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To request we list a disabled animal that needs a home, Please email PETS WITH DISABILITIES with an information bio, pets location (city and state), a picture 
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We have a volunteer that will follow-up on these listings on a regular basis.  If you do NOT respond to the "status request" - your listing will be automatically removed.  It's not fair to individuals that are interested in helping the dogs listed here to not have a response to inquiries.  Thank you.

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Blind Dogs
Blind dogs can live an almost normal life, please visit The Owners of Blind Dogs.   
To see how easy it can be to live with a blind dog, please visit

Mike is a 5 year old, very handsome, mixed breed (unknown ,maybe St. Bernard/Beagle?!). He is a sweetheart. He was pulled from a kill shelter and is now ready for his forever home. Mike is blind in one eye, but it requires no special care. He is a good boy. He is good with other dogs, but needs a patient owner who understands his personality caused by loss of vision.  Mike is a good boy who just wants to be loved! 

He bonds very quickly and really wants to please, but we recommend a family with older or no children.  He needs a stable home.  He has been in foster care and his foster mom says his favorite place to be is resting his head on her lap.

  Dogs with vision loss do require an understanding owner, and that is exactly what Mike needs.  He is a little guy with a big personality.  He is fully vetted and ready for a family to love him!

More photos and an application to adopt can be found on our website:  or our Facebook page:


From the despair of severe neglect to the comfort of loving attention, Teagan and Finn, who only had each other for companionship, saw their fate turn around. Teagan is an 8 lb, 10 year old toy poodle. Finn is a 6 year old 12 lb Maltese/poodle cross. Together they overcame many of the issues brought about by sporadic feeding and lack of care in their backyard home. They remain visually impaired, though Teagan's vision has improved due to appropriate medical care. Their amazing ability to adapt and incredible courage are inspiring. Now they are abundantly affectionate and playful, so grateful for the most basic pleasures. These two sweet little boys have earned their place on the soft, warm lap they so enjoy. They are looking for a home together.

They are house trained, hypoallergenic, neutered, up to date on shots, have soft mouths, walk easily on leash, and have the lushest fur coats you could ever want to hold against your body. To learn more about them, please watch the short video at: and contact their foster mom at

858-270-1258, or email They are currently being fostered in San Diego, CA. 

12 yr old Dachshund
Completely Blind

Very sweet female that was relinquished to live outside after she went blind.  The local shelter talked the family into surrendering her as they knew she would not make it through the winter months.  Volunteer at the shelter asked if we could take her and felt she had cataracts which could be remedied through surgery and sight restored.   We took her into our rescue and our vet feels she also has glaucoma and is doubtful that surgery will help with eyesight.  Prescribed two types of drops and we have made an appt with a specialist in Richmond, VA to see what, if anything can be done.  Her left eye is much worse that her right so we will be prepared should specialist want to remove the left eye.   The drops have worked wonders in just a couple of days in taking down the swelling of the eyes.

Cricket gets around with no problem, as most blind dogs are capable of, is crate trained and mostly potty trained.  


You can contact Pam Danford, 11613 Bundle Road, Chesterfield, VA  23838, cell phone # is 804-229-4043 and personal e-mail is or our rescue e-mail is  I am currently fostering her at the moment and can answer any questions someone may have.   An approved application will apply.

Mack is a 6 year old stray Pekingese found as a stray in Newark, NJ. He has some sight, but not very much.  is happy to be safe and cared for now. He is an absolute sweetheart that just loves everyone he meets. He is quiet, well behaved, and such a gentle and lovable little guy. Mack is not totally blind, but his vision is impaired due to glaucoma that was left untreated. 

Mack gets around perfectly fine though and has adjusted well to his loss of vision. Mack is a perfect little gentleman that wants nothing more than to take a leisurely stroll with a friend, or take a nap in a nice, comfy lap. He is not much into toys and instead, prefers to be by your side, getting some attention. Mack doesn't mind other well behaved dogs and would do best in a home with no small children under the age of 10 is happy to be safe and cared for now. He is an absolute sweetheart that just loves everyone he meets. He is quiet, well behaved, and such a gentle and lovable little guy. Mack is not totally blind, but his vision is impaired due to glaucoma that was left untreated. Mack gets around perfectly fine though and has adjusted well to his loss of vision. Mack is a perfect little gentleman that wants nothing more than to take a leisurely stroll with a friend, or take a nap in a nice, comfy lap. He is not much into toys and instead, prefers to be by your side, getting some attention. Mack doesn't mind other well behaved dogs and would do best in a home with no small children under the age of 10   Mack’s vision is impaired due to untreated glaucoma. He is under the care of our veterinarian who would gladly explain any issues with his eyes to interested adopters.

