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Because their spirits aren't broken

Disabled Dogs for Adoption  
from Pets with Disabilities

The following dogs are available for adoption from Pets with Disabilities - we are located in Southern Maryland.  WE WILL ONLY ADOPT DOGS INTO OUR REGION -which includes MD, VA, WV, DE, NJ, PA & NY (ie within a 6 hr drive of the rescue)

Please email us for additional information concerning a specific dog - the adoption process will begin with a completed application.

THANK YOU for your generosity!!

Make on on-line donation or send a check to 
Pets with Disabilities, 635 Clay Hammond Road,  Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Blind Dogs Deaf Dogs 3 legged & physical disabilities New Arrivals Unavailable

If you follow our website you may have noticed PWD rescues many hounds with disabilities.  You might ask why?  
I wanted to talk a little bit about the truth and the misconceptions of hounds.

One of the biggest misconceptions of hounds is that they are loud smelly stupid hunting dogs, and have no business being house pets.   Once these dogs  realize the comforts a home,  and it happens pretty quickly,  believe me the they LOVE  it, and a warm cozy home is far better than being a hunting dog.   And yes they can become lazy sofa pups.   

Many potential adopters fear their barking but in reality they are pretty quiet and many hounds end up homeless because they are quiet or hurt and can no longer hunt. Hounds were bred to hunt in packs of 2-4 dogs, so they are extremely social.  One of the greatest advantages of rescuing this breed of dog - we rarely have to worry about hounds with the other dogs at the rescue, and they will do GREAT at dog parks.  Most  hounds love people and generally do great with kids and if raised around cats  they do well with them as well.   They are not bred to be aggressive - most hounds donít have a mean bone in their body and will do almost anything to stay away from a fight! 

Lastly, many people think they need Fort Knox  fencing,  and yes this might be true for some hounds but for the hounds we have rescued,  they  donít stray away from their comfort zone.  I personally trail walk with one of our blind hounds, totally off lead, and she will never stray far from me or the trail.  She exemplifies the  character of a great hound.  Anyone that has met Megan,  truly understand the heart of a hound.   

Bottom line, they make great dogs to have here at PWD! - Joyce

Meet the Blind dogs at Pets with Disabilities
Living with a blind dog is very similar to living with a sighted dog - many of the blind dogs at the rescue where born blind, so they are fearless in their movements and have acute hearing and smelling senses.  They may bump into something, but it's usually only once.  When we open the apartments doors - they come out the door, down the hall, and into the yard without missing a beat.  They will all jump up on their futon beds, and they like toys, and some how they always know where their person is for the hugs and belly rubs.  We really like our blind rescues to have a fenced yard and railings on any stairways.  We encourage you to open your heart to a blind dog - they will repay you with their huge heart!!

Name:  Dean
Age:  6 years old
Weight: 70 pounds
Disability:  blind

History:   Dean was surrendered to our local shelter, blind, dirty and frightened.  ( We had to carry him out of the shelter)

Dean went straight to the groomer for his much needed spa treatment.  As soon as he landed his paws on the grounds of PWD, he was one tail wagging hunk of love, and we swear his tail has NOT quit wagging.  He knows he is in the hands of people who care. What an unreal transformation in just 24 hours of him being rescued. Dean exhibits all the great characteristics of America's favorite breed, the Labrador.  He is easy going, smart, happy, and just fantastic around other dogs.  He absolutely loves life and is so happy he has escaped  the 24/7 outside living because he so enjoys the comforts of inside living!!  

Unfortunately due to Duke's neglectful life he was tested positive for Heartworms, we have started his heartworm treatment and will be finished by the end of July. Dean has been evaluated by our eye specialist, unfortunately his eye problems are genetic. He will remain his bright bubbly self, exploring his world thru his sense of touch and smell.  He is the sweetest dog, ready to move on to his new life!

If you are interested in meeting him, please complete our Adoption Application

Age: 7 year old
Breed/Weight:  Hound mix
Disability:  Blind - 50lbs -
unsocialized, cautious, fearful but NOT aggressive with humans or dogs.

