaving the rescue,  she was smart enough to  realized, sofas, beds, unlimited chew bones and a great hearing brother, life was going to be good!  A big  heartfelt thank you to her adopter.     As I was leaving, Jenga and Cooper were non stop playing,  she looked at me and said "this is perfect -  just what I  wanted, a friend for Cooper."  Wahoo for Jenga!  Best of all  Jenga's  new home is very close to the rescue!!!

Name:  Jenga
Age:  1 year
Disability:  Deaf 
Breed/Weight:  Retriever mix,  approximately 45 pounds

History:  Jenga was an owner relinquishment to a local shelter. They  could not provide Jenga the safety she needed for her disability.

Jenga is a very affectionate dog.  Her markings are beautiful, almost like an appaloosa horse.  As each day goes by she is becoming more and more confident and feeling safe in her new surroundings.  She plays and wrestles with all her new friends here and loves her chew bones.  She is very smart and willing and wanting to have new adventures in her life with a caring and trusting person. She would enjoy the company of a  hearing fur friend. 

Hard fencing is required for Jenga.

Yeah for our Fiona!   We could not be happier for Fiona.  This couple and their dog Raven spent a few hours with Fiona and decided they wanted to give this once throw away dog a forever and loving home.  Fiona proved she was a survivor in so many ways here at PWD  and we all knew there was a special couple out there that would accept Fiona's disabilities. 

All  I can say is.. for as many bad things in the world there will always be good, and this couple represents the good in people!   A big thank you from all of us at PWD.

Name:  Fiona
Age:  6 months
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Spitz mix??  anyone's guess?   but she is a cutie!  
13 pounds
History: Fiona is a true survivor, found on a busy parkway just outside Washington DC.  A good Samaritan rescued her and got her safely to us.
Fiona can be independent when she needs to.  She loves the company of dogs but is quite confident and content trotting around the rescue creating fun for herself!  She will find toys and play with them or find another dog to  frolic with for a bit, then moves on.  Fiona is an adorable, smart pup that loves people and has a true puppy spirit.
Her recall is  phenomenal!  You can call her name anywhere in the area and she gets so excited and gallops right over to you.   She navigates beautifully around the rescue area and back to the rescue facility.  She is great on lead and seems to be house broken.  Fiona will only be placed in an adult home.

Bubble's life  certainly changed quickly in 2 weeks, from being on the shelters euthanasia list, to rescue and NOW to a new home for the holidays!    Bubbles personality is heart catching and she certainly caught the heart of this retired couple that live only minutes from PWD.  The timing was just perfect for Bubbles and we are so happy for her and her new family! 

Name:  Bubbles
Age:  2 years old
Disability:  Cerebellum/equilibrium issues.
Breed/Weight: Golden mix, 20 pounds

History: Bubbles was a stray and in one of our local shelters.  

Meet Bubbles, she is 20 pounds of pure happiness. Bubbles was rescued from the local shelter, and yes as I left the shelter employees were cheering, so happy she was finally safe. (Bubbles was scheduled to be euthanized until we step in to help).  Bubbles has a cerebellum issue, as our vet simply explains she will always have a unique funny gate but she is otherwise a very normal, happy and healthy pup! She is such a good sport, and knows life will be good for her now. Bubbles has an independent soul, loves playing with calm dogs, but loves to cuddle with humans the most.  Some of the more active dogs can get a little confusing for her.Bubbles WILL melt your heart when you meet her!

Bubbles will do best in a one level home with a calmer environment.

Just what the doctor order a little bit of Lulu!   This human  family and fur family needed a little spark,  and totally connected with Lulu's positive energy!  She has become an unbelievable respectful companion to her  new senior brother Mathew and to a few senior cats.   As you can tell by the adoption picture everyone is smiles! 

Lulu will be spending her life in a very  warm and loving  home close to the beach and better yet close to the rescue. She  has already been seen out and about with her new parents spreading the word on how great life is on 3 legs, and no doubt will become another great PWD ambassador.

Have a great life Lulu, and keep in touch!

Name:  LuLU
Age:  4 years
Disability:   3 legged
Breed/Weight:  Pekingese Beagle mix, 20 pounds
LuLu is bright and alert and loves to play and run with all the dogs and is good with cats and children. 
History:  Lulu escaped from her yard and was hit by a car.  Her family could not afford the medical care for Lulu and the family reached out to us to help their pet. She lost her leg, but that hasn't slowed her down.  
Lulu was adopted earlier this year, but has returned due to a major change in the family's situation.  We're happy to help her find her next loving home.

It is amazing how a life can change so quickly for a dog. Harry has been here for over 7 months with not much  interest and  finally his adoptors came this week and fell for this goofy hound,  but better yet their  little border collie mix fell totally in love with Harry! A wonderful local couple who will  for sure keep  us updated on  Harry.   We found out today, Harry can now do steps but mirrors are still a bit confusing for him!  It is so fun to find out how our dogs do in "real homes". Thank you for opening up your hearts to a dog with special needs.  A great way to start off our year at PWD!

Name:  Harry
Age:  5-6 years old
Disability:  visually impaired in the left eye
Breed/Weight:  Collie/ hound mix  50 pounds.
History:  Harry  was a stray  and landed in a rural Virginia shelter. 
Meet Harry, our happy go lucky hound boy.  He loves life and is so happy to be here at PWD.  He is a confident dog and very connected to people and dogs.  As soon as he arrived, he thrived at the rescue.  He joined the pack with ease!  He loves to meet people always wagging his tail, like most hounds, he is just as sweet as they come.  Come meet Harry, you will discover the sweetness of hounds!

This past weekend  might have been a gloomy weekend, but for our Bo Bentley it could be nothing but pure sunshine for him.  Past adopters, who just lost their 3 legged dog Molly, (they adopted from us a few years back) felt it was time to help another PWD dog, and bring some much needed energy back into their home.  Bo Bentley will enjoy life in the north east, kayaking and frolicking with his new fur sister Winnie, an easy going Yorkie. We could not be happier for Bo Bentley, a great dog!  

Name:  Bo Bentley
Disability:   3 legged
:   3 years old
Breed/Weight:   Lemon Hound  approx  50 lbs

History:  Bo was a stray brought into a high kill shelter with a back leg injury his fate was doomed unless a rescue stepped forward for him. As with
many hounds…. no one looked for him.  He looked so sweet and pathetic …..  we had to save him!  

Sweet  Bo, his big hound smile says it all. 
"Thank you for coming to my rescue!"  Bo Bentley came to the rescue with his back leg hanging, so our orthopedic team took him in quickly and removed his leg. His recuperation was quick and he never missed a step! 
Even as a 3 legged dog, Bo is an escape artist!  Anxious to be out seeing the world beyond our fences.  We are recommending an electronic fence for Bo - or a person that will accompany him at all times outside.

Wahoo, Well look who went home this weekend! Another one of our 3 legged pups! DARLA!  Another dog, with out much interest has certainly hit the lottery with this wonderful couple!
Darla will be enjoying golf cart rides, boat rides and of course car rides! A big thank you from all of us at PWD!!

Name:  Darla
Age:  1 - 2 years old
Disability:   3 legged 
Breed/Weight:  German Shepherd mix, 45 pounds
History:  Darla was rescued off the streets as a stray and brought into a  shelter.
We believe Darla was hit by a car and her left leg healed with a limp.  Our orthopedic decided to amputate the leg to relieve pain and give her a normal life.   She runs like the wind with all the dogs!  You can see in Darla's eyes she is ready to move on with her life and join an active family.  She is a very smart, alert, and gentle dog,  ready to experience all life has to offer.  She is a fast  learner,  willing to please, and loves people.

Luke,  now Rafferty,  has been adopted!  He will be living the rest of his life with a wonderful human family and her rescue dog, named Harlow.  Rafferty will be living in very dog friendly Annapolis.   He has already attracted lots of fans.  I  received this recent update from his adopter - "Rafferty, is a totally ham while walking through downtown Annapolis.    All the shop owners kept trying to feed him treats.  I told them he's watching his figure, but will gladly take a pet instead.  I am certain there could not be a better match for Harlow, these 2 dogs simply adore one another!  I keep looking at him thinking I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found this amazingly sweet boy!  Thanks PWD!!

Name:  Luke
Age:   7-8 years old
Disability:  3 legged

History:  Luke was relinquished to the shelter when his former guardian went into a nursing home.
When I walk into the rescue, all I hear is thump thump thump,  yep that's Luke's tail, just constantly wagging away!  Luke is one happy go lucky dog and he is quite a handsome looking mix!  Before Luke arrived he had a short stay in a foster home. They loved Luke and mentioned he would just go from room to room and hang out, and when they left the house, he would lay right inside by the door waiting for you, and greeting you like you were a long lost friend.   Luke is a nice calm dog, that would fit in anywhere!   He is a loving gentle dog.  When Luke was rescued he weighed a plump 72 pounds, but since being with us he has lost 10 pounds and still could stand to loose a few more. 

Thank you to a young man who wanted to give a loving home to a 3 legged dog!   His family travel to PWD to meet some of our fantastic pups, and fell in love with Leah!  Leah has joined two other rescue dogs, including one blind cocker spaniel.   After so many years of neglect Leah has finally landed in a loving home. 

We enjoy hearing updates on our dogs, and this week, Leah can now navigate the stairs with ease, and is now sleeping beside her rescuer!  His mom wrote to me saying, “If Bryce could have floated away with joy he would have, he has a new best fur friend.” 