Mack is gentle and loves everyone he meets. He is a favorite with our volunteers. He is quiet and well-behaved. He gets around fine having adjusted to his vision problems. He isn’t into  toys and gets gets along with other quiet dogs. He enjoys walks and loves to sit by you and be loved. He would do best in a home with children old enough to understand his limited sight.

File # 23486.  Associated Humane/Popcorn Park Animal Shelter, 1 Humane Way, Forked River, NJ  609-693-1900  Open every day. Phones answered from 9 am till 5. Shelter open 12-5.


When we saw Jack on the sleep list at the New York City shelter he was a matted mess with flaming red eyes that desperately needed vet care. When he arrived we could see that his ocular disease was so horrible that one eye had scabs on it and he couldn’t even close it. He was in a great deal of pain.  His eyes could not be saved and once our veterinarian removed them, Jack was a new man. 

With the pain gone, he could be handled easily and  proved to be a happy, friendly fellow.  He has adapted to his blindness, but is a little nervous when approached to quickly. Once he knows he can trust you, he loves be held and cuddled. He is a mature, calm  boy who gets along with other friendly dogs. Because of all he has been through, he would do best with older children who can understand his sightlessness.  

File # 23439
Associated Humane/Popcorn Park Animal Shelter, 1 Humane Way, Forked River, NJ  609-693-1900  Open every day. Phones answered from 9 am till 5. Shelter open 12-5.


He is quiet, well behaved, and such a gentle and lovable little guy. Mack is not totally blind, but his vision is impaired due to glaucoma that was left untreated. Mack gets around perfectly fine though and has adjusted well to his loss of vision. Mack is a perfect little gentleman that wants nothing more than to take a leisurely stroll with a friend, or take a nap in a nice, comfy lap. He is not much into toys and instead, prefers to be by your side, getting some attention. Mack doesn't mind other well behaved dogs and would do best in a home with no small children under the age of 10.MMackis happy to be safe and cared for now. He is an absolute sweetheart that just loves everyone he meets. He is quiet, well behaved, and such a gentle and lovable little guy. Mack is not totally blind, but his vision is impaired due to glaucoma that was left untreated. Mack gets around perfectly fine though and has adjusted well to his loss of vision. Mack is a perfect little gentleman that wants nothing more than to take a leisurely stroll with a friend, or take a nap in a nice, comfy lap. He is not much into toys and instead, prefers to be by your side, getting some attention. Mack doesn't mind other well behaved dogs and would do best in a home with no small children under the age of 10

Milo is a very special Senior boy who needs a very special home.  He lost his eyesight about 2 years ago and now his family is losing their home.  He may have some hearing loss, also.  This beautiful guy may be a Senior, but acts like a pup:  an enthusiastic bundle of energy (typical Pointer!)!

Milo is on Thyroid meds (about $7 a month) and has some skin issues,  both of which are being managed nicely with medication, diet and lots of loving attention.  Milo weighs about 75 lbs. and is trimming down on the thyroid meds. Because of his blindness he needs to be in a home that is a safe, patient environment.  Milo is your typical Pointer and still full of energy.   He would do great with someone familiar with Pointers and their need for mental and physical stimulation.  Milo would love to find that special person who is looking for a nice walking partner and someone to cuddle with at the end of the day.     

He gets along well with other dogs, and even cats!  This boy is one of sweetest pups you'll ever meet (not a bad bone in his body).  He really deserves a loving homeThanks to donations Milo was able to get the medical attention he needed, but we still need to do follow-ups and hopefully get him into a doggie eye doctor!  Any donation would be greatly appreciated.  If you or someone you know might be able to donate or consider fostering or adopting Milo, please contact:   

Carson City Animal Services   (CCAS)
Carson City, NV

Milo is neutered, house-trained, current on shots and located in Carson City, NV.     

Thanks for listening to Milo's story!

Deaf Dogs
For information on living with a deaf dog, please visit Deaf Dog Education Action Fund.

