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To request we list a disabled animal that needs a home, Please email PETS WITH DISABILITIES with an information bio, pets location (city and state), a picture 
(no humans in the picture please) and accurate contact information.


To the individuals and organizations using our site:
We have a volunteer that will follow-up on these listings on a regular basis.  If you do NOT respond to the "status request" - your listing will be automatically removed.  It's not fair to individuals that are interested in helping the dogs listed here to not have a response to inquiries.  Thank you.

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The following dogs are available through other organizations or as independent 
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Pets with Disabilities has not seen or evaluated the dogs. 
We present them solely as a courtesy to the organization or owner. 

Please contact them directly, using the email address in the posting, 
if you are interested in more information.

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Blind Dogs Deaf Dogs Wheel chair Dogs 3 legged dogs Dogs with Minor Challenges

Blind Dogs
Blind dogs can live an almost normal life, please visit The Owners of Blind Dogs.   
To see how easy it can be to live with a blind dog, please visit

Our beautiful Bruno does not ask for much. A place to lay his head, someone to love, and a small amount of special care. He was left at our local shelter by his former owners.  He is 10 years old and 25 lbs. Bruno is diabetic and requires daily insulin injections. He currently takes 1.5 units of insulin twice per day after meals.  Bruno's foster mom feels that he has lost the majority of his vision at this time. Despite this, Bruno navigates the home and yard with success.  Bruno currently lives with dogs of all ages and sizes. He takes a bit of time to warm up to new dogs, but does well with them once he feels safe. He does not mind the company of cats. He also lives with a 7 year old child.  Bruno is a good boy who deserved more than to be left in his golden years in an overcrowded shelter. Do you have the love in your heart to make the rest of his years his best? Email for more information or an application to adopt!

Adoption fee of 100.00 includes up to date vaccinations, neuter, microchip and current heartworm prevention. We are located in Beckley,WV and have some transport assistance.

On November 14,2014 Saving The Animals Together was contacted by a woman who had accidentally hit a puppy with her car. She was broken hearted as she carried the pup to every house  on the road, hoping to find his owner so he could receive the life-saving care that he needed. Nobody claimed him, nor did anyone know where he had come from. 

When she asked us to help, we could not say no. The little pup was taken to the vet, with his vet bill to be covered by our rescue, while further efforts were made to find and reunite him with is owner. Unfortunately his owner was never found, and so he became what we like to call a #STATDawg.

We were relieved to find that he had no broken bones or internal damage. But the blow to his head had left him visually impaired. Our hopes, that as he grew the vision would improve, were not to be realized.

Frogger was placed in foster care where he grew and learned to live joyfully in spite of his limitation. He has no problem negotiating his way around the house and yard, once he gets his bearings.

Frogger eventually had to be moved to a new foster home, after a short stay in a boarding facility, because he began to act defensively when other dogs, especially larger dogs, startled him. Because he cannot always gauge if a growl is towards him, or a bark is an invitation to play or a challenge to fight, he stays on edge. 

A home with either no other dogs, or a carefully controlled canine pack, would be best for him. He is fine with children as long as they are taught not to approach him in a way that startles him. One must always be aware that he needs time to judge a situation since he cannot see body language. 

Frogger is housetrained, leash trained, crate trained, obedient and sweet. He loves to run and play, and snuggle and nap, like any other dog. He will be a fantastic companion and is ready to find his lifetime friend to love. -!frogger/c1sjq -

Deaf Dogs
For information on living with a deaf dog, please visit Deaf Dog Education Action Fund.

Miley is about 9 months old ,We found her in the streets about 4 months ago

She is a loving sweet dog who is deaf. She knows commands with hand signals and needs a home with no other animals. We are sad to have to find her a new home but our other dog does not get along with her. She plays very rough with other dogs and unfortunately does not pick up on there growls or barking that is why she needs a good home with no other animals.

She is great with kids but requires a lot of attention and will need additional training.

Miley is located in Putnam Valley NY and is up to date on all of her shots.

If interested please contact me at

Name: Grits
Gender: Male
Age: 10 Months old
Weight: 24 Pounds
Breed: Terrier Mix
Health: Neutered, Heartworm Negative, UTD on shots, DEAF

Grits is calm when he’s near his person. He enjoys car rides and responds positively to the ‘Car’ command (I’ve seen him bolt out the door and wait at the car expectantly). He’s not afraid to be touched to wake him up or to get his attention (a tap on the nape, or lower back). He’s quiet in public places. Grits is sweet and affectionate. He’s a great couch buddy, and he’s happy sleeping next to his ‘persons’ feet as well. He’s cautious with dogs he’s not been introduced, but is good with building positive friendships with other dogs he meets. Keep in mind that he’s deaf, unknown dogs will startle him if he doesn’t expect them.