Name:  LEAH
Age:   3 years
3 legged 
Breed and Weight:   Lab mix, 45 pounds

History:  Leah was found starv
ing and living with an injured leg as she care for her litter of puppies in the woods were taken to the shelter, where she continued to care for her litter.  Leah was a good fur mom, although she had no food to eat, she made sure her pups did.  All her puppies were healthy and all adopted.  Leah stole the hearts of the entire shelter, so they began their search for a rescue to help her and PWD stepped in.
YEP, its all about Leah now! As well it should be.   After nursing her litter of pups with a limp bad leg and no food, it is truly amazing Leah's canine spirit is alive and well!  She is such a resilient dog, her past could have made anyone angry, but not Leah. She is so grateful for her 2nd chance and it finally arrived for her. She is finally getting the attention  and care she desperately needed and of course daily meals. She loves to play with the other dogs,  but enjoys the company of humans.  You will certainly get your daily dose of canine kisses from her!  LOVE LOVE LEAH,  a dog that will certainly fit in with any human or fur family.  Leah has amputation site has healed, and she has adjusted beautifully to her new life!

Our little speedy gonzalas Ginger Snap, caught the eye of a Delaware couple who  recently lost a pet and wanted to help make a difference in another dogs life!  They came to our rescue and fell in love with Ginger’s zest for life on 3 legs.  Ginger Snap joined her new fur parents and their 12 year old Lab and  cat.  Ginger just wiggles with excitement when she sees the cat, but the cat is still a bit cautious!    Ginger Snap will  enjoy being a big part of her new family adventures including routine trips to Rehoboth Beach!  

Her adoptor wrote to us saying “they can’t  believe that no one adopted her before us. We just can't get over how great of a dog she is and how adjusted she is to our home!”

Name : Ginger Snap
Age:   2 years old
Disability:   3 legged
Breed/Weight:  Jack Russell Mix, 25 pounds 
History:  Ginger Snap was found as a stray and landed in a West Virginia shelter.
Ginger is bright, alert, listens well and loves to play. She runs like the wind!  She might be a great candidate for agility. Ginger is great with cats, dogs, and children.  She would be an easy addition to any fur and human family. Ginger is just an all round nice dog that needs a 2nd chance at a forever home.

Congratulations Heidi on finding your forever home!  When asked why they chose to adopt a pet with a disability, Heidi's new fur mom answered   "We want to add a new member to our family and I know what it is like to be unwanted because of a disability... mine being deaf.”   Heidi is enjoying her new life with two active young boys whom she has totally bonded with and when not engaging with the kids she is romping around with Minnie, her older lab sister!  

Heidi’s new mom, sends me updates almost every morning,  she informs me Heidi is a fast learner,  and  has learn some sign language.   Heidi’s  mom can not fully pronounce Heidi’s name accurately so she adjusted it to HI, and Heidi now responds to her new name,  when there is a will there is a way!    Heidi’s new family is amazing. 

Name:  Heidi
Age:  9 months
Disability:  Missing 3 toes, has a very slight limp to her gait
Breed/Weight: Hound Mix - approx 35 lbs 
History:  Heidi was a stray at a rural Virginia Shelter.
Dogs with minor disabilities need help too.  When our colleagues at blind dog rescue alerted us on her, we reached out to help.  Heidi was born missing 3 toes, but because of her easy going and nice personality, she escaped being euthanized several times in a very small overcrowded shelter.  Heidi arrived at our rescue and fit in like a glove so happy to be here, and feel the grass under her paws again!  She is enjoying our daily routine, meshing right into the playfulness of the other pups!  She was a shy quiet dog at the shelter, but her fun personality has shown thru here, once again another young  pup happy to have a 2nd chance.  Heidi will fit into any human and canine family with ease.     
A big thank you to Julie for getting involved in Heidi’s rescue and transporting her directly to us! Special people taking time out of their busy schedule to help a dog to a new life!

Back in December when I carried Walter out of the shelter, I never thought this special day would come! Well, never underestimate some compassionate humane care and the canine spirit. Walter's life has now come full circle, and he has been adopted. He is now living in a gorgeous home in Ashburn, Virginia and has a cool new senior friend named Shanty. 

A big hug to a couple who opened their hearts to our regal Walter. Walter will enjoy daily walks with his new friends and will have lots of windows to sit by, and alert his new folks on happenings outside his new home. Enjoy Walter, so happy we were able to help you here!

Name:  Walter
Breed/Weight:  Shepherd mix
History:  Walter was a stray brought into our local shelter on a stretcher.

I would begin by saying I was in the  right place at the right time for a dog that was not quiet ready to leave this earth! When I met Walter he was lame, lifeless, eyes dead and extremely thin.  It was a pretty quick decision to carry him out of the shelter to the peace and tranquility of our rescue,  thinking he only had a few days left.  We wanted him to have some warm and comfortable nights and remember that humans can be kind.   

Well with in a few weeks,  a little vet care, food, a warm bed , and a few caring people around him, Walter has sprang back to life here!   Walter's spirit to live has impressed all who remembers Walter the first few days here.

We would love Walter to find a real home, where he could continue his rehab back to life. Walter is an easy dog,  and so enjoys the playfulness  and energy of the younger dogs at the rescue.

After spending six months at the rescue, look who finally found her forever home, our sweet Susie! Susie now Corki, will be living in beautiful home located in Easton, MD with a new fur brother, "Auggie" a beautiful German Shepherd. Congratulations Corki! 

We recently got a great update on Corki from her adopter. "Here is a picture of her "spot". She adopted the pillow dog bed by the couch and stretched out there last night while I watched TV. And there she is again this morning." Corki seems to fit perfectly into our little family. It is going to be great! Thank YOU!

Name:  Susie
Age:  1 year
Disability:   Back left hip fracture,  healing nicely, will have a small limp when recovered. 
Breed/Weight:  Hound Mix,  about 30 pounds
History:  Susie was relinquished by her original owner, they could no longer afford to care for her.  They were not sure how Susie sustained her injuries.
Like , because she is simply a wonderful dog!  
Susie now loves to play with other dogs.  Her spirit was broken when she arrived, but she is back on track and so happy to be here. She seems to be getting stronger and gaining some much needed weight.  Her spirit really shines when she is engaging with all the dogs and loves the attention of humans.  Before Susie arrived she stayed briefly in a foster home with the shelter manager and her pack and she did fantastic.  She pretty much followed suit with all the other dogs,  a laid back easy going girl.  She would fit in any human and fur family! 

A big heartfelt thank you to  to this young couple for opening up their hearts and home to another senior blind dog from us!  They have totally fallen in love with her with her gentle soul.  We are so happy for Savannah, knowing  she will be loved and safe for the golden years of her life! 

Name: Savannah
Age:  Senior
Breed/Weight:  35 pounds, Hound mix 
Disability:   Blind
History: Savannah was abandon at a trailer park and ended up in a rural shelter. 
For Savannah being abandon was PROBABLY the best thing that could have happen in her sad life.  Because now she is here with us and ready to start her new life with a loving family.  It was not hard for us to instantly fall in love with her, knowing some of her past, it is truly remarkable she holds no grudges.  Life is better for her now, and she is a total sweet heart.   Besides being blind, Savannah came to us with ear and skin infections, she is responding to treatment and feels better each day she is here with us.  
Savannah is an easy gentle dog that loves her new bed  (she likes to sleep in)  but is totally enjoying the company of the younger pups and the new smells of the rescue yard.  She still has a lot of pep in her step, especially in the afternoon when she enjoys getting out and wondering all over with her nose as her guide. We would love for Savannah to finally have a wonderful home for the rest of her years!  

Teddy, our comeback kid has been adopted!   Teddy has joined Ginger Snap a former PWD resident, and Raven,  and of course to his new fur parents, who have now opened up their home and heart  to 2 PWD dogs!   We love double adopters!   Teddy's life has really just begun again now and new life adventures will begin for him! 

We love you Teddy, so happy you made it to us and we were able to get you healthy and find you a loving home.  

Name:  Teddy
Age:  9 months old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Shepherd mix 

History:  Teddy and his blind brother were both abandoned in a shelter and Teddy’s brother died at the shelter.  The shelter asked if we could take Teddy before the same fate would happened to him, and we said yes.

Teddy has been thru so much in such a short period of time.  Besides being blind Teddy came into our rescue extremely ill, extremely thin, unable to breathe normally and not eating.  I knew his situation was dire.  But - he's our "come back kid" surviving distemper against all odds.

Teddy is officially up for adoption!  His zest to live has simply amazed us all. Teddy is now a vibrant pup - a smart, gentle, sweet and very playful personality. Teddy absolutely loves to be outside, so hard fencing for Teddy is a must and he definitely needs to have playful dog friends.  He loves the company of humans and enjoys belly rubs from us and visitors.  We are happy Teddy made it to us and we were able to get the medical care he needed.  He is one of those dogs that will just grab your heart, even with no eyes he always seems to be looking up at me as if to say thank you.  He feels great now and is ready to move on to a wonderful life with a family who understands the spirit of a dog that sees thru his heart.  

Words can not express how I feel today but tearful joy!
We rescued Ida just a few short months ago after spending all of her 10 years in a shelter, has finally gone home!  A person opening up their home and heart to a 10 year old blind dog, with scars from her past, simply an amazing person who understands the word rescue. Thank you from all of us at PWD!