Meet handsome deaf boy Malaki. He is a 1 1/2 year old neutered Deaf male pit bull mix. Malaki was surrendered to the Fox Valley Humane Association in Appleton WI because his owners did not have the time to train him. He has already won the hearts of all who care for him at the shelter.

He is an extremely sweet boy who is looking for a pack leader so he can show you how smart he is. He is potty trained and knows sit and shake and of course he gives the best kisses in town! He does well with other dogs although very playful. He is not too sure about cats.

We feel he should be placed with older children only as he is unaware of his size and can be easily overwhelmed. 

If interested in adopting Malaki, please call 920-733-1717 or email or contact Amy at

Fox Valley Humane Association
N115 Two Mile Road
Appleton, WI 54914

Chauncy is an adorable Australian shepherd, approximately 2 years old. Originally from North Carolina, he was rescued from a high kill shelter by the volunteers at Refuge Saint Chatques. Chauncy weighted only 32 pounds and tested positive for heartworms when he was found, but with the help of the Refuge Saint Chatques volunteers and his loving foster parents, he’s back to his healthy happy self. Deaf and slightly seeing impaired due to amblyopia, or “lazy eye,”, he still manages to live his life to the fullest. He loves dogs, cats, and people, but would not be great with younger children due to his clumsy nature.

Exceedingly clever and happy-go-lucky, he is a hoot to have around! He already knows the basic obedience commands, although in sign (sit, stay, lie down, etc.). He spends his nights in his crate, is perfectly house-trained, and has been known to sleep peacefully loose and alone at home for up to eight hours while we’re at work.

As an Australian shepherd, he is an energetic dog, but he’s also pretty laid-back and just likes to be with those he loves. He also happens to be absolutely beautiful, he gets compliments from everyone who sees him.

In an ideal world, Chauncy would have a fenced in yard to run in, with a master willing to give him a bit of understanding. With his high intelligence and sweet intuitive nature, it’s easy to forget that he’s in any way disabled.

please contact us if you would like more information about Chauncy by email at or by phone at 514-777-1175

Noel is about 1 year old. She is a bull terrier mix that was transferred to us from another shelter. Noel is a very sweet girl who is full of energy and loves to run around and play. She does not get along with dogs or cats. Noel is a special needs dog because she is completely deaf. So she will need a home with experienced pet owners who have a lot of time to give to her as well as a fenced in yard.

Harvest Hills Animal Shelter
1389 Bridgton Road
Fryeburg, Maine 04037
Please note new email:

Meet Ludwig, a wonderful dog that needs to find his forever home.  He loves other dogs so if he could find a home with a canine playmate that would be terrific!  Ludwig is stunning and has quite a regal air about him.  Perhaps it is because he is deaf that he notices everything and is so very smart.  Ludwig has a wonderful vet tech from our spay/neuter clinic to thank for his opportunity to find a better life.  

During this past winter, this vet tech passed by his house on her way to and from work and saw that he was chained outside in the dirt and appeared to have little, if any, care or attention.  She spoke to the owner of the house who agreed to surrender Ludwig.  The vet tech asked if we could take Ludwig into our rescue program and help him find a real home.  He has been a great fit here since he has lots of dogs to play with!  He is a very attentive and obedient boy and is crate-trained and housebroken.  He is wonderful on lead.  He notices everything and you may find that you start noticing the smaller things too as you explore together on your walks.  Ludwig has the best time chasing leaves blowing in the wind or watching the clouds and birds in the sky.  

We are so excited to help him to find that special place to call his own where he can blossom even more and get all that well-deserved attention that he missed in the first few months of his life.  He is now 11 months old and currently weighs 31 lbs.  Ludwig has been neutered, microchipped and is up to date on all of his shots.  He is heartworm negative and on monthly preventatives for heartworms, fleas and ticks.  

If you would like to meet Ludwig please complete our adoption application form at .  Call 336.251.8877 with any questions about Ludwig or our rescue process.  We do require that you come visit with Ludwig at our adoption center in downtown Mocksville, NC.  We are there by appointment only, so please call to set that up.  

Herbert is a year and a half 50 pound handsome Bull Terrier mix who charms us in so many ways.  First of all, his white fur is so soft, you could mistake him for a bunny.  But he is a quintessential dog, one that is not held back at all by his deafness.  If anything, it allows him to remain calm in a noisy, urban environment.  Like all deaf dogs, Herbert is highly trainable with the use of hand signals -- or signals from other dogs!  Herbert loves to play and will respond to a barking dog with a polite play-bow.  Next, his come-hither blue eyes which are so expressive and mischievous.  