Blaze  suffered  severe eye trauma resulting in his blindness, most likely a hunting accident.  His right eye was extremely painful and  needed a total eye enucleation.  Blaze had his eye enoculated and has healed beautifully. 

All of Blaze's medically issues have finally been addressed and he is definitely  per our vet "medically stable."  He will remain on a kidney diet, (which we will provided by PWD and will continue taking prozak prescribed by our internist to help with his social anxiety.    He has been on his meds for many months and has seem to help him. Over time Blaze has gotten very comfortable with us, routine and his environment. We would love for Blaze to have an experienced  home or foster home. A patient family with a confident dog, he does like the company of other dogs and definitely needs to have dogs in his life.

If you are up for a rescue challenge please contact us.

PWD Angel

Thank you to The Dover Family
for being Blaze's angel!

Thank you  Robert Amos for being an angel for Blaze

Name:   Jillian
Age:  3 years old
Weight:  60 lbs.
Disability:  blind

History:   Jillian was found as a stray, in rural North Carolina.

Talk about divine intervention, Jillian was found lying on the roadside right next a church on a hot Sunday morning.  It was over 100 degrees when a kind couple came to her rescue. They offered her some water and soon realize she was blind. This couple became her first angel, they waited over 2 hours for their local animal control to come get her to the safety of their local shelter. This couple went to visit her weekly, until she was transported to PWD.  The shelter named her "sweet girl"' and we all understand why!

Jillian arrived at PWD and has fit right in. She is a stunningly beautiful dog, inside and outside, easy going, quite, gentle, mild mannered, good on lead.  Jillian would make a great addition to any family, as noted by her first angels  "We will never forget "sweet girl"  She just has a way of making you humble and thankful to be able to see the world around you. She needs you and whether you know or not you need her love."     

Unfortunately due to Jillian's neglectful life she tested positive for Heartworms and has been treated. Jillian has been evaluated by our eye specialist, and is now under her care.  She is receiving eye drops and meds, and will undergo further diagnostic testing  next week to see if she might be a candidate for cataract surgery to regain her sight. We will keep you updated!

If you are interested in meeting her, please complete our Adoption Application

Meet the Deaf dogs at Pets with Disabilities
Living with a deaf dog has many advantages!  You can come in the front door, put your coat and bags down, before they know you're there and the greetings begin.  They are not thunder phobic.  The door bell does not create chaos.  Deaf dogs create a tremendous bond with their guardians - all communication is done with sight, so their eyes are always "on you".  We have met many people that have enjoyed learning "doggie sign language" and gotten creative in their heart connections to their dogs.  Deaf dogs seem to wag their tails as hard as any hearing dog, they love to chase their toys, cuddle, get belly rubs, and be with their person.  If you'd like a companion that won't complain about your singing voice or how loud you keep the TV - but will completely bond to your heart and moods -  experience the special relationship the deaf dogs love to have.

Name:  Bishop
Age: 4 -5 years old
Disability: Deaf
Breed/Weight:  Lemon Hound,  50 pounds

History:  Bishop was surrendered to a Virginia shelter as a stray. 

Bishop is a handsome hound, who is a  true testament to the reputation of the wonderful temperament of the lemon hound. (we just love lemon hounds here at PWD)  A fun, active, goofy pup, that will put a smile on your face.  He  just loves life.  He has flourished here at PWD and has made many new friends here. A sweet gentle soul good with people, dogs and cats! Bishop would do great in a secure fenced in area, with a playful hearing buddy or two.

He was also a  shelter favorite describing him as  gentle,  quiet and affectionate. He has become a PWD favorite too! Another beautiful sweet hound that is ready for find his forever home.

If you are interested in meeting him, please complete our Adoption Application

Meet the the 3 legged dogs and dogs with other physical disabilities - at Pets with Disabilities
We know these dogs have physical "disabilities" you can see - but they certainly don't have a disabled spirit.  They manage their missing leg or physical imperfection without missing a beat.  Their hearts are open, their eyes pleading for acceptance.  They may not be running marathons, but they will win your heart.