Name:  Ida
Age:  Senior
Breed/Weight:  50 pounds, Hound mix 
Disability:   Blind 

History: Ida was abandon at a rural no kill shelter in Virginia 10 yrs ago.  YES, she lived at the shelter for 10 years.  The scar on her face is most likely an old hunting dog injury from possibly going thru a barb wire fence.  I think it endears her even more.
We are Ida’s last chance for finding a real home.   She yearns to finally have a person to hang with the remaining years of her life.  It would be awesome for Ida to experience a “normal dog’s life.”  Sitting on the sofa and watching/hearing TV with her person, going for car rides, going for walks, being able to lie in the sun on a deck. Things that we KNOW she would enjoy and has NEVER experienced in her lifetime. 
For 10 years, people have said good night, shut the door, turn out the lights and left her behind.  And so many people passed her by at the shelter year after year. Ida is definitely beginning to settle in  here, she is now out and about with her new pack of pups.  She requires other dogs to respect her space since this is all new to her. The great group of dogs at PWD have certainly given her respect and understand it will take some time.  Slowly but surely she is gaining the trust and confidence with dogs again! It’s so wonderful to see her starting to blossom here!  Her tail is wagging more and more.  Please give Ida hope!

GINGER has hit the jack pot, finally a young active human and fur family have adopted our smart girl!   She is a fantastic dog and has found the PERFECT home to fit her active needs!   Ginger will share her life with another very energetic jack russel brother.  The two of them together will have a blast!  Good Luck Ginger, we will miss you, but we KNOW that you were ready to move on.  I got a recent update...

In one word Ginger is doing wonderful!    She and her new brother are getting tons of exercise.  They love to run around the backyard. And she's become quite good on the leash already!  I've taken her on two runs with me so far and they both went well. She also likes to play in the river with her new brother. They both wade in and splash around.  She also attended a baby shower I threw this weekend and was a hit with my friends two year old son!  Overall, I think she already feels like she's always been here with us, We love her!  Thank you!

Name:  Ginger
Age  : 2 years
Disability:  3 legged
Breed and weight:  German Shepherd mix- 45 pounds
History:  Lost her back leg at the shelter from neglect
Ginger, although a mix, she exhibits all the wonderful characteristics of a purebred German Shepherd.  She is  playful and runs like the wind with all the dogs!  You can see in her  eyes she is ready to move on with her life and join an active family - she loves the ball and could possibly be a great agility candidate.  She is a very  smart, alert, agile, willing to learn, and ready to experience all what  life has to offer.   She would do BEST in an ACTIVE home that understands the working german shepherd.    We think a home without cats would be best for her.

Parker, arrived at our rescue, and  was  adopted  very quickly.  We all  knew he would not be here too long, his personality was just beyond great!   A wonderful couple came down, and with in minutes knew Parker was their dog.  Parker will have a great life, with his new fur parents and two four legged brothers, Chotey (who is blind) & Dakota.   All retrievers!    

“ Parker fits in so well  he has just made himself at home!  Sleeps on the bed, the chair, the couch, the deck furniture - it's all about Parker right now!!  I ask my husband why we even bother buying dog beds because  they never sleep  in them unless they are in the car.    Thank you for Parker, we love him and we really are truly blessed to have them all of them in our lives”   

Name:  Parker
Age:   1-2 years old
Disability:  3 legged 
Breed/Weight:   Yellow lab mix, about 50 pounds
History:  Parker was found with his litter of pups, abandoned off a highway.  It took his rescuers patience and a lot of food to gain their trust! But by the time they were able to rescue Parker, there was a bullet lodged into his knee.  And unfortunately his leg had to be amputated.
Parker exhibits all the wonderful characterizes of the Labrador!  And many say they are America’s dog, with the sheer number living with families.  Why!  Because they are easy going, smart, happy, and great around kids and other dogs! 
So how much more do you need, Parker is a happy dog, just wanting to be part of someone’s family!    He is FUN FUN FUN and very affectionate.   Parker loves to play with other dogs, and will settle quickly with a tasty Kong after a good play with dog friends.  Parker will just about fit into any family! 

After spending almost a year at PWD, Missy has been adopted!   After fostering Missy for a month, they soon realized she added a great spark of youth to their older pups, and could not let her go!  Missy will enjoy life in southern Maryland,  weekend camping trips, daily walks, and her new fur parents are teaching her lots of sign language.  How exciting for Missy!  

An amazing couple that has now opened up their hearts to 3 PWD dogs!!

Name:  Missy
Age:  9 months
Disability:  Deaf 
Breed/Weight: Hound Mix - approx 35 lbs
History: Missy was a stray at a rural Virginia Shelter.
Missy's one brown ear and white ear gives her such a distinct beauty - and they are so soft! She is FUN FUN FUN and very affectionate. She became a shelter favorite and they were so happy when we accepted her into our program.  Missy came into the rescue and was an immediate social butterfly! 
She has met many new friends and enjoys frolicking with them all.   She is fast, very alert, and just a ball of fire.  She has added a wonderful spark to PWD.  She is an adorable young pup, always looking for action and excitement. Missy's best home would be with an active loving family with a playful hearing buddy or two. 7/23

With in a blink of an eye, our little one eye Roxie has been adopted.   Roxie will settle in dog friendly Annapolis where she will join a very rescue friendly family!   She will enjoy life taking daily walks on the beach by the bay with her new sister a three year old rescued Aussie mix.   Enjoy life Roxie, glad you stopped by PWD, so we could meet your incredible spirit!    

Name:  Roxie
Age:    1-2 years old
Disability:   Missing left eye 
Breed/Weight:  Border Terrier mix, 20 pounds

History:  Roxie was an owner relinquishment.

Roxie is the cutest dog!! She is also smart and quick as a whip!   She is definitely looking to connect to a person!  She is fantastic with other dogs and cats!  She is a  ball of fire and might be a great agility candidate!  She loves life and is definitely ready to move on to her forever family!  She is a confident little girl, that will form a bond with any human within minutes.   Roxie will certainly bring a smile to your face, brighten your day, and who wouldn’t want to be winked at 24/7! 8/5

Finally, after spending almost 1 year at PWD, our sweet innocent 3 legged pup, Lexi finally found her person!   After loosing her beloved pup just a few short months ago,  Lexi’s adopter felt the need to help another dog, an older dog or a dog with special needs.  She instantly was drawn to Lexi.  Lexi has left southern Maryland and now lives in NYC where she will spread the word to MANY folks about rescue and special needs!   Lexi will have a friendly feline to hang with, they have already hit it off and she loves the constant attention of her new fur mom.

A small update on Lexi from her new adopter, She’s learning to stop and sit at every corner, already becoming quite a cosmopolitan girl.  While in the park, I let her wander but its all so new she didn’t explore much.   We picked a spot in the shady grass near one of the busier walking paths and just sat and people/dog watched. She did meet a few dogs and I think some friendships will develop. And everyone that saw her thought she was gorgeous. I think she is  already becoming  a the  local “celebrity” of the neighborhood.  

We are so happy for Lexi and her new family.

Name:  Lexy
Age:  1 year
Disability:   3 legged
Breed/Weight:  German Shepherd mix, 30 pounds
History:  Lexy  was rescued off the streets as a stray and brought into a  shelter.

We believe Lexy  was hit by a car and her leg healed in all sorts of
different directions.  As soon as she arrived, our orthopedic team recommended  amputation.  Our 3 legged girl is now ready for her new family.
  She is a very smart, gentile dog, who loves belly rubs!  Lexy has also learned quickly how to navigate a flight of stairs with her 3 legs. 7/9

She is a delight,
bright and alert and loves to play and run with all the dogs and is good with cats

If you love Shepherds, she is a perfect size and will become a very fun, loyal and thankful companion

Lady Di now Pipin, has been adopted!   When a local Calvert County  family read Lady Di's bio they all felt an immediate connection to her in so many ways.   Both Pipin's new fur parents were born and raised in New Jersey and when Pipin's fur mom was young she too became homeless from a house fire.  Thankfully every one in her family survived, and so did Pipin!  

A few months ago, they lost their Min Pin Bob to cancer. They all missed  the the big spirit of these little dogs, so they started their search to help another homeless min pin.  Little did they know Pipin was only minutes away from them! Pipin is a barrel of fun, the life of the party,  and quiet a snuggler.  As her new fur mom stated, "all tails are wagging including mine.  I needed this girl in my life."

Name:  Lady Di
Age:    2 years old
Disability:   injured front legs
Breed/Weight:   Min Pin, 12 pounds

History:   Lady Di was turned into a NJ shelter when a fire destroyed her home.  She has an old injury in her right front leg that has healed (not perfect, but functional!) and was left at the shelter with a broken left leg.  She was immediately but on the euthanasia list - but her spunky spirit, bright eyes, and wagging tail had the shelter staff looking for rescue help!!

We have no idea how Lady Di was injured - but we DO know, the injuries sure haven't' slowed down her spirit or her little body.  She has already had surgery on her left leg to implant some plates to strengthen the bone and help it heal properly - and within days, she is using the leg and ready to go.  Her rehab will be approx 4 weeks - we are taking applications on her now - if the right home comes along and wants to manage her rehab, we're happy to talk about that - otherwise, she'll go home when she is all healed!  We haven't had much exposure to a purebred Min Pin here at PWD and we are really enjoying her "big spirit" in this little body.  Her natural ears and natural tail add to her personality - the tail is ALWAYS wagging and so far, she hasn't met a person or a dog that isn't' one of her long lost friends.  She is just delightful.

Wahoo for Bella!   After spending over a year at PWD, our very shy Bella has been adopted!   Bella, now Georgia, will enjoy life in Annapolis, taking walks down by the water front with her new friend, Harlow.  A perfect match for Georgia, Harlowe will help Georgia over overcome her shyness with people and Georgia will help Harlowe over come his shyness with other dogs, a match made in heaven!  The two dogs adore each other. 

Big kudos to this young woman, who recently lost her 3 legged dog Rafferty (from PWD) to cancer last year.  She called us and wanted to help another 3 legged dog in his honor from our rescue.  Thank you for adopting Bella, we are all so happy for you and your fur family. 