True to his (mixed) breed, Herbert is also highly intelligent and energetic.  He benefits and learns from other dogs, good boundaries, and training.  Our Herbert is ready for a home.  If you like to laugh (Herbert guarantees this, even if it's due to his sleeping upside down or other goofiness), exercise, and a true companion, he is a great match. 

Herbert is currently located at Northern California Family Dog Rescue in San Francisco, CA. Have questions? Please email,  If interested in meeting Herbert, please fill out an application on our website: 

Miley is about 9 months old ,We found her in the streets about 4 months ago

She is a loving sweet dog who is deaf. She knows commands with hand signals and needs a home with no other animals. We are sad to have to find her a new home but our other dog does not get along with her. She plays very rough with other dogs and unfortunately does not pick up on there growls or barking that is why she needs a good home with no other animals.

She is great with kids but requires a lot of attention and will need additional training.

Miley is located in Putnam Valley NY and is up to date on all of her shots.

If interested please contact me at

Wheel Chair Dogs
We have a wonderful adopter of a fabulous wheelchair dog that has offered to speak with anyone needing assistance with your paralyzed dog.  Please contact Elizabeth at 

We will not be accepting anymore paralyzed dogs into the rescue.  The 6 we are currently caring for have filled our spaces for wheelchair/incontinent dogs.  Thank you.

Jubilent Jax - Toy Breeds In Need Rescue - Maryland -

Available for Adoption or Long-Term Foster Placement.

Jax is a stunning cream colored Pekingese Mix. We cannot be certain but, we think Jax may be part Peke and part lion. This little boy has courage and heart that is nothing short of inspirational. He is still very much a pup at only 3 years of age. He is 17 pounds of fluffy, sweet, cotton candy. Jax loves to play with other dogs, likes to chase cats (he means them no harm, he is just curious!) and gives his foster Mom a smooch every time she picks him up. 

A few weeks ago, TBIN offered to welcome Jax in to our rescue after his family decided they were no longer able to care for him. Jax suffered a ruptured disc and so no his hind legs are paralyzed. Upon taking Jax in, we took him to our fabulous holistic vet who evaluated him and began treating him with a few different modalities (herbs, supplements, and laser acupuncture). Jax is in no pain whatsoever and is blissfully unaware that he is paralyzed. Jax is taken out frequently and expressed (this is not hard to do!) and so he does NOT have accidents in the house. Jax had some pretty bad sores on his knees when he was relinquished to us so we ordered him a drag bag (second picture) so that he could scoot along without abrading his skin and allowing his sores to heal (which they have). We are going to be measuring Jax for a cart this week which will be custom made just for him so that he can go for walks outside. While inside, he pulls himself right along and has zero issues getting around. 

Jax is otherwise in good health, up-to-date on vaccines, Heartworm negative, and has been microchipped. We are seeking either an adoptive home for Jax, or someone who is interested in providing him with a long-term foster home. Jax's ideal home would include someone who is home most of the day and is able to take him outside for regular potty breaks. Another small, playful canine companion who would be interested in wrestling and playing with Jax, as he really loves to play and it is great exercise for him. A home without young children would be best (ages 14 and up). 

If you feel that you have room in your heart and home for Jax, please complete an Adoption Application: 

For questions or inquiries, please e-mail Toy Breeds In Need Rescue: 

Due to my failing health I have a rescue dog in a wheel chair that needs a new home.  Brian was shot and thrown in the woods to die.  By the time he was found, he had lost a lot of weight because he couldn’t move.  We took him in and started putting weight back on him and had him completely checked out by our vet.  Because he was shot he does not have use of his rear legs or control of his bowel and bladder.  He is a happy go lucky dog, loves food and treats.  We bought him an Eddie’s Wheel Cart so he could run around in the back yard.  He loves it and runs around like crazy.  He is up to date on all his shots, neutered,  about  2 years old, heartworm free, blond in color and listed as a mixed breed, weights about 26 lbs.  He is located in East Providence, RI.

His bed, cart, and blankets go with him.  He is on anti seizure pills twice a day as he had seizures in the past.  Anti seizure pills are cheap and are put in his food.  See the picture of Brian.

If you are interested in adopting Brian please call Ken at 401-569-2554, Thank you.

Here is King's story.....

