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Because their spirits aren't broken

Disabled Dogs for Adoption  
from Pets with Disabilities

The following dogs are available for adoption from Pets with Disabilities - we are located in Southern Maryland.  Please email us for additional information concerning a specific dog - the adoption process will begin with a completed application.

THANK YOU for your generosity!!

Make on on-line donation or send a check to 
Pets with Disabilities, 635 Clay Hammond Road,  Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Blind Dogs Deaf Dogs 3 legged & physical disabilities New Arrivals Unavailable

Meet the Blind dogs at Pets with Disabilities
Living with a blind dog is very similar to living with a sighted dog - many of the blind dogs at the rescue where born blind, so they are fearless in their movements and have acute hearing and smelling senses.  They may bump into something, but it's usually only once.  When we open the apartments doors - they come out the door, down the hall, and into the yard without missing a beat.  They will all jump up on their futon beds, and they like toys, and some how they always know where their person is for the hugs and belly rubs.  We really like our blind rescues to have a fenced yard and railings on any stairways.  We encourage you to open your heart to a blind dog - they will repay you with their huge heart!!

Name:  Abe
Age:  Senior
Disability:  blind/deaf
Breed/Weight:   Aussie mix  40 pounds

History:  Abe was found in the overnight drop area at an rural Ohio shelter.  

Abe was a very neglected senior whose demands are few...  a good meal, a warm bed, a couple of long strolls around the yard and lots of love.  Abe is the nicest and kindest dog anyone could ever encounter, he just goes with the flow and gets  along with everyone.

Before Abe was transported to PWD,  he spent a week with wonderful friends of PWD, and this is what they  had to say about Abe. "Abe was such a great house guest and appears to be housebroken,  (he had no accidents in our home). He loves to be by people and would wag his tail constantly especially when he was being petted.  His favorite place was to lay by my feet.  He was an extremely quite dog and walked well on a leash, just needing some gentle guiding hands.  Abe is a gentle soul and  has left a lasting impression in our hearts."

If you are interested in meeting Abe, please complete our Adoption Application

ABE NEEDS AN ANGEL to help with his medical bills!

PWD Angel

Thank you to Jane Gentile for being an angel to Abe

Our sweet blind Ben grabbed the hearts of a wonderful couple in Bethesday Md! This couple are both semi retired special educators, and felt they had the time to help a dog with special needs. They always had a love for the border collie breed and our Ben fit the bill! Ben will join a sweet lab sister, Luna, to help guide him along the way. Thank you for opening up your heart and home to Ben!

A small update for Ben's new family, "Ben had a great night! He is walking on the leash much better in two days. We just take him down a few houses; farther each day. He has that herding instinct for sure as he walks. He has met Luna's best friend Manny, yesterday as we were walking, and they bonded. All is well. Thank you for giving Ben to us. We feel lucky to have found your family and him!

Name:  Ben
Age:  7-8 years
Disability:  blind
Breed/Weight:  Border Collie,  35 pounds  

History:  Ben was brought into a Pittsburgh shelter as a stray. Ben's journey to our rescue was a tough one for him.   He was obviously very neglected for months if not years.. he was thin,  blind and landed in shelter where he was exposed to a deadly respiratory virus. We had him admitted for a few nights at a local Pittsburg hospital, where he received IV antibiotics and fluids. When Ben was finally stable enough to travel down to Maryland, we continued treatment at our hospital. Gentle Ben has rebounded very quickly here, and has received a clean bill of health!

Ben is a fabulous border collie - very connected to his people.  He is extremely sweet and has the mature border collie brain. He's not showing alot of interest in toys yet, but that might change in his home. Ben would enjoy a mild, balanced canine friend or could be the only dog doing everything with his person.  He can be easily shut down by a very strong dog.  His coat is absolutely gorgeous. He's happy to go to anyone that calls his name, for an introduction and good cuddle.  If you now anything about the border collie breed - Ben is the classic, old soul, heart kind of dog.  We are very anxious for him to find his new family, he deserves to be in a home that appreciates his gifts.

We have taken Ben to our eye specialist,   "Ben's eyes are not visual, his loss is permanent and no therapy is needed. Although his eyes look unusually he is NOT uncomfortable."

PWD Angel

Thank you to Yvette Broussal for being an angel to Ben


Name:  Wilson
Age: 1 year old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Poodle Mix, 15 pounds

History:  Wilson was a stray found in Baltimore County.