Name:  Bella
Disability:   3 legged
Breed/Weight:   Hound Mix, approx 40 lbs

History:  Bella was a stray found with her litter of pups by a kind hearted bicyclist.  Bella's temperament is very good.  Her relationship with other dogs is incredible. But due to her rough beginnings, she is  a little shy when first meeting new people.  But comes around very quickly.  When she was rescued, she was extremely thin, so food seems to be a great motivator in trusting people. I just know this dog will flourish with a family in a short period of time. Bella would do great in a dog friendly type town house complex or even urban living with leash walks. She is a love bug and will just love to cuddle up  with her human companion. Bella needs to be in a home with no cats.   8/12

Mikey finally has what he yearned for a person. A big thank you to young woman who has welcome her first rescue dog into her life. She is thrilled to help Mikey adjust to his new home and environment. Cheers to our young adopters!

Name:  Mikey
Age:   5 years old
Disability:  blind in one eye, from injury
Breed and weight:   English Shepherd Mix,   43 pounds
History: Owner relinquishment.
Mikey is so happy to be here -  just look at his smile.   He is happy, happy, happy always wagging his tail! Mikey is very healthy, full of life, just a barrel of fun. He is ready to move on to his new family.  He was schedule to be euthanized, but grabbed the heart of the shelter manager, thinking he would make a great companion dog, and we definitely agree! 
Mikey loves to play with toys, and is housebroken! We are thrilled to be able to find him a new home that will appreciate and love all his good energy.  He is not good with cats. Mikey would do best as the only dog in the home with a low energy, laid back female dog.
We know Mikey is anxious to find his person and will flourish and bond in a short period of time.  He would do great in a dog friendly type town house complex or even urban living with leash walks.  We are in the process of leash training him and doing very well.  He is a love bug and will just love to cuddle up with his human companion. 

Yeah for Dottie, another long term resident blind dog, has been adopted! Her foster home felt she was a great addition to her beagle bunch. Dottie has settled right in, and even has learned to use a doggie door! Never underestimate what these blind pups can accomplish!

Name:  Dottie
Age:  4 yrs old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Hound mix  35 pounds
History:  A family brought Dottie into their vet to be euthanized because of her sudden blindness.   A kind vet tech stepped forward and was able to get Dottie relinquished to her.  She contacted PWD Meet Dottie, our resident wobblier.  She is a very laid back dog  but could stand to loose a few pounds.  She recently became  blind.  She proceeds with her new life very cautiously and slowly until she gets the lay of the land. She loves her walks around the rescue and gets along well with all the other dogs and she is good with cats.   From the vet tech that originally rescued her,  "Dottie was very calm around my dogs and cats, she would follow the sound of my dog's collar and she was starting to show more and more of her cute personality.  She will blossom with a new person, but will take a few days as she gets acclimated to her new surroundings and friends.  She of course gets excited over food and was beginning to play with some toys."   Dottie will need a patient guardian to help her with her new non visual world, but it will be well worth it! She is a really nice dog.

We are all so excited  for Falcor, our cute little hearing impaired pup, has finally been adopted!  Falcor will reside in an old historic home in the quaint town of Salisbury, Maryland.  The adoptor felt compelled to help Falcor because he too is hearing impaired in one ear.    Falcor will join his new senior fur sister Button and enjoy strutting himself for daily walks to the local coffee shop in town!  Falcor felt right at home when we arrived.

A big  heartfelt   thank  you to this adoptor who opened up his heart and home  to one of our pups here at PWD, and truly believes in rescue!

Name:  Falcor
Age:  4 years old
Disability:  Hearing Impaired 
Breed/Weight:  Shih Tzu Mix  15-20 pounds
 Falcor was a “stray” found in Pennsylvania. Falcor came from a shelter in Lebanon Pa.  He is simply a ball of fire, comes at you like a fire cracker, he just loves life and so enjoys running  around the yard sniffing anything in his path, with his tail high in the air.  He is a confident little guy who will form a bond with any human within minutes.   He gets along very well with other dogs.  He is a silly little guy that will brighten up anyone’s day! He became a shelter favorite, and they were desperate to get him to safety.   The shelter folks actually took the day off to get him to PWD and  that’s how special he was to them! 

History is made,  finally after many years of managing  PWD,   a  vet tech from our eye care office has adopted  one of our pups, and we  could not be more thrilled!   After Remy laid on her husband's foot it was pretty much a given Remy would be going home with them!   Love at first sight!   Remy  will be living locally with another great family that loves PWD!   We get constant updates on Remy and they love their little man!

Name:  Remmy
Age:    6-7 months old
Disability:  Paw deformities,  missing toes in back legs, and has added toes in front legs.
Breed and weight:  Retriever/hound mix, 30 lbs

History:  Remmy was a stray brought into a high kill shelter in rural North Carolina.  The shelter volunteers reached out to us for help. 

Remmy is a handsome mix.  Born with paw deformities makes his gate a little off but awfully cute when he is strutting around the rescue yard.   He absolutely loves the attention of people and loves belly rubs!  He is learning quickly how to socialize with pups, with the help of some of the other great rescue dogs here.  We believe Remmy would flourish with an older confident dog.  He does need some puppy training, but will be a great addition to any family and he is good with children. 

Our sweet  puppy Andy now renamed Odin, has been adopted!  This is the family's first adoption of a dog with visual issues and already they are amaze  with this little guy!   Odin will have a great roll model and playmate with his 6 year old fur sister Reilly!  

The couple is just thrilled with Oden and so is Reilly. "Joyce it been's great, I have a wonderful picture of "Odin" and Riley playing with a toy. He chews like any puppy, so we are trying to puppy proof the house.  He is a bundle of love and energy!" Thank you to this wonderful couple for opening up your hearts to their first PWD pup!!  He will be an inspiration to you every day!

Name:  Andy
Age: Puppy  4 months old
Disability:  Visually impaired
Breed/Weight:   Yellow lab mix, 20 pounds
History: Andy was brought in to the shelter with his littermates - all were adopted except for him.  The shelter reached out to PWD to help this little adorable guy.
When the shelter sent me his picture, all I could think of was "why was he not adopted? He is adorable and his bi-color face makes him so unique looking." Andy came with NO name and with the help of our FB family within hours of his arrival, our new puppy finally had a name and not a number.  Andy is an awesome and wise puppy, playful yet settles quickly and quietly in his area.   He is able to navigate around the rescue yard with ease! Once you meet Andy, you can't help but fall in love with this little guy.  He just wants to cuddle and hug!  He is an amazing puppy!  He has no handling issues and loves to give kisses.  He will be an inspiring companion and with a little puppy training will be a great addition to a very lucky family and possibly a great therapy dog.

Our sweet soul senior Mr Benny,  has finally found his forever home.  Everyone that met Benny instantly fell in love with him.  A past adopter recently lost their pet and wanted to find a new friend for their older rescue dog, Cookie.  Benny was a perfect match!  Benny's adopter recently emailed me and said   "All is  going well and walking with Benny is really fun! He and the our family cat  are doing good, and most important Cookie has a new friend.   He is a sweetie pie!

Benny will be living life large in Maryland during the summer and in the sunny warm state of Florida in the winter months.   Have a great life Benny so glad  we were able to help you find a forever home!

Name: Benny
Age:  7-8 years old
Disability:  Limited vision, limited hearing
Breed/Weight:  35 pounds,  spaniel beagle mix  

History:  Ben came to us from a small rural shelter on the outskirts of Morgantown, WV. We received some contact information from the shelter that stated their animal control officers had picked up a dog that appeared to be running around as a stray with a group of other dogs in their county.  When they came upon the dogs,  Ben was the one lying dead center on the yellow line and wouldn’t move. We got the call because Ben was at the low visibility shelter for about a week, and with his scared state and scarring in his vision, he wasn’t likely to go home with anyone soon enough. His sad state and picture put us into action, and boy are we glad!

Meet Ben!  Our new resident heart stealer with his  soft face and easy demeanor….  A friendly calm, low energy dog that would fit in with any family! Ben has been the most laid back and all around relaxed boy since arriving here! He loves being around other dogs, and even with his limited vision in the one eye and reduced hearing,  he navigates around the rescue grounds easily.  He’s a great leash walker and just one easy going dog. and would finally  love a forever home of his own.  Not much more to say, but glad we rescued him and he has finally received quality vet care and is now ready to move on!

After fostering Cassie for a few weeks, great friends and volunteers of our rescue decided to make her a forever part of their family!  Being a volunteer  they understood Cassie's  shyness and was very willing and patient to work with Cassie. Cassie will join another fur friend from PWD, Eddie,  a feisty playful border collie, who will definitely help Cassie come out of her shell.  They have become instant playmates!  Cassie's home will be right  here in Calvert County,  so I will  receive weekly updates on her  from our volunteer!  

A big thank you to a great couple who opened up their heart and home to their 2nd PWD dog!

Name:  Cassie
Age:  3 years
Disability:  3 legged
Breed and weight:  Shepherd mix, 60 pounds

History:  Lost her front leg, most likely from a being hit by a car.  

Cassie is a shy girl but so sweet, she does not have a mean bone in her body.  A big thank you to a really  great group of rescue dogs, in particular,  Missy, Walter and Suzie, they have all helped her transition here telling her life will be good for her now!  She has become very playful with all dogs, and enjoys sitting in the rescue area as the dogs circle and play around her, its wonderful to see.

Cassie has had little to no human kindness or comforts in her life, but learned quickly a couch and bed is MUCH more comfy then a concrete floor.  She is slowly but surely understanding humans can be kind.  This beautiful dog will need canine friends and patient, kind guardians (preferably someone experienced at working with shy dogs) to help her continue to trust humans. That patience will be rewarded many times over because she is a total sweetheart!! 