King is a 10 month old Pit Bull puppy. He is absolutely beautiful!! He is great with other dogs, cats and kids. He is house broken and crate trained. He is the most well behaved puppy I have ever met!! He is not neutered, is current to date with all shots, vetting and is HW negative. He has had a joyfully, normal puppy life until just a few weeks ago. One evening he went to bed and the next morning woke up with no use of his hind legs. He was seen by the vet where they did x-rays and blood work. They sent him home with a diagnosis of a pinched nerve and steroids for treatment. He was much better for a few days, but then quickly regressed. By this time, the blood work results were back and the vet said that he had some type of tick related issue and changed King's meds. With this, he was better for a few days, but then regressed again. With this final regression has come great pain for King. He whines and cries through the night. The pain meds prescribed don't seem to be working. There is still no actual diagnosis. The vet is now guessing it may be a bulged disc, but can only confirm with an MRI. Unfortunately, the owners are unable to afford this and are left with the decision of putting him down. At this moment, he has again lost the ability to use his hind legs and has a bulge on his back. (you can see it in the pics)

Please someone help this puppy. The owners do understand they may have to surrender the pup and they are OK with that as long as King gets the help he needs. He is located just outside of Atlanta, GA. I would be willing to travel for a portion of the drive to deliver King to where he needed to go for help. I volunteer and do transports now, so it's no trouble. Thanks for listening and I pray we find someone to help soon as he is suffering.

Please contact Terri Littles (owner) at 678-977-4774 or Jennifer Senn at 716-725-7182, 

Tundra's Story: Every so often, Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM) is asked to consider taking in dogs who have exceptional needs and very often these dogs have a heart-breaking story that accompanies them. Tundra is one of those dogs.

Tundra is a male golden/shepherd/husky mix who was rescued by a RAGOM volunteer and the director of The Marshmallow Foundation along with two other dogs and three cats. All of these animals had been victims of severe, long-term neglect but because they were not malnourished enough to be seized there was nothing the local authorities could do about it.

Chained to the side of the house on a chain too short to reach his dog house, Tundra had a miserable life. The road to a new life began for Tundra and his canine and feline companions when the owner of the home was evicted. At the same time, a guardian angel neighbor made sure the animals had food and water. She was also very persistent in seeking out help for these animals…while another neighbor had been threatening to shoot them.

As all six animals found themselves in rescue with the Marshmallow Foundation, the Foundation asked asked RAGOM to take Tundra because of our past success with Joy (another wheelchair dog). At some point in Tundra’s life, an unknown event caused a disc rupture or fibrocartilagenous emboli, a catastrophic injury that left his back legs paralyzed. Despite his sad and rough beginnings, he’s a happy boy who soaks up love and attention.

Please contact Kathy Guinn at for more information.  Tundra is located in Minneapolis, MN 

Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler)
5 yrs old spayed female
Is being brought UTD on vaccines and HW tested
Currently located an hour north of Dallas in Gainesville, TX


See the attached video and you'll see just how sweet she is. She is friendly, affectionate and playful. She is fine with being handled and groomed. When introduced to other dogs she was not aggressive.


Jesse is hind paralyzed, but continent (i.e. has control of her bladder and bowels). We are currently working on getting her a wheelchair.


Jesse is currently in the care of the Good Samaritan that saved her life, literally. Jesse was this woman's neighbors' dog. When they got her their dogs went after Jesse so they put her outside. One day the Good Samaritan found Jessie unable to walk and went to the neighbor. The neighbor said she was aware of Jesse's condition, that she just showed up like that in the morning and they she probably got hit by a car. Here is where Jesse got lucky...the neighbor's son was going to shoot Jesse and that is when the Good Samaritan told her neighbor she would take Jesse. Jesse was taken to the vet where x-rays were taken and no broken bones were found. The veterinarian prescribed steroids suspecting a disk issue but couldn't confirm that diagnosis with an MRI. Jesse is being boarded in the Good Samaritan's boarding facility (more luck) and is being well cared for, kept clean and given affection.