When I met Wilson amongst all the barking dogs in their kennels,  I could see this ball of matted dirty fur in his cage.  Many dogs would cower, especially the blind ones, however Wilson was different,  he allowed us to put the lead on him and he trotted right out as if to say "where have you been? I have have things to do!" I had to keep asking myself "is this pup really blind?"   He seems so confident and self assured. Wilson has the cutest personality and is a very happy pup! We believe Wilson would fit into any family - he loves people and wants to play with pups!

He is doing great at the rescue, very tuned into humans and will follow your voice, loves his toys.   We are so happy here is safe with us and is now ready to find his forever family. 

If you are interested in meeting Wilson, please complete our Adoption Application

PWD Angel

Thank you to Millie Groobey for being 
an angel to Wilson

Thank you to Daniel Eksuzian & Ilona Berk 
for being an angel to Wilson

Meet the Deaf dogs at Pets with Disabilities
Living with a deaf dog has many advantages!  You can come in the front door, put your coat and bags down, before they know you're there and the greetings begin.  They are not thunderphobic.  The door bell does not create chaos.  Deaf dogs create a tremendous bond with their guardians - all communication is done with sight, so their eyes are always "on you".  We have met many people that have enjoyed learning "doggie sign language" and gotten creative in their heart connections to their dogs.  Deaf dogs seem to wag their tails as hard as any hearing dog, they love to chase their toys, cuddle, get belly rubs, and be with their person.  If you'd like a companion that won't complain about your singing voice or how loud you keep the TV - but will completely bond to your heart and moods -  experience the special relationship the deaf dogs love to have.

Name:  Simon
Age:  Senior
Disability:  hearing impaired
Breed/Weight:   Lab/basset mix  70 pounds

History:  Simon was a stray at our local shelter.

Simon spent over 3 months at our shelter, with no rescue or adopter wanting to help him. His canine spirit was broken and he desperately needed vet care.

Simon is looking for his forever retirement home.  He is a very independent soul, whose demands are few, a warm bed, a leisurely stroll around the yard, respect and love! We are happy to see him finally reconnecting  to humans, wagging his tail when we approach him, wanting to spend some time with us.

Simon has been vetted and is a very healthy senior dog - a complete senior "work up" showed no impending health issues. We hope Simon can spend his senior days with a person who enjoys and appreciates the wisdom of a senior dog with an awesome pair of EARS!  Simon would do best as a solo dog or with female a friend.

If you are interested in meeting him, please complete our Adoption Application. 


PWD Angel Thank you to Tanya Gott for being an angel to Simon.

Meet the the 3 legged dogs and dogs with other physical disabilities - at Pets with Disabilities
We know these dogs have physical "disabilities" you can see - but they certainly don't have a disabled spirit.  They manage their missing leg or physical imperfection without missing a beat.  Their hearts are open, their eyes bleeding for acceptance.  They may not be running marathons, but they will win your heart.

This past year has been a tough year for Mike and I, losing 3 sanctuary dogs in the past 4 months our home seemed empty! Then along came Nikki, we both instantly connected to her tail wagging happiness and spirit!  She totally connected with all of the dogs, especially Huey who definitely needed a new buddy!  Nikki, is a young charismatic dog, who enjoys playing with the  all the dogs including the wheelchair dogs, going on trail walks,  playing with tennis balls but most important she has brought smiles and happiness back into our home! Thank you Lucy!  

Name:   Nikki
Age:  2 years
Disability:  3 legged
Breed/Weight:  Golden/ Collie mix, 40 pounds

History:  Nikki  was  picked up as a stray and transported to a small South Carolina shelter.  The shelter manager contacted us due to her leg injury.  Nikki was non weight bearing on her right front leg, with a wound/infection.   Her xrays revealed she had bullet fragments in her leg that caused considerable damage to her knee. Surgery was a success and she is healing nicely!

What can you say about Nikki? She is about as sweet as her pictures makes her! Nikki has an awesome temperament,  sweet, friendly,  loves to play with other pups and will settle nicely.  We are so happy we were able to get Nikki to our rescue and get all the necessary vet care she deserved and needed! She will be a GREAT addition to any family!

Name:   Daryl
Age:      2 years
Disability:  3 legged 
Breed/Weight:  Black mix,  46 pounds

History:  Daryl was  picked up as a stray in a small rural North Carolina shelter.  A  local advocacy group pulled him, and contacted us immediately to help.  Daryl's leg is most likely from an old injury that never was treated.  