Buddy's foster mom recently sent me an email stating  it is official,  Buddy has adopted me!  I would love to officially make Buddy a permanent part of my family.   Buddy has just  fit into my  family so easy. 

He will join another rescue dog and cat.    We could could not ask for anything better for Buddy a perfect home  for a blind senior dog.   Quite and one level living, and a very rescue friendly gaurdian.    Buddy now gets daily walks by her nieces and nephews who live next door and just happened to be PWD adopters too! 

A big huge heartfelt  thank you  to Buddy's new person who looked  beyond his age and disability and saw a kind dog who needed a home!

Name:  BUDDY
Age:  12 yrs old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Border Collie, 50lbs

History:  Buddy was relinquished to rescue due to a move.  He's been in the same home his whole life - and has been blind for the past 6 yrs. Meet Buddy - a purebred border collie sporting a summer clip!!  We've seen pictures of his gorgeous coat, so know he'll have his bc feathers in full bloom in a couple of months.  True to his breed, Buddy has a wise spirit and an old soul.  He's content being with his person roaming the rescue grounds or hanging inside with canine and human friends.  Buddy's recent life hasn't allowed him much exercise and room to stretch his legs, so we anticipate him getting even more pep to his step as he loses a few pounds.  He's so tolerant of the younger dogs and has made a very quick adjustment to the rescue environment - although, like all the rescue dogs, we know he's waiting for his next family to come meet him!  Like all border collies - he needs his human heart connection with his person. We have done a complete Senior vetting on Buddy - his blood work is normal, his heart is great - he's a very healthy senior!!

This family could not resist coming down to meet our little one eyed Max early Sunday morning  and yes  it was love at first  sight for both parties!   This past week has been busy for Max,  he lost his right eye, (had it surgically removed) but gained a family!   Finally a family that will love him and enjoy his vibrant personality!      He will share his life with Roo,  a young playful pom! 

A big thank you to Max's new family who opened up their home to another rescue dog.  A nice way to end the year!

Name: Max
Age:   7-8 years old
Disability:  Blind in one eye,  from trauma
Breed/Weight: 18 pounds/ Tibetan Spaniel Mix

History:  Max was abandoned and picked up as a stray in a West Virginia Shelter. 

Max is a comical  little friendly guy whose tail says it all, constantly up and wagging and happy to be here and out of the scary shelter! He is great with dogs of all sizes, small and the bigger pups.  He has a great appetite for such a little guy, good in the tub and a great little rider in the car! He is quiet and settles quickly on the warm bed he shares with his new girlfriend Sophie.  We love this little guy and have a feeling he won't be around too long! Max was a bit neglected and we are treating his skin with medicated baths and antibiotics. He needs to gain a few pounds. 

What's another hound,  better yet what's another blind hound!   That’s exactly what happened at our past open house when past adopters came back to visit and fell in love with Mimi!   Mimi, is now living life large with a great family in Annapolis.   Mimi will share her life with 2 other hounds,  and right next door Mimi will be able to visit her old PWD roomate  Buddy, how awesome is that for Mimi and Buddy!

"Mimi has been fitting in great! She's using the dog door, and has been walking with the other dogs. Max (their other blind hound) has more pep in his step!   She is a complete sweetheart!" A big thank you for opening up your hearts and home to Max and Mimi,  to wonderful blind dogs, that were once throw away older hunting dogs

Name: Mimi
Age:  7-8 years old
Breed/Weight:  35 pounds, Hound mix Disability:   Blind

History:   A wonderful woman found Mimi as a stray.  She was very thin, weak and blind.  Mimi had an expensive tracking collar on her and her owner was contacted.  He was so excited to learn Mimi was found! WELL NOT REALLY, he was excited to get his expensive tracking collar back and left Mimi behind.  A good thing, cause Mimi is now with us and she is doing great!  

Being discarded was the best thing that could have happen to Mimi!  She is now getting regular meals, and has finally gained some much needed weight, and is certainly ready to start her new life with a loving family.  It was not hard for us to instantly fall in love with her. Mimi has certainly come back to life here, as you can tell by her pictures she is a happy girl and feeling much better, still has a lot of pep in her step!   Life is better for her now, and she is a total sweet heart. 

If anyone knows our resident dog Megan, Mimi is like a mini Megan! She has marvelous dog energy and has become our “go to” dog.  Mimi and Megan are the  first one to meet and greet new residents to assure them they will be safe and life will be good until their forever home is found.  Mimi is very comfortable around people and all dogs.  She is beyond sweet, and for a hound,very quiet. She enjoys her free range walks with her nose to the ground and tail high in the air and will settle quickly for her daily naps.  She will be a great companion dog and is now ready to share her wonderful hound spirit with a new fur and human family.   NOW being fostered by a local family.  Mimi is doing great in her new foster home,  she has already master the stairs, and is settling in nicely,  in her first real home.

Our shy and quiet Dudley,  rescued from a rural Virginia Shelter is now living life in New York!  A wonderful couple wanted to rescue a 3 legged dog and Dudley caught their eye!   As soon as Dudley met their Chocolate lab mix Tucker,  there was an immediate connection and friendship.  Dudley came alive when they met.   Dudley goes to the dog park every day with Tucker and has become quite vocal,  as his new person states,  "Dudley has his voice back whenever he is running with the other pups and Tucker."

Name: Dudley
Age:    4 years old
Breed/Weight:  40 pounds, Hound mix 
Disability:   3 legged

History:  Dudley is from a rural Virginia shelter.   Dudley had an been shot in the knee cap, the damage to his leg was not repairable and his leg needed to be amputated.  Animal control deemed him unadoptable, so he was scheduled to be euthanized.  The shelter volunteers rallied around this boy. They saw his beauty and the love in his eyes! They reached out to PWD and we said "yes" we would take him. Within days he was at the hospital getting all the care he needed to continue his life!

After Dudley's life saving surgery, he stayed at a foster home for a couple of weeks as he recuperated.  Dudley's foster wrote a little about Dudley's stay.  "Dudley lived in our home with 5 other dogs, 2 cats and a 3 year old child during his recovery.  Dudley's spirit was unreal, right after surgery he was wagging his tail and giving us all sweet little nose kisses, his way of thanking all of us. He even earned a place on the bed! Dudley is a one VERY SPECIAL BOY! He never gave up, always had his tail wagging even despite how terrible someone had treated him in his short life. We loved him and are so happy he is now at PWD waiting for a family to embrace his true loving hound spirit."  

If anyone knows our resident dog Megan,  Dudley is Megan's long lost brother! He has bonded quickly with his new friends here at PWD.  He has great dog energy! He enjoys his free range walks and is pretty fast on 3 legs!  He also settles quickly for his daily naps. He will be a great companion dog and is now ready to share his wonderful hound spirit with a new fur and human family.  

Name:  Toby
Age:  7 months old
Disability:  3 legged 
Breed/Weight:   black lab mix   30 pounds
History:  Toby was found as a stray with a bullet lodged in his back leg.  By the time he was found, his
leg was very infected and had to be amputated. 
Toby exhibits the wonderful characteristics of the Labrador!  And many say they are America’s dog, with the sheer number living with families.  Why!  Because they are easy going, smart, happy, and great around kids and other dogs! So how  much more do you need to know!  Toby  is a happy dog, just wanting to be part of someone’s family!  He is FUN FUN FUN and very affectionate.  Toby loves to play with other dogs, and will settle quickly with a tasty Kong after a good play with dog friends. Toby will just about fit into any family!

Oscar is living outside of Boston, and will have the undivided attention of his new guardian.  His adopter knows first hand what dogs can do to help people overcome life challenges, and she hopes that Oscar will become a therapy dog.

We will miss you sweet boy, so happy you have found your family.

Name:  Oscar
Age:   1-2 years old
Disability:  3 legged pup
Breed and weight:   Pointer Mix 35 pounds 
History:   Oscar was brought into the kill shelter in Florida after being injured under his prior families care.   The injuries were not addressed properly leading to Oscar not using his front leg and atrophy and other problems setting in.   When it was determined that he would have long-term problems with this leg, rather than care for him,  his family abandoned him with his injuries at a high kill shelter. Several local people got the word out on him.  He was so sweet, but frightened and withdrawn at the shelter.  PWD was contacted and arrangements were made for transporting Oscar to us, where he would finally receive the care he needed.  Oscar’s "freedom ride" from the shelter was one of the saddest pictures I have ever seen.  He was curled in a tight little ball with his head hanging down and his ears lying flat, he was so withdrawn and petrified.  After being shown just a little bit of love and caring, he came around slowly, and quickly he has come to appreciate that people wanted to help, not hurt him. So happy we said yes!  
Many people don’t understand the goodness, innocence and purity they are giving up when relinquishing their family pet to a shelter. And Oscar is a true testament of this.  By looking at his picture you can feel his excitement for life with people who finally care about him and respect him.  In the morning he zooms around the play yard, with his new buddies on 3 legs!  It is so fulfilling, as a rescuer, to witness a total transformation of a dog.  Not much more to say, but “WOW” a fantastic dog patiently waiting to share his spirit and spread his exuberant energy with a family that will finally love and appreciate him. His surgery went smoothly and being a young dog his recuperation was quick.   A big thank you to Terry and John for orchestrating Oscar’s transport to PWD.

Sophie's life has come full circle! A big shout out to this young couple who opened up their heart and home to Sophie, a senior blind diabetic dog. We are beyond thrilled for sweet Sophie. A big thank you to everyone who brought Sophie back to life and to this couple's dedication to help another dog in need of a caring home!  Sophie will be living life large with another rescue dog named Happy!     I emailed the adopters to see how she was adapting to her new home,  

 "In the morning she was so excited and jumping for her breakfast, its was great to see her energy!  She is doing great, exploring and napping."