PLEASE, let's help this Good Samaritan help Jesse get into rescue or a forever home! If you are interesting in learning more about Jesse please e-mail  or

(not currently in a wheelchair)  Robbie, who was adopted by the present owner from a Philadelphia shelter, is a very happy, sweet, compliant beagle-terrier mix, roughly three years old, weighing about 40 lbs., and fully house-trained.  Physically, Robbie was in extremely good health until November 2013, when he had to undergo emergency surgery for a ruptured vertebral disc (IVDD).  Though at first he lost the use of his hind legs, his spinal cord was not completely severed; he regained limited sensation and mobility, and with extensive rehab learned to walk again.  His gait is very unsteady and he must wear protective robber booties on his hind paws to prevent damage from dragging (and also to help with traction on smooth surfaces).  He can walk for short distances but cannot be allowed to engage in active play (no dog park, for example; no jumping or climbing).  He loves people and other dogs, and he remains energetic, with a good appetite and demeanor.  Robbie also has separation anxiety, which has continued to be resistant to treatment both behavioral and pharmacological.  So he would do best in a household with multiple caretakers and, ideally, at least one other dog.  His present owner, who lives alone, can’t manage this combination of physical and behavioral challenges.  He hopes that Robbie can find the right forever home with you, and he would be very happy to send you more information, pictures, videos, etc. and to talk with you about arranging a visit in or near Philadelphia.  Please contact him directly at

Name: Delgado
Age:    1 year
Breed: Shepard / Pharaoh hound
Health: I am neutered, chipped, and up-to-date with all vaccines & preventative treatments.
Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

My Story: I was born on the streets of Cairo, Egypt in January 2014; as I was two month old, I was running after my mother to nurse, and that is when my life changed forever. My mother was hit by a car and died; soon after, I was run over by another car and could not move. Street kids did not have mercy for my condition and stumped on my back and left me in the dumpster to die. A kind woman was told about me being in the dumpster and came to my rescue; I lived with her for another month. My foster mother heard about me and while in Egypt, she picked me up, loved me, and took care of me; In April, 2014 we finally came home to Wilmington.

My journey home was difficult as I was already disabled in my back legs and my foster mother had a broken ankle; but we made it. Once we were home, my foster mother took me to physical therapy as well as chiropractic sessions; I have showed great improvements in the movement of my back legs.

Today, I am a happy 12 month old boy that enjoys life to the fullest. I have my own wheel chair to help me go around and am an indoor dog that is very playful around my older sisters, Bella, and Lola as well as my younger sister GiGi. I am very good with children as I enjoy playing and getting afflictions from my human sisters (10 & 12 years old).

My foster mother did so much for me, but she cannot keep me, so she is looking into relocating me to my permanent home. 

Huda Peevy - (910) 260-3115 -

Three legged Dogs

Zuri is a pure bred, blue, Great Dane of 12 months old. She came to us with a badly deformed leg which was amputated in March. Her foster parents have already taught her Sit and Stay and Heel among other commands. They take her out socially and she LOVES it.

She is very very sweet and playful. She plays rough, so an older dog buddy or small dog would not appreciate her. She is spayed and UTD with vaccines. Besides only having 3 legs she is a very healthy and active baby girl.

She will only be adoptable as an indoor pet/family member, Apply to adopt Zuri at

Terra Harrison
Kentucky Great Dane Rescue
859-312-0058 mobile

Dogs with Minor Challenges

This is Hyacinth. Hyacinth finds herself in need of a home, through absolutely no fault of her own. Her human daddy died. She is 7-8 years old, medium size, and a marvelous beagle. She is very human-oriented, loves to snuggle and cuddle and be with her people. She has lived with other dogs, is living with dogs and children, while in foster care. She gets along wonderfully with everyone she meets, but not so much with cats. 

She does have the very occasional seizure, which are kept under control with medicine. But please don't let that deter you from opening your heart and home to her. 

Please direct questions to, and Kay will put you in touch with her current caretaker. Her rescue organization is Worthy Tails Animal Rescue in Mechnicsburg, PA. An adoption application will be processed by Worthy Tails, and will be required for the adoption of Hyacinth. 


Kilee didn't have to move mountains, but she did have one big hill to climb in order to be ready for adoption. This stunning copper-brown dog has seizures, and it took Plenty of Pitbulls in Florida, several months to get her medication and dosage just right. Now, Kilee's vibrant happiness shows in her cute Kilee cam video. She is a shining star at the dog park festival!

Kilee's foster mom says she's a "mellow, well-behaved, easy-going" girl who is "sweet with everyone she meets." Kilee's trainer in Gainesville says now is the time for Kilee to move out of foster care and into the adoring home that she deserves. Can you help three-year-old Kilee graduate into family life? She wants to fly into someone's waiting arms!