Name:  Millie
Age: 6 years old
Weight:  50 pounds
Disability: Although not physically disabled, this dog needed help, being an over bred Pitbull in an overcrowded shelter, her future was doomed.    

History: Millie was found as a stray back in 2014,  but  her "owner" came back and retrieved her. We can only guess they still needed her for breeding, but now that her breading days are over she was relinquished to the shelter  needing medical care. She reminded us of our resident dog Charlotte, her eyes look sad but gentle, we couldnít leave the shelter without her.

Eyes donít deceive, and these pictures say it all! Millie has a phenomenal temperament,  great with dogs, great with people, housebroken,  she has a calm gentle demeanor,  and she LOVES car rides and loves to cuddle in a nice big dog bed! She is a character and makes us smile every day.  Millie has been to our vet and is  now on a variety of medications for her skin,  her skin has improved is just a few days. Millie is scheduled for the remainder of her vetting next week and will be ready to share her life with a new family. 

If you are interested in meeting her, please complete our Adoption Application

The rough part of Blue's journey thru life has finally ended. Blue has hit the lottery of homes with these 2 great guys! After agreeing to foster Blue, within a day they wanted to make him a permanent member of their family. Wahoo for Blue! Blue will be enjoying his new life locally, and has fit right in with his new canine family. Thank you to everyone who took part in rescuing and caring for this scared little guy, he is quite a survivor and had a huge will to live and get himself to a better life and he sure did! A big heartfelt thank you to these adopters for opening up their heart and home to another dog in need , and we might add their third PWD pup.

Name:  Blue aka (Boo Boo)
Age:   3 years
Weight:   Beagle mix, 20 lbs.
Disability:  Broken jaw that healed incorrectly,  unfortunately an old injury could not be repaired.   

History: Blue had been running lose for years injured,  he was finally captured and needed a lot of medical care and human kindness. He has since received both, but still a bit shy with humans, but getting much better! 

From his foster mom, "Blue has been one of the most enjoyable foster dogs I have ever had.  Seeing him learn that the world is not a scary place is simply the best.  He looks at everything with caution but also with such curiosity and happiness.  He loves to play with all the dogs in the home.  He is at his happiness when playing with his friends.  He doesnít have a mean bone in his body.  He also has no problem telling you when he wants love.  He will paw at you or jump up and ask for kisses and a good face rub.  He loves his face and neck scratched, especially under his jaw.  Because of his jaw injury, he does make quite a mess after drinking water and sometimes when eating.  He also tends to slobber and drool at times so it isnít unusual to see his little puddles on the floor.  Blue requires a little extra care with cleaning up after him, but he will make it worth the effort.  Because Blue had to be caught after running loose for so long on his own, I always handle him as if he is a flight risk, taking precautions in never letting him loose. Blue is completely housetrained and will stand at the door when he wants to go outside.  At night, Blue will generally start the night by sleeping on a dog bed on the floor.  Usually by morning, he will be curled up next to me in bed.  Sometimes he will even wake me up with a big wet sloppy kiss!  Blue recently discovered his love of toys.  He isnít always able to get them into his mouth but that doesnít stop him from trying.  Blue is looking for a home that will provide him with love, happiness and security.  He deserves it after living such a hard life for so very long. "

Blue is definitely a survivor and so deserves a loving  and trusting home for the remainder of his life, needless to say he has touched many hearts! Blue will need a secure fence and plenty of furry friends, he loves being  around playful dogs, big pups, small pups  he loves them all! Blue has touched many hearts and quite frankly his tongue hanging down just adds to his cuteness. 

Izzy and Pete became good friends here and a great pair, and thankfully  this young couple agreed! 

Izzy and Pete have been adopted together,  and remain a great pair together!   Izzy still a young pup and Pete  has been a  great influence on her.   The duo  will be living locally and their new fur mom has a dog walking and  in home dog sitting business so Izzy will have lots of new friends to play with as Pete enjoys watching the energy from his sofa! 