Name: Sophie
Age:    7- 8 years old
Breed/Weight:  20 pounds, Terrier Corgi  Mix
Disability:   Blind and diabetic

Sophie update!    Sophie has made remarkable progress after receiving much needed care, insulin shots, food, and medicated baths!  Her vet was over the top excited with the improvements she has made in just a short period of time! There is now a pep to her step, even a sparkle in her eyes! (The other day she shocked the vet as she jumped into her arms.) She is much more alert, has gain weight and her muscles are beginning to develop.  After having several glucose evaluations we feel we are approaching the units she will continue to need and really it is not very much, so the expense of caring for this Sophie will be not to costly to a potential adopter. She is a smart cute little pup, and so deserving of a loving home. History:   Sophie  was relinquished to the Baltimore shelter, to be put to sleep.   After the shelter vet evaluated her she felt she deserved a second chance. A plea went out to rescues and PWD stepped up for this little girl.  Being discarded and then saved by the shelter vet was the best thing that could have happen to little Sophie. After being here for a couple of days, we realized she needed further evaluation from our vets.  After xrays and blood work Sophie was diagnosed with diabetes.   Unfortunately, her disease was so neglected for a long period of time,  it has taken a toll on her little body.  She is now getting regular treatments of insulin and responding quickly she is feeling and looking so much better!  Amazing!  We will get her stabilized and hope that this little one tugs at someone’s heartstrings.  We realize adopting a dog with diabetes is a huge commitment when there are many healthy dogs in need, but Sophie is a survivor. She grabbed the hearts of the shelter vet and everyone at PWD.  Sophie has plenty of life and fight left in her.  She gets along with other dogs, cats and loves people.  Believe me it is not hard to fall instantly in love with her. She is now wagging her tail and is so happy to finally get the medical attention she needed!

What's another yellow lab?   This couple saw Archie's picture and just had to have him in their pack!    KUDOS to an awesome couple who opened up their hearts to another PWD pup. Archie, our sweet 3 legged pup, and Tucker a blind  dog they adopted couple of years ago!

Always very humbling when people return to PWD  to add to their fur family! We all knew Archie would fit easily into any canine family and you can tell but the pictures he is right at home! Archie will join his new fur brothers, Logan and Tucker,in the a beautiful home on the water, every lab's dream come true to be living on the water!  

Name:  Archie
Age: 1 yr old
Disability: 3 legged
Breed/Weight: yellow lab/ 45 lbs
History: Relinquished to a vet office with an untreated ulcerated broken leg.  The vet amputated the leg and a call was placed to PWD for help.
Archie exhibits all the wonderful characterizes of the Labrador!  And many say they are America’s dog, with the sheer number living with families.  Why!  Because they are easy going, smart, happy, and great around kids and other dogs! So how much more do you need, Archie is a happy dog, just wanting to be part of someone’s family!    He is FUN FUN FUN and very affectionate.   Archie loves to play with other dogs, and will settle quickly with a tasty Kong after a good play with dog friends.  Archie will just about fit into any family! 

Yeah for sweet Nick! You have come a long way from being found on that highway! Now living large with another PWD dog, Heidi! This family feels totally connected with our rescue and felt the need to come back and find a new friend for Heidi!

In return for getting a warm and loving home these dogs have helped their new fur mom with her life too. Heidi and Nick's mom is completely deaf.  I recently received a text message from the her complimenting her PWD pups, "Heidi is my nose sniffer and Nick is NOW my hearing dog. Nick literally follows me everywhere. Yesterday he stopped dead in his tracks and stared into the bathroom, I looked and I had left the water on!" "We all are blessed to have these 2 dogs in our lives, thank you PWD!" 

A big thank you to this awesome family, we are thrilled for Nick and Heidi.

Name:  Nick
Age:  10 mo old, 45 pounds
Disability:  3 legged
Breed/Weight:    Rottie/lab  mix
History:  Nick was hit by a car. The local police arrived on the scene and were not certain on how to pick him up, so they called a local  rescue for help. The rescue folks had NO problem with Nick, they scooped  him up off the road  and got him to the vets office for medical care.   Even thru his trauma, Nick was a complete gentleman and just relieved  to get human help. 
Nick arrived to PWD last weekend and was ready to "start the party"!  Life on 3 legs has not held this pup back, he lives life to the fullest!   Nick is a total sweetheart and a gentle dog.  He has the coloring of a rottie, but exhibits all the fun qualities of a lab, happy, great around children and very playful.  He runs all over the rescue area with his new friend Brady, the blind lab.  Everyone loves Nick!  He is an all round happy go lucky boy, waiting to share his spirit on 3 legs, with a loving family! 

Peaches,  our 2-3 legged inspiration has finally been adopted.  After many grueling months of surgeries and rehab,  she was finally ready and willing to moving onto her new life.   Peaches, renamed Roo, will join her new fur family  3 cats and a bunny!   Her new fur parents are committed to helping continue her physical therapy in hopes she will finally have full use and range of motion of her back left leg.   We are thrilled to have found a couple willing to continue her therapy and provide a loving home to her.  They saw her video on our site, and were totally hooked on her will to live life to the fullest on her 2 very functional right legs!  

A note from her new fur mom,  " Roo  is very smart and has already learned her name.  I've also learned that she will do anything for a treat!   I'm looking forward to all of the snow melting so we can get outside and run around.  She has a lot of energy and really seems to want to be on the go.   This morning after I got up, we had a good play session of ball chasing a tug-of-war.  We went last night and got some good tug-of-war toys!  After that and breakfast, she was ready to chill out.    Everyone here seems to be adjusting nicely."

So happy for Roo,  thank you to her new family!

Name:  Peaches
Age:  5 years old
Disability:  3 legged
Breed/Weight:   Peaches was hit by a car, her owners could not afford medical care so she was relinquished to the shelter.

Peaches, a pug/beagle/terrier mix has taught the staff and volunteers here at PWD incredible lessons in courage, determination, and survival. Peaches was turned into a Baltimore Shelter by her owners after she was hit by a car. She was going to be euthanized but the staff took a liking to her and used  grant money to provide the necessary emergency surgery to amputate her front left leg that was severely damaged as a result of the accident. The hospital staff were diligently looking for a rescue to continue her care and contacted us.  Days after arriving at the rescue she was showing signs of pain, so we took her to our orthopedic veterinarian and it was confirmed that she needed a second surgery (FHO) on her left rear leg.  The surgery went well, and she was quickly back at the rescue to continue her recovery.  Her recovery has been slow, but she is showing huge signs of improvement in her foster home! (our home) She has been one of the most interesting rescues, seeing her improve physically and emotionally has been very rewarding to all of us here! Now we are looking for a great home for this pup!  She explores the rescue with ease on her two right legs, and continues to use her rear left leg for stability. We are continuing to work with her to increase her strength in her rear left leg. We are not certain if she will regain total use of the leg,  but she is an amazing dog and has learned to manage life on 2 legs.   She can do pretty much everything a four legged dog can do including jumping on the furniture and chasing a tennis ball.  One of Peaches favorite things to do is to cuddle with her person.  She will definitely be a couch potato and will be an inspiring companion. A fenced yard is required.

Our 3 legged Sassy has been adopted! Sassy flourished here at the rescue for many months, after a very turbulent beginning. We all love Sassy and so happy she has totally connected to her new family!  Kudos to these young ladies who truly wanted to give a loving home to a dog who was in need!  

I emailed Sassy's new family and ask how her first week went?    Her response , " Do you mean she hasn’t live with us forever, LOL.  She acts like she has been here forever!  Loveable, and loyal,  just was you said!  She has bonded with us quickly and just loves her new bed and toys." 

A big thank you this family for adopting Sassy!   We look forward to continue updates on her!!

Name:  Sassie
Age:    3 years old
Disability:   3 legged
Breed/Weight:   Lab mix, 40 pounds

History:   Sassie was rescued from a NJ  trailer park area. We believe Sassie was hit by a car and unfortunately her leg had to be amputated.  She was extremely stressed in a very high kill shelter in Camden, NJ, but the shelter employees absolutely saw a bright light with this young dog who had a very rough beginning and needed a 2nd chance.  They were desperate to find a rescue.   And they asked many, but PWD was the only one to respond.  So happy we stepped up for her.  In just a few short weeks, I understand why the shelter wanted to help her!  She has blossomed here! Sassie is a street smart dog, who will gain your trust very quickly once she knows she is safe and in a loving environment.  She will be a very loyal companion. She is great with other dogs, and cats, and house broken!  Our 3 legged girl is ready for her new family.  She is a gentle dog, who loves belly rubs, cuddling plus she takes treats very gently! A big thank you to the Cumberland County Animal Control officer who believed in her and transported Sassie on her day off.

Happy Monday! Finally, our handsome blind Brady has been adopted! When his adopters came to meet Brady they were so intrigued by his ability to fetch and retrieve tennis balls, bowling pins, whatever the adopter was throwing, Brady would find it and bring it back to them! Pretty impressive for a blind dog, just a fun loving lab doing his thing! Brady will enjoy his new life, on gorgeous small farm in Va, with his new family and a couple of beautiful horses!

Name:  Brady
Age:  2 years old
Disability:  blind
Breed/Weight:   Yellow lab mix, about 60 pounds

History:  Brady was brought into an rural Ohio shelter as a stray. 

Have you ever seen a dog wag his ENTIRE body,  well  Brady’s body is in constant wag motion.  Just a happy go lucky boy waiting for a lab loving family!  He is a handsome dog and even with his blindness he loves to play fetch, he is amazing!!  He is easy going, likes to have fun, and does great with the other pups.