Daryl  exhibits all the wonderful characteristics of the Labrador!  He was fostered for a week until he was moved safely to us,  his foster family sent us some info about the time he spent with them. They fell in love with him!    "Daryl is a very happy friend guy!  The first night in our home introductions to our dogs and our neighbors dogs went very well.   He instantly fit right in, almost as if he was part of our family for a long time. He is very smart boy and listens extremely well.  He loves to run or play or will be satisfied just to hang out with the family.  An affectionate dog who loves to cuddle.    He likes car rides and does excellent in the car. This dog will instantly grab your heart."

A big thank you to Friends of Edgecombe County Animal shelter for volunteering their time to help the homeless dogs at their local shelter and for transporting Daryl safely to PWD.

Our 3 legged Mighty Heidi, now Butters, has been adopted!   She will join another 3 legged PWD alumni, Roo and 3 rescue kitties in her new home! Thank you to this awesome family, who returned to PWD and fell in love with another 3 legged pup. Rescue work is tiring, exhausting and heartbreaking but moments like this help keep us rolling! 

We recently got an email from our adopters - they are beyond thrilled with their new addition.  "Everything is going great.  Roo is actually PLAYING with Butters and it is hilarious.  They play a game of slyly taking a toy away from each other.  Its not a tug of war.  Its more like a ninja move when the other was lets go for a second.  Wow, is Roo a noisy player, though.  She doesn’t know how to play without being verbal. Peoples reactions to seeing our two three legged dogs is unbelievable.  We get blessed and thank you's from strangers for having rescued these two.  They also often think Roo and Butters are related.  Now that I can understand.  The coloring and shape (minus the fur) are very similar.  Thank you so much for rescuing  both our pups!"

Name:  Mighty Heidi
Age:  8 months
Disability:  3 legged
Breed/Weight:  9 pounds,  small border terrier mix

History:  Mighty Heidi was a stray - a good Samaritan found her with a very bad injury to her back leg and brought her into one of our local shelters.  I received a late email from very concerned shelter volunteer looking for a rescue to take Heidi and the next day she arrived safely at PWD!  

Heidi might only be 9 pounds but when you say terrier that adds another "extra 40 lbs" to her personality! She has a bouncy bubbly personality that will put a smile on any face!  She has settled well here,  frolicking with new friend Wilson, the blind poodle.  She is sweet, smart and so happy to be finally pain free!  She is still a puppy, loves to be held, we simply all adore this little wee one, and hope we can find her a loving home quickly!

 As one shelter employee noted,  "I miss her already, if I  did not have my limit I would have welcomed her home.  Please find her an awesome home and send us updates."

Sam is ready to find a new home!   We are finally seeing a bright light at the end of a long winter here with Sam.  We received a final and successful medical report from his vet, "Sam's inflammatory bowel condition has been managed and is stabilized, with current medications and diet, we have determine what is now normal for him,  is working well, and he seems to be back to the the happy dog we once remembered!"

PWD would like to thank Dr. Giuffre, Chesapeake Animal Clinic, for taking weekly if not daily phone calls from us to discuss Sam's condition. We are all celebrating his recovery here, and hope that we can find a special person for this awesome dog!  

Name: Sam
Age: 5 years old
Breed/Weight:  60 pounds, Hound  
Disability:  Front leg deformities

History:   Sam was adopted 4 years ago and thru no fault of his own has returned to Pets with Disabilities.   The adopter's life changed and they were no longer able to give Sam the attention and time he needed.

Welcome back Sam!  After  being away for while Sam has settled nicely back into our rescue.   He certainly loves the canine spirit and is now reconnecting quickly to the human spirit.  The first day of his arrival,  we found Sam curled up with one of our resident 3 legged dogs, Oscar.  It was absolutely adorable!  Sam has very unique front legs, most likely born this way.  Although it looks awkward for us to watch him walk and run - this is Sam's normal. He is a bit older now, but still enjoys his daily walks around the rescue yard and then seems content to sit on the porch and watch the dogs play around him! He has a heart of gold, a gentile sweet demeanor and the Sam we knew 4 years ago is starting to shine thru!  He also loves warm baths! We promised Sam, we would find a new family that has canine companionship and will truly appreciate the hound spirit and his endearing front legs!  Sam is great with children, but NOT good with CATS.  

Sam is ready to find a new home!  We are  finally seeing a bright light at the end of a long winter with Sam. We received a final and successful  report from his vet, "Sam's inflammatory bowel condition has been managed and is stabilized, with current medications and diet, we have determine what is now normal for him,  is working well, and he seems to be back to the the happy dog we once remembered!"

PWD would like to thank Dr. Giuffre, Chesapeake Animal Clinic, for taking weekly if not daily phone calls  from us to discuss Sam's condition.  We are all celebrating his recovery, and hope that we can find a special person for this awesome dog! 