It's hard to imagine that Kilee is a special-needs girl, seeing her photos and video. But her medications do cost about $150 per month. Her epilepsy is very well-managed now, and Plenty of Pitbulls wants to find a fantastic, caring adopter to keep this doggie healthy and happy.
If you're interested in meeting Kilee, please call Sharon Nataline at 352-231-0702 or email her at Plenty of Pitbulls says Kilee loves other dogs, so a dog-rich home would be grand. You can share Kilee's on her Petfinder page with friends.  Can you help this sweet, vibrant Florida dog put on wings and fly away home?

Hannah is a beautiful 3 year old American Staffordshire Terrier  mix, who through no fault of her own, has been has been living in a shelter for sixteen months.  Hannah is very affectionate and loves to give kisses. She especially loves car rides. Hannah has lived with children and is very good with them. She walks pretty well on leash and is housebroken. She weighs about 45 pounds and knows some basic commands such as sit and stay.

 Poor Hannah, someone in her previous life cut her ears down to the nub.

Although she has some slight hearing impairment as a result, this did not effect her loving, affectionate temperment.  We are looking for a foster or adoption for Hannah.  Hannah is located in Manteo, North Carolina, but transportation can be arranged. She should be the only dog in her home and does not do well with cats. Please give Hannah the chance for the better life she deserves. If you can help her, contact the Outer Banks SPCA at  275-475-5620 or

Sweet LILLY........... is a very pretty boxer/boston mix approx. 10 months old. She is house and kennel trained. She is very loving and playful and gets along well with other dogs and cats. She lost an eye in an unfortunate accident with another dog as a little pup but that has not altered her playful attitude with dogs. She loves to play with children as well and pretty much anyone that she meets. Lilly has learned several basic obedience commands. She would love a family, a yard to have fun in and a playmate would be great fun. She is current on shots, spayed and microchipped and just waiting to hear from you. Lilly is located in Spring, Texas. The fosters will transport within the USA. Please contact 

This cute girl is Stormie. She is 14 years old, friendly, spayed, housebroken, and walks well on a leash. Stormie is good with children, too. Stormie does have some incontinence issues and she takes medication for it. Other than that, she is completely healthy. Stormie doesn't like to be around other dogs and will need to be adopted to a home without any other dogs or cats. But she is great with people and will make a wonderful companion.

Salem County Humane Society
North Game Creek Road 
Carney's Point, NJ 08069 
Phone: 856-299-2220 

Hello, let me introduce myself. I am a 5 year old spayed german shepherd named Mico. I am a fun loving girl who loves to play with my lab friend. I am trying to help my mom find me a new home as she is REALLY busy with school and my human kids. She only wants the best for me, so this is why I will be out there looking for my next forever home. I have this condition called mega esophagus, my mom feeds me soaked food 3 times a day at an elevated level and I do not have any problems. When my family need to leave me I sleep in this thing called a crate which I have no problem with. I went to school awhile ago to learn some of those things like sit, stay and come. It has been awhile since I practice this but I will work very hard to freshen up my skills. Will you be willing to meet me to see if you will be my next family? 

If you are interested in meeting with me or have any questions about me please contact I look forward to meeting you 

Mo-Mo is a 4yr old Boxer / Great Dane / Mixed and was treated for Distemper. So far it appears there will be a residual tick that is affecting his left leg muscles. As the pictures show, he is active and it is not letting it get in his way. TMo-mo is still available and being housed in my home. He is a sweet loving guy who still acts like a puppy and very playful. Our family has taken him to a local lake where he was just awesome going into the water. He did swim in deeper water but only when we where they next to him. Mo-Mo is current on all vaccines, neutered, and micro-chipped. If we could find a loving heart and a happy home locally, we would place him at no charge as his adoption amount has been taken care of already. If it is out of the area and he has to be shipped, the adopting family would have to pay for those services.

If you are interested, have questions, or to schedule a personal viewing, please contact Ms. Laurie Jane Eberle, volunteer for Love of Animals, Visalia Division, Visalia, California, at 559-799-3937 or 2807

Hi everyone! My name is Arnie, and I would love to be your best friend! I get along with everyone and love to play! I walk kind of funny and lose my balance sometimes because the doctors say have a condition called Myotonia Congenita. I take on the world at a slower pace, but I don't mind--you should see my huge muscles! Arnie is currently in foster care, if you would like to meet with him please contact Animal House at 970-224-3647.

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