So how much more do you need to know? Brady is ready to be part of someone’s family! Brady goes 100% at playtime but will settled fast with a tasty Kong or his bowling pin!  Life is good for Brady, he is like a playful toddler, no worries just wants his playtime and to have a safe and trusting home. 

So happy to announce our sweet blind girl Cara  has been adopted,  to a caring couple!  Cara will enjoy her new life with her fur parents and her new fur friend Sunny, another rescue dog!   As expected Cara is adjusting to her new life with wagging tails and confidence. Yesterday, her fur mom  wrote to us  about "a few things we have learned about Cara"..
"She is fun-loving and has a wonderful personality.
She misses me when I run an errand, and waits by the door for me.
She has convinced Sunny that rough-housing is OK.
She likes to chew - Jim's slipper is the first victim.
She "talks back" when she is told "no". Really. And like a typical grandmother, I have a hard time keeping a straight face and reinforcing the rules.
 I have to remind myself that she is blind.
In only 3 walks, she has learned the walking routine in our neighborhood
and last  but most important,
She has brought more joy into our home than I could have imagined."
Thank you so much for opening up your heart to  sweet Cara! 

Name:  Cara
Age: 1 year old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Australian Cattle dog mix
History:  Cara was brought in as a stray to a NC shelter, slated to be pts, because of her blindness.   A small advocacy group pulled her and contacted PWD.  
Luckily for Cara, she was in a foster home before she arrived, so we learned a lot about this awesome pup.   Per her foster mom,  "Kara loves anyone that will rub her and give her lots of kisses.  She is such a happy dog and so lucky to be able to share her spirit with another family now!  She was considered an underdog by our shelter but to me she is far from that and smarter than I ever imagined, for this was my first experience with a blind dog.  She learns very quickly, will go up and down stairs with ease,  loves car rides, loves playing and running with my dogs.  She is crate trained, house trained and loves chew toys!  She will make a great addition to anyone's family, she just wants to be loved.  She learned my routine with my pets quickly she is a remarkable dog and was great with my 6 cats too." 
Upon her arrival at PWD, as expected she learned the routine of our rescue within minutes!  She is a quiet dog and very patient in her area until it's her time for food or going out.  She is a fun, playful pretty pup with magnificent markings. 
We took her to our eye specialist yesterday. When the doc walked in the room, he looked at her and commented "COOL EYES",  if I did not have 2 pups already this would be the one!  Per his report, Kara has several abnormalities in her eyes that have likely been present since birth.  Thankfully, her eyes  are not painful, no meds or surgery needed, and does not expect for them to progress into any point of discomfort.  He added Kara was a great patient to work with and dogs that are born blind have lots of confidence and are excellent at using their remaining senses to navigate.  

Skip has gone home!   A former adopter that attended our recent fundraiser felt an instant connection to Skip's picture and bio noted on our information board.  She decided to be his angel and then took "angeling" to a whole new  level and adopted Skip today!   She is an incredible person who now has opened up her heart and a safe home to 3 deaf dogs,  all rescued!  Two  dogs from PWD and another from a shelter in Hawaii. Skip will share his life with Jack and Bennie and a fabulous fur mom!  We have already received our first report from Skip's adopter!

"LOL,  and  the games have begun.   Skip has taken control of the couch, in a king of the mountain sort of  way, although Jack sneaks on and Skip is fine with that. Skip likes  toys and digging in the couch. And he doesn’t jump off the couch, he puts his front paws on the floor and drags the rest of him off. Basically, Skip LOVES the couch.  He has already  mastered the doggie door AND for the right reasons  has gone in and out several times today!  Friends have already come to visit,  andl fell in love with my new fur companion.  Thank you for rescuing Skip!"

Name:  Skip
Age: 1 year old
Disability:  Deaf, Partial blindness
Breed/Weight:  Aussie/Sheltie mix, 35 pounds

History:  Skip was found as a stray and brought to a Maryland shelter.  A little info on pups like Skip…  Skips exists because of a bad breeding.  He is considered a lethal white, although a beautiful dog, their breeders soon find out their pretty blue eyes can't see and/or they are deaf.  In Skip's case, he is deaf and blind in one eye. There are many dogs like him who will never make it into a loving home but Skip somehow made it to PWD and we will find him a loving and safe home.  

Skip, aka Speedy,  is extraordinary in  his determination and capabilities.  He is quick, smart, very agile, has a huge ball drive, and we believe could be a great agility dog. Skip is a fun dog always ready and willing to partake in canine fun. His canine spirit has certainly added an extra spark to the rescue and has injected a youthful energy into our senior pups! He will be a very loyal partner to his new human friend(s).

Skip would do best in an active home with a very playful hearing buddy. Hard fencing is a requirement and no children under 15 years old. He is good with cats!

PWD Angel

Thank you to Brenda Lemieu 
for being an angel to Skip

Thank you to Suzanne Rach
for being an angel to Skip

We rescued Molly last February from an area shelter, with an old injury. Thru time, patience and a very successful surgery, Molly's broken bone has finally healed and her foster family adopted her this week!

A huge thank you to her family who provided the "last leg" of her recovery, and totally fell in love with her while caring for her.  Congrats to Molly and her family! 

Name:  Molly
Age:  8 yrs old
Disability:  Broken front leg
Breed/Weight:  Border collie/ 65lbs (needs to lose 15lbs!)

History:  Molly was hit by a car and her family was unable to manage the necessary vet bills to help her.  She was relinquished to a shelter that works with us in MD.  We are thrilled to have her.

Molly is a classic, sweet, connected border collie.  She is such a pleasure to share some time with - always so happy and very willing to please.  She needs to lose some weight, especially to manage her injured leg better. If you're looking for a new best friend, a dog to introduce to friends, family and other dogs, Molly is your girl.  She would love to be an active participant in any family.   She will not be placed with children under the age of 7 - as with many border collies - toddlers can confusing.

Molly will need to be leash walked for about 6 weeks to see if the plate in her leg will stabilize the old injury.  We would appreciate any financial assistance to handle her extensive vet bills.

BARNEY ADOPTED! This is by far the best part of rescue, adoptions. Especially those folks reaching out to our senior pups with disabilities.
Kudos, to Barney's new family who opened up their heart and home to him! They adore him and we are so happy for sweet Barney.

Name:  Barney
Age:  Senior
Disability:  hearing impaired
Breed/Weight:   Border collie mix - 35 pounds
History:  Barney's person was incarcerated and he was relinquished to the shelter.
Barney, a senior border collie mix, is so cool - he loves life - running, chasing, exploring still in his senior days.  The young dogs at the rescue have injected some youthful energy into him. He really enjoys engaging in their play and he loves people and will take all the attention and affection you are willing to give. 

Barney is a good old boy, he is a healthy senior dog - a complete senior "work up" shows no issues.  The vet team loves him so much they call weekly to see if he has been adopted! We are thrilled to have Barney here and we hope we can find a special person who enjoys and appreciates the wisdom of a senior pup. Barney would make a great cuddly companion, he enjoys the young play, but totally enjoys naptime!

Finally, our sweet 3 legged pup, Betty was adopted this past weekend! The adopters fell instantly in love with her and she fit right into their canine family like a glove!  Betty will share her life with 2 rescued labs and a very rescue friendly family! 

We got a recent update, from her adopters.  " I can't thank you enough and I certainly understand how it was baffling why someone had not scooped her up sooner!   We all love her to pieces already and who wouldn't.  She settles everyday, and we love her so much." 

All of us at PWD could not be a happier for Betty! 

Name:  Betty
Age:  3 year old
Disability:  3 legged
Breed/Weight:  Puggle/Beagle Mix - 25lbs

History:  Betty was hit by a car and brought into a West Virginia shelter. A small advocacy group pulled her and contacted PWD.

Luckily for us and Betty, she was in a foster home before she arrived, so we have learned a lot about this awesome dog! We received a nice note from her foster mom, "Betty had a good life at some point in her past but has fallen on very hard times. She ended up in a shelter after being hit by a car and had to have her rear leg amputated. She has healed well and is in great health and is the happiest little girl.  Beth came to us completely housebroken and knows how to sit, lay down, and shake.  She does great on walks and car rides. Beth loves other dogs and was phenomenal my 2 children ages 3 and 5.   I completely trusted her with my kids.  I can't say enough about how wonderful this dog is!  All love and no trouble. She will  make wonderful companion to a lucky family."   

She is sweet as can be, goes with the flow of the rescue, loves the companionship of other dogs.  A fun, easy going dog that will fit into anyone's canine family.  Betty would prefer a home with no cats.

What  an awesome weekend here at PWD!   Another long timer, Ozzie,  has  been adopted and landed  in a GREAT home!    This couple, adopted Skye a feral deaf dog from us a few years back and noticed Ozzie on our adoption board at our last fundraiser, scratching their heads ( like we all were) wondering why  he was still with us!    Well I guess he was waiting for the best and he got it!  Nancy and Ross, fell in love with our boy and he went home this past weekend!  Such an honor for us when adopters come back to add to their fur family!  Thank you from all of us at PWD!  Please keep us updated on Ozzie's new adventures.

Ozzie sent us a note this morning, Thank you for giving me a chance,  that others did not, maybe it was my heartworm or my one eye.   I love my new home,   I have my own toys and treats but most of all I adopted a  great new family!  And now a just one word from his new fur parents,  "Awesome!"

Name:  Ozzie
Age:  4 years old
Disability:  visually impaired in right eye
Breed/Weight:   Yellow lab mix, 50 pounds 

History:  Ozzie was brought into a rural overcrowded shelter as a stray.  Meet Ozzie, a gorgeous fluffy white pup.  We have no idea how Ozzie ended up in a high kill shelter because he's so fantastic. PWD is so happy to have him here, safe. Ozzie has warmed up quickly to his new human and canine friends.  As each day goes by and we get to know Ozzie better, we find him to be a very playful energetic smart boy, sweet, and at times a bit submissive.  He settles quickly in his apartment and is housebroken! Thank you Terri and John and the volunteers at Martha's Mutts Movers in assisting in Ozzie's rescue.