Last update from her new fur mom  "  Izzy and Pete  are  doing great!    Izzy is responding  to our positive training sessions,  (she is a smart dog)  and Pete's back legs continue to get stronger, they really are the perfect big brother and little sister team."

Thank you PWD!

Name:   Izzy
Age:  2 years old
Disability:   Broken rear femur,  surgically corrected
Breed/Weight:  Yellow Labrador

History:  Izzy had a traumatic fall which resulted in a severe break in her back leg.  Her family had only 2 choices - to euthanize her or find a rescue to handle her urgent medical needs. They reached out to PWD for help, and Izzy was in surgery the next day! Surgery was a success and Izzy's rehab and recuperation has been successful. She is now up for adoption to a lab loving family! 

From Izzy's foster mom, " Izzy is a beautiful Labrador Retriever who loves attention and spending time with her foster family.  Currently, she is in a home with older children, a dog, cat and guinea pig.  Izzy knows a few basic commands such as sit and down and is currently working with a trainer to gain more manners.  She is very food motivated, smart and eager to please, which is making training a breeze.  Izzy would do well in a home that has another dog. Due to her energy and lab playfulness, older children might be best.  Currently, she sleeps on a pet bed at night, is crated during day and has had no accidents in the house.  To help regain the strength in her leg, Izzy is being walked twice a day.  In only a short period of time, exercise has helped tremendously and she is walking better every day.  Another recent discovery is that she loves the water and swimming.  This has been a great way to release some of her energy and another form of therapy for her leg."

Izzy is back at PWD and now has more freedom to enjoy playing and running with the young pack of pups here!  She settles nicely in her apartment, but when she hears humans she definitely get excited! An experienced lab family would be great for her as she does exhibit young energetic Labrador antics.  She would also love a playful friend.

Name: Pete
Age:    6 -7 years old
Disability:   Luxating patella's,  surgically corrected
Breed/Weight: Shepherd/retriever mix, 45 pounds.

History:  We rescued Pete from a local Maryland shelter. He was found as a stray. Pete had been suffering for years with a very painful abnormal gait. Luckily he landed at the shelter and was able to get to PWD. It has been a long haul for this boy, 2 corrective surgeries, crate rest and leash walking have been his way of life for the last few months, (he has been an incredible patient) We are now seeing the light at the end of this long journey. We all feel  Pete is ready to find that special person to help him continue with his surgical success. His orthopedic team noted "he seems so happy now and is definitely a lot more comfortable!"

Pete is true  survivor. Dealing with painful back legs for his entire life, you would think he would be a grumpy pup, but not Pete, he is a kind easy going soul. He loves life, is great with dogs, and loves the company of people. Pete is awesome on lead and would love to go on walks with his new family. His  beautiful blond coat is a perfect match for his radiant personality. He is a smart pup, follows directions very well, his tail always wagging. Pete will fit into any home and become one loyal friend. 

Kudos to this heartfelt adopter, who took the time to meet Ella at our cardiologist office,  where she was diagnosed with heart disease.   That did not deter this woman,   Ella won her heart that day!  Ella will be treated with kindness, love and respect for the remainder of her life.      A note from her adopter,  "Ella was rescued from such a neglectful life, it was surprising she could ever trust people again, but she has the most loving spirit and wants to be everyone's friend.   She is so smart and playful even at her age.  She is the perfect companion for Bee, (her fellow PWD adopter) and me.   