If you are interested in meeting him, please complete our Adoption Application.

PWD Angel

Thank you to Paulette Bocianfor being SAM's angel!

Thank you to Natasha Allen for being SAM's angel!

Name:  Janie
Age:     8 years old
Disability:  NONE
Breed/Weight:   Lemon Beagle,  25 pounds

History:  Janie was a stray out our local shelter.  

Although, Janie IS not physically disabled, our hearts went out to help this little girl that landed in our local shelter with extreme medical needs.  She was at the shelter for almost a month with NO group or adopter wanting to take her on. Besides routine vet care, Janie had tumors all over her body and was in desperate need of dental care.  We stepped up on her behalf to get all the necessary vet care;  her tumors were removed,  dental was done and now she is a happy healthy girl, ready for her new home!  She is being fostered by a very caring person who has helped Janie recuperate from all her  recent surgeries.   Her foster mom says she is extremely sweet, loves and enjoys the company of other dogs,  good with cats and totally devoted to people! Janie loves to explore the outside, so hard fencing is required.

Janie became a shelter favorite and they rejoiced when we came in to rescue her and so happy we did!

If you are interested in meeting her, please complete our Adoption Application. 

PWD Angel

Thank you to Denise Banning 
for being an angel to Janie.

PWD Angel  Be a Pets with Disabilities Angel!
All the dogs at Pets with Disabilities, have special needs, otherwise they would not be here. In today's society dogs and cats can no longer get sick, old or physically disabled. Whether they were abandoned, rejected or someone's life changed and they no longer fit in, they are counting on us to help them transition to a new life. They will either stay with us, or they will be rehomed carefully to the right people or families. So if you see a dog in our rescue that tugs out your heart please become his or her angel. Thank You!!

For $350 (less then $1/day) - you can matter in the life of a dog - Receive an "angel magnet" and updates from your dog.....  or for just $30/month - sponsor a dog living at PWD or waiting for their forever home.

Meet the New Arrivals - at Pets with Disabilities
The following dogs have recently arrived at PWD - like all of our dogs, they will spend the next several weeks being evaluated by our vet team, appointments made, surgeries (if necessary) scheduled, and given lots of TLC for any recovery time needed.  They will also spend some time understanding the routine at the rescue - and getting comfortable enough for us to get to know them and determine the best type of home suited for each dog.  If you are interested in any of these dogs - we encourage you to fill out an adoption application and we'll keep you informed of their progress.  As with ALL of our dogs - we appreciate any financial support - especially for these initial weeks of vet care.

Name:  Brody
Age:  2 years old
Disability:  Blind
Breed/Weight:  Golden/ lab Mix

History: Brody was in a "hoarding" situation, all their dogs were confiscated and relinquished to animal control.

Because of Brody's neglected past he came to us physically and mentally broken. Expecting a young vibrant blind pup, Brody was a far cry from this. He was withdrawn, shy, very thin, and his spirit was gone. As each day goes by we are seeing  a new Brody begin to flourish, tail is wagging more and more, he is beginning to speak to us, and eating great! He craves human attention, is good with other dogs and definitely has quickly learned the rescue routine. 

Unfortunately Brody has severe heartworm due to his past neglect and will not be available for adoption until treatment is finished and his health is on the mend.  His heartworm treatment will start July 20. 

Heartworm disease is SO easy to prevent - and so expensive to treat!  Without treatment, the disease will eventually kill the dog.  We need FOUR ANGELS for Brody's treatment - thank you for an donation to his recovery.

PWD Angel

Thank you to Susan Meserve for being 
an angel to Brody

Thank you David Smith for being Brody's angel

Disabled Dogs at PWD currently unavailable for adoption 


These dogs will have extended time at the rescue for healing, rehab or socialization.   
Pets with Disabilities needs on-going operational funds to support the care for these dogs.   
Along with being physically disabled,  these  dogs  were neglected  in other ways  and need extra 
medical  care from us;  or  dogs  that need to be quarantined and special monitoring;  
or dogs come to us with emotional scars and  need some extra TLC....... 
We hope in time these dogs will come around and a forever home will be found.   
We cannot carry the load alone.   Please generously support Pets with Disabilities.  Thank you

Charley will be undergoing ACL surgery,  his rehab period will be approximately 12 weeks (8/6/14)

Name:  Charley
Age:  3 years old
Disability:  Luxating patellas
Breed/Weight:   Doberman mix