Our sweet blind Ben grabbed the hearts of a wonderful couple in Bethesday Md! This couple are both semi retired special educators, and felt they had the time to help a dog with special needs. They always had a love for the border collie breed and our Ben fit the bill! Ben will join a sweet lab sister, Luna, to help guide him along the way. Thank you for opening up your heart and home to Ben!

A small update for Ben's new family, "Ben had a great night! He is walking on the leash much better in two days. We just take him down a few houses; farther each day. He has that herding instinct for sure as he walks. He has met Luna's best friend Manny, yesterday as we were walking, and they bonded. All is well. Thank you for giving Ben to us. We feel lucky to have found your family and him!

Name:  Ben
Age:  7-8 years
Disability:  blind
Breed/Weight:  Border Collie,  35 pounds  

History:  Ben was brought into a Pittsburgh shelter as a stray. Ben's journey to our rescue was a tough one for him.   He was obviously very neglected for months if not years.. he was thin,  blind and landed in shelter where he was exposed to a deadly respiratory virus. We had him admitted for a few nights at a local Pittsburg hospital, where he received IV antibiotics and fluids. When Ben was finally stable enough to travel down to Maryland, we continued treatment at our hospital. Gentle Ben has rebounded very quickly here, and has received a clean bill of health!

Ben is a fabulous border collie - very connected to his people.  He is extremely sweet and has the mature border collie brain. He's not showing alot of interest in toys yet, but that might change in his home. Ben would enjoy a mild, balanced canine friend or could be the only dog doing everything with his person.  He can be easily shut down by a very strong dog.  His coat is absolutely gorgeous. He's happy to go to anyone that calls his name, for an introduction and good cuddle.  If you now anything about the border collie breed - Ben is the classic, old soul, heart kind of dog.  We are very anxious for him to find his new family, he deserves to be in a home that appreciates his gifts.

We have taken Ben to our eye specialist,   "Ben's eyes are not visual, his loss is permanent and no therapy is needed. Although his eyes look unusually he is NOT uncomfortable."

Our 3 legged Mighty Heidi, now Butters, has been adopted!   She will join another 3 legged PWD alumni, Roo and 3 rescue kitties in her new home! Thank you to this awesome family, who returned to PWD and fell in love with another 3 legged pup. Rescue work is tiring, exhausting and heartbreaking but moments like this help keep us rolling! 

We recently got an email from our adopters - they are beyond thrilled with their new addition.  "Everything is going great.  Roo is actually PLAYING with Butters and it is hilarious.  They play a game of slyly taking a toy away from each other.  Its not a tug of war.  Its more like a ninja move when the other was lets go for a second.  Wow, is Roo a noisy player, though.  She doesn’t know how to play without being verbal. Peoples reactions to seeing our two three legged dogs is unbelievable.  We get blessed and thank you's from strangers for having rescued these two.  They also often think Roo and Butters are related.  Now that I can understand.  The coloring and shape (minus the fur) are very similar.  Thank you so much for rescuing  both our pups!"

Name:  Mighty Heidi
Age:  8 months
Disability:  3 legged
Breed/Weight:  9 pounds,  small border terrier mix

History:  Mighty Heidi was a stray - a good Samaritan found her with a very bad injury to her back leg and brought her into one of our local shelters.  I received a late email from very concerned shelter volunteer looking for a rescue to take Heidi and the next day she arrived safely at PWD!  

Heidi might only be 9 pounds but when you say terrier that adds another "extra 40 lbs" to her personality! She has a bouncy bubbly personality that will put a smile on any face!  She has settled well here,  frolicking with new friend Wilson, the blind poodle.  She is sweet, smart and so happy to be finally pain free!  She is still a puppy, loves to be held, we simply all adore this little wee one, and hope we can find her a loving home quickly!

 As one shelter employee noted,  "I miss her already, if I  did not have my limit I would have welcomed her home.  Please find her an awesome home and send us updates."

Congrats to our comical Cooper who found a great home pretty quickly. His vibrant and active personality fit the bill for their deaf pup Missy who desperately needed a new playmate! Cooper will join Missy and their 2 senior dogs Savannah and Mckinley. 

You might recognize these adopters because they adopted 4 dogs from PWD! A big thank you to a very rescue friendly couple, who truly believe rescued pups are the best.

Name:  Cooper
Age:  1 year old
Disability: Missing portion of right ear, partial hearing loss (not deaf)
Breed/Weight:  Golden/Hound Mix

History:  Cooper was a stray and landed in a  good Samaritans backyard where they vetted him and provided shelter for him until we were able to take him here.

Cooper is finally here! We have are now calling him our rescue class clown! A very energetic dog that just wants to have fun! Cooper adjusted pretty quickly to our routine. He absolutely  loves the freedom of the large play area so he can whiz by all of us like the wind. We are happy Cooper is here, he has injected some much appreciated youthful energy into the rescue.   

He is a great dog, needs to gain some weight and learn some doggy manors which we have started working on here, but will need to continue with his new family. We think he would do best with an active family, a possible running companion and he would definitely love to have an active, young canine playmate in his new home.  

Maya has been adopted to a Husky loving family!  They were in search of a mature husky to be a companion to their older husky Koda and Maya fit the bill!  We are so happy for Maya - besides joining Koda, she will get lots of attention from an awesome family who truly love the breed, even a 3 legged husky!  Thank you for opening up your heart and home to a rescue pup!

Name: Maya 
Age: 4 years 
Disability: 3 legged 
Breed/Weight: Husky 50 pounds

History: Maya was picked up as a stray in a small rural West Virginia shelter. A local advocacy group pulled him, and contacted us immediately to help. Maya's leg condition is most likely from an old injury that never was treated.

Maya arrived at the rescue with an air of husky confidence. She fit in easily with the rescue and learned quite quickly a new routine with ease. A big thank you to her foster family for caring for Maya in July, while we sorted our many medical issues at the rescue. Some insight from her foster family; "Maya is great with kids and other dogs, big and small. We have not really cat tested her but when we had a mother cat and her kittens, in a crate next to here she was not interested! Maya is a mature pup, great in the house never had one accident, being a husky also likes to spend time outside, she is a great in the car and great on leash! She really was a perfect foster dog, so glad we could help transition her to PWD!"

She is a majestic Siberian, that will make a great companion pup to a very lucky family!  Kudos, to One by One Animal Advocates, based in Huntington, WV, a small group of rescuers, that helped with all of Maya's medical expenses and arranged transport to PWD.

Finally, our sweet Daryl, has gone home! Daryl's family recently lost their beloved 3 legged black lab to cancer and felt an instant connection when they saw Daryl on our site. We could not be happier for this sweet boy, who received the vet care he desperately needed and finally a great family to share his lab love! Daryl's doing great in his new home, and within hours of his adoption I heard from his new fur mom!

"It is like he has always been here his entire life and instant bond I love him already! He is at the moment, snuggled up with my hubby watching TV. I took him to barn and he loves the horses. I will have to get some pictures of him putting his nose to theirs. He seems so happy. Thanks for what you do, we need more people like you in the world!"


Name:   Daryl
Age:      2 years
Disability:  3 legged 
Breed/Weight:  Black mix,  46 pounds

History:  Daryl was  picked up as a stray in a small rural North Carolina shelter.  A  local advocacy group pulled him, and contacted us immediately to help.  Daryl's leg is most likely from an old injury that never was treated.  

Daryl  exhibits all the wonderful characteristics of the Labrador!  He was fostered for a week until he was moved safely to us,  his foster family sent us some info about the time he spent with them. They fell in love with him! "Daryl is a very happy friend guy!  The first night in our home introductions to our dogs and our neighbors dogs went very well.   He instantly fit right in, almost as if he was part of our family for a long time. He is very smart boy and listens extremely well.  He loves to run or play or will be satisfied just to hang out with the family.  An affectionate dog who loves to cuddle.    He likes car rides and does excellent in the car. This dog will instantly grab your heart."

A big thank you to Friends of Edgecombe County Animal shelter for volunteering their time to help the homeless dogs at their local shelter and for transporting Daryl safely to PWD.

Yeah for Wilson!   Wilson was adopted by a wonderful couple, not new to rescue, but new to the idea of adopting a blind pup. I recently asked them how they felt about adopting their first "blind pup?"   "Wilson is doing GREAT, he is adorable, the little lapdog I always wanted, and best friends with Marvin (their other rescued dog.)  His blindness really is NO issue.  We love him and so happy he is now part of our family!"

Name:  Wilson
Age: 1 year old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Poodle Mix, 15 pounds

History:  Wilson was a stray found in Baltimore County.

When I met Wilson amongst all the barking dogs in their kennels,  I could see this ball of matted dirty fur in his cage.  Many dogs would cower, especially the blind ones, however Wilson was different,  he allowed us to put the lead on him and he trotted right out as if to say "where have you been? I have have things to do!" I had to keep asking myself "is this pup really blind?"   He seems so confident and self assured. Wilson has the cutest personality and is a very happy pup! We believe Wilson would fit into any family - he loves people and wants to play with pups!

He is doing great at the rescue, very tuned into humans and will follow your voice, loves his toys.   We are so happy here is safe with us and is now ready to find his forever family. 

PWD Angel

Thank you to Millie Groobey for being 
an angel to Wilson

Thank you to Daniel Eksuzian & Ilona Berk 
for being an angel to Wilson


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