Name:  Ella
Age: 6-7 years old
Weight:  42 lbs.
Disability: Moderate valve disease, she will need a nice quite low energy home.   History:  Ella was in the right place at the right time! She came into the our local shelter as a seizure neglect case and we could not let her stay there.  Definitely over-bred, skin, ear and eye infections.  As soon as Ella was rescued we knew her first trip was to our vet. After examination, they loaded her up on all sorts of meds and medicated baths to provide with some much needed relief and to help her feel more comfortable.  After a good month of TLC, she looks GREAT and we are sure she feels like a completely different pup.  Thru all her of her neglectful past, Ella really is one of the sweetest dogs. She does fantastic with dogs, cats, and humans.  She can get into a little mischief - she discovered our toy bin and oh boy she had a field day, LOL.  (We all think she never really had a puppy-hood.)   Everyone she meets all say "what a sweetheart." We love to see transformations here at PWD and Ella is definitely another success story.
Unfortunately due to Ella's neglectful life and age, she does have mild heart disease.  She will be on medication for the remainder of her life to manage this and while require a calmer home with light activity. 


Our bonded and very shy pair Lucy and Ricky along with the Charm have been adopted together and are doing great in their new home. They will live locally and have joined anther PWD alum Katie. We are happy to receive regular updates on these pups, since all three spent a lot of time with us at the rescue, From their adopters "Lucy and Ricky are finally getting a little bolder in our home, sometimes, then back to a their shyness, but all in all we did not expect them to do so well so fast, we do think having the confidence of Charm here it has really the transition. They are all have a great time together." There are no words to described how grateful we are to this family. Three dogs that were with us for a very long time finally got their homecoming day, and Lucy and Ricky are forever together, and Charm keeps them all in line! Thank you!!

Names: LUCY and RICKY
Age: 1 year old dogs
Disability: Congenital hip abnormalities, NO surgery is needed per our orthopedic veterinarian.
Breed/Weight:  Hound Mix's,  45 pounds

History: These 2 young dogs were found in a  cardboard box outside a vet office with cigarette burns, shunned by many for adoption, their home was the vets office in their outside kennels. Finally, a young woman reached out to us for help. Lucy and Ricky were in desperate need for a new beginning and we answered the call. They have been thru the worst - now the best is here and yet to come.

We call these 2 our dynamic duo, 2 peas in a pod, they are totally connected and love the companionship of one another. We can not separate them after spending time with them - they are a true bonded pair.  They play together, sleep together and donít even mind sharing food bowls. When they are out playing they will search each other out, when they become separated. They are playful and fun and sweet dogs. Come meet them and see for yourself.

Every night we look out our cameras and see them sleeping on the same bed always touching one another, they truly are connected to one another.

Name: Clyde
Age:    6 years old
Disability:   3 legged and has some neurological damage.
Breed/Weight: Shepherd/hound mix 45 pounds.

History:  We rescued Clyde from an extremely  neglectful and sad situation.  Clyde has suffered severe nerve damage which left his rear leg dragging for months, an amputation was needed as soon as he arrived.  He was thin, scared and uncertain about his new life here but now that he has received MUCH needed medical attention, food and some reassurance life and other dogs can be safe, he is settling here.

We are still getting to know the new and improved Clyde, we unfortunately have no idea how Clyde suffered  his nerve damage, as a result his back end is not as strong as his front end.  He is a trooper and does the best he can on 3 legs.  He has handled his disability like a champ. 

Clyde is now getting the nutrition he needs, his coat is looking better, he is gaining weight, and loves human attention.  He is smart dog, follows directions well, he will be a very loyal protective k9 companion. Clyde definitely exhibits the traits of the true German Shepherd spirit.  We feel Clyde would do best in a quiet home with easy access to the outside due to his neuro issues, he would do great with a smaller dog or no dogs. If you have interest in learning more about Clyde,  we can explain more about him in depth.

If you are interested in meeting him, please complete our Adoption Application

PWD Angel

Thank you to  Jessica Clark for being Clyde's angel!

PWD Angel  Be a Pets with Disabilities Angel!
All the dogs at Pets with Disabilities, have special needs, otherwise they would not be here. In today's society dogs and cats can no longer get sick, old or physically disabled. Whether they were abandoned, rejected or someone's life changed and they no longer fit in, they are counting on us to help them transition to a new life. They will either stay with us, or they will be rehomed carefully to the right people or families. So if you see a dog in our rescue that tugs out your heart please become his or her angel. Thank You!!