History:  Charley was found as a stray.  He was picked up and return to the same shelter he was adopted from 3 years earlier as a puppy.  The shelter staff hearts sunk when they saw Charley's condition.  A body that should have weighed 70 pounds weighs only 40 pounds.  He was skin and bones and walking like an old man. They rallied around this boy, contacted many rescues,  and we responded and said yes.  Charley is  true survivor.  Somehow he made it BACK to the safety of the same shelter that adopted him out 3 years earlier. The shelter manager was so sad to see this once vibrant puppy come back 3 years later in this horrid condition - emaciated -  and  by  the look of his physical condition,  might have spent much of his life in a crate too small for him.  After the shelter sent me his video, we felt the need to reach out and give this dog some human kindness. When he left the shelter, he ended up in the hospital, we believe he most likely gobbled up too much food at the shelter, it was too much for his GI system to handle.  As his internist explained to us,  his condition was grave and she was also sad to see a young dog in this condition.  Charley surprised us all and rebounded in a few days and was able to be transported to Pets with Disabilities. He walked thru our gates and we all just started crying,  we knew he was our project in so many ways.  

Charley's face says it all,  he has a strong handsome face and his eyes are worth a thousand words! He so appreciates where he has landed! With every morsel of nutrients that goes into his body, we can all tell he is getting stronger and stronger.  He loves his new orthopedic beds,  loves pets and is beginning to learn how to socialize with his 4 legged (and 3 legged) buddies.  A very smart boy that has learned a lot about dogs and humans in a very short period of time.   His body is beginning to fill out, his physical gate is getting better, but Charley's back legs will always look a little different then most dogs.    The good news is Charley does not seem to be in any pain and finally has the freedom to exercise and strengthen all of his muscles, he is stretching and beginning to jump up on his hind legs.  He handles direction very well and will be a very loyal friend.

Because of the kindness of strangers,  Charley now has a 2nd chance at life where he will be loved and be safe.  A big thank you to Lauren Flory,  Martha's Mutts Movers, Terri and John Holder.   

PWD Angel

We want to thank John & Bonnie Yurga for being an angel to Charley.

Thank you Carla LaGrassa for being Charley's angel

Odie will be spending his remaining days at the rescue.  His condition is fatal and has no treatment.  
He has a condition called Cerebellar degeneration - you can read more about that

Name:  Odie
Age:   3 years old
Disability:  visual impaired  
Breed/Weight: herding mix - 35lbs

History:  Odie was a stray and landed in a Pa shelter

Odie came to PWD via another rescue when it was thought he was going blind.  He is a complex medical case and will be with us a while as we figure things out for him.  A perfectly healthy dog six months ago now visually impaired and experiencing hearing loss. He is a friendly dog, not engaging with the other dogs, but very neutral. He is learning the routine of the rescue and in the typical spirit of these breeds, is showing a determination to live life and connect to people.  Odie is scheduled to have a consult with a neuro specialist this month.

Please consider being an ANGEL for Odie!

PWD Angel

Thank you Lisa Seiber for being Odie's angel

Disabled Dogs that have a permanent home at PWD 

These dogs are not available for adoption, 
but of course need to be cared for everyday by the sole caretaker at the rescue

Candy - 3 legged

Kiri - wheelchair dog

Ernie - wheelchair dog

Dixie - wheelchair dog

Maddie - wheelchair dog

Huey - Deaf Dog

Sandy - broken back

Megan - Blind dog

Pierce - Club fee

Click here to meet the PWD residents

With 10 permanent resident's we have limited space - and very limited resources to add dogs to the rescue program.  We can only take ADOPTABLE disabled dogs - with no temperament issues.  We will always provide whatever assistance we can - but, that won't always mean we have room at Pets with Disabilities.


the Duke & Misty Memorial Fund

The sole purpose of the Duke & Misty Memorial Fund is to provide funding to support the needs of paralyzed wheelchair dogs.  These funds will be used to purchase wheelchairs for needy families wanting to keep their dogs, for educational and support resources,  and to seek out extraordinary people to help dogs like Duke and Misty find their way to a better life.  This is surely a great way to honor their life.


Misty, an awesome pup with a inspirational spirit, sat in a shelter outside New York City for over five years. Nobody wanted to adopt Misty because her little body was broken. Mike and I learned about Misty, and immediately went to NY and adopted her. Misty became an icon. She allowed pets and kisses from thousands of folks who met her at different events we attended year after year.  She changed the minds and hearts of everyone she met - helping them realize that a wheelchair in no way takes away from the energy or the spirit of the canine heart.

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