For $350 (less then $1/day) - you can matter in the life of a dog - Receive an "angel magnet" and updates from your dog.....  or for just $30/month - sponsor a dog living at PWD or waiting for their forever home.

Meet the New Arrivals - at Pets with Disabilities
The following dogs have recently arrived at PWD - like all of our dogs, they will spend the next several weeks being evaluated by our vet team, appointments made, surgeries (if necessary) scheduled, and given lots of TLC for any recovery time needed.  They will also spend some time understanding the routine at the rescue - and getting comfortable enough for us to get to know them and determine the best type of home suited for each dog.  If you are interested in any of these dogs - we encourage you to fill out an adoption application and we'll keep you informed of their progress.  As with ALL of our dogs - we appreciate any financial support - especially for these initial weeks of vet care.

Disabled Dogs at PWD currently unavailable for adoption 


These dogs will have extended time at the rescue for healing, rehab or socialization.   
Pets with Disabilities needs on-going operational funds to support the care for these dogs.   
Along with being physically disabled,  these  dogs  were neglected  in other ways  and need extra 
medical  care from us;  or  dogs  that need to be quarantined and special monitoring;  
or dogs come to us with emotional scars and  need some extra TLC....... 
We hope in time these dogs will come around and a forever home will be found.   
We cannot carry the load alone.   Please generously support Pets with Disabilities.  Thank you

Name:  Kobe
Age: 5 years
Disability:  Healed broken back leg, limps but functional
Breed/Weight:  Shepherd mix, 60 pounds, needs to gain weight

History:  Kobe was definitely someone's "junk yard dog", a very neglected outside dog, who has suffered at the hands of humans.  What we know about Kobe. He is very thin, heartworm positive, broken bones that have healed.  He is a bit anxious being inside, (definitely not used to inside living)  loves to be outside and totally engages with the other dogs, and trying to figure out the human element. Kobe will be with us for a while as we treat him for heartworms and hope he gets stronger and gains weight, and becomes more confidence and connection with humans.      

If you are interested in meeting him, please complete our Adoption Application

PWD Angel

Thank you to  Island Creek Associates, LLC
for being Kobe's angels!

Thank you to  Kristen, Geoff & Kevin
for being Kobe's angels!

Thank you Janet Cromer
for being Kobe's angels!


Disabled Dogs that have a permanent home at PWD 

These dogs are not available for adoption, 
but of course need to be cared for everyday by the sole caretaker at the rescue

Huey - Deaf Dog

Ernie - wheelchair dog

Dixie - wheelchair dog

Megan - Blind dog

Hank prosthetic foot

Lucy -  3 legged

Sandy - broken back

Pierce - Club feet

Charlotte - wheelchair dog

Janie -  ???

Charm - Blind dog

Maverick - Seizure dog

Click here to meet the PWD residents

With 12 permanent resident's we have limited space - and very limited resources to add dogs to the rescue program.  We can only take ADOPTABLE disabled dogs - with no temperament issues.  We will always provide whatever assistance we can - but, that won't always mean we have room at Pets with Disabilities.


the Duke & Misty Memorial Fund

The sole purpose of the Duke & Misty Memorial Fund is to provide funding to support the needs of paralyzed wheelchair dogs.  These funds will be used to purchase wheelchairs for needy families wanting to keep their dogs, for educational and support resources,  and to seek out extraordinary people to help dogs like Duke and Misty find their way to a better life.  This is surely a great way to honor their life.


Misty, an awesome pup with a inspirational spirit, sat in a shelter outside New York City for over five years. Nobody wanted to adopt Misty because her little body was broken. Mike and I learned about Misty, and immediately went to NY and adopted her. Misty became an icon. She allowed pets and kisses from thousands of folks who met her at different events we attended year after year.  She changed the minds and hearts of everyone she met - helping them realize that a wheelchair in no way takes away from the energy or the spirit of the canine heart.

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