Visit  for Grit's complete bio, more pictures and info Humane Society of Union County , Monroe NC

Hello my name is Snowy.   

I am deaf but am working on hand signals with my foster. I am able to sit and come with hand signals.  Because I can't hear I like to be able to see my human all the time.  I am good with humans, even little ones. I love attention from everyone. I love going for long walks, I have gone as far as 8 miles. I like other dogs if they are calm. Because I cannot hear loud sounds do no bother me.  I am house trained.  

For more pictures of me or to fill out an adoption application check out or questions can be directed to Shea Kinsey at

Snowy's webpage


-6 yr old, double merle deaf sheltie mix
-Approx 40lbs
-Housebroken and crate trained

Matilda knows basic sign language, and is good with cats, dogs, and kids.  She has to get to know you on her terms or she will nip.  Playful and has a great personality once she feels safe and secure

Sadly we must part with her because of allergies in our home.  Her new home must be patient and loving because of her handicap.

Please contact

Christine J. Saia

Cell: (973) 769-0498


Domino is an approximately one year old, deaf pitty mix. He is neutered and utd on all shots. He was rescued as a puppy and placed with an adoption family by For the Love of Poodles and Pooches. He was returned after the family discovered how difficult it was to train a deaf puppy. He has since been safe housed at a kennel/doggie day care in Richmond, VA. Domino was having a difficult time fitting in because no one knew how to affectively communicate with Domino.


In steps Breakthrough K9 Training, who has taken Domino under their wing, literally, by accepting him into their board and train program. Domino is making huge strides, learning both visual hand commands paired up with e-collar remote training. He not only knows all his basic commands, he is rock solid on down stays, place command, recall and heels like a pro. Domino is very sweet with humans, but because of his deafness can be startled more easily, so we recommend no young children. He does well with other laid back dogs, but has a high prey drive, so would not do well with a family with cats or teacup size dogs. 


If interested in learning more about Domino, please contact Stephanie  with Breakthrough K9 Training at
804-301-2836. More pictures and videos can be seen on their FB page.

Our shelter accepted Rocco into our care on Apr 2, 2016. Rocco is a 2 1/2 yr old bob tailed Australian Cattle dog who is deaf. An impending baby and fear of falling over Rocco led to his relinquishment. Rocco was highly stressed when he entered the kennel environment as he had never been away from his home, had little exposure to other dogs/people and lived in a silent world. Initially his fears at what to him, was a terrifying new environment, created defensive behaviors requiring those caring for him to be cautious.


With the passing of time, he is settling down considerably. Several volunteers work with him daily which includes an exchange of affectionate interactions as well as his much anticipated play time. He loves to fetch and will return the ball and drop at feet, eager for the next throw. He LOVES tug o war but in his eagerness to grab the tug toy, fingers and hands can fall victim to fast moving teeth. He cannot hear any cries or admonitions so he is not aware he has hurt someone. Homes with children are not advisable. Leash training is in progress as he clearly had no concept of it and desires to use the leash as a tug toy. We are working on this. Rocco is house trained. He will chase cars, birds and other moving objects.

A strong safe fence will be required to keep him safe as well as a yard large enough to provide running room. His adopter(s) need to be willing to provide the training needed for a dog living in a silent world that will enable him to meet the expectations of his people. He enjoys his time outside and loves to run the fence line with the dogs in the yards beside him. He will soon be introduced to another dog under supervision so he will have a playmate. When he is tired from being outside, he makes it know that he is ready for his kennel and a nap on his cot.
Rocco was neutered before coming to us. Adoption fee $100.

Zoey is a fun and active, deaf American bull dog. She is 5 months old, all white with a brown patch right above her tail. She loves to follow shadows. She knows how to sit, stay and lay down. She does bark at you when she wants attention or love. She loves to go running and is a great partner to go running with. She loves to play with balls and stuffed animals. She is friendly, however she wont run just to anyone.

At night she sleeps in her cage and prefers all the lights out, if not she feels left out and wants to hang out. In the morning she will bark around 2 to 3 times around 730am so she can go outside.

We have raised her since she was 4 weeks old, we are the only family she knows. It is extremely important to us that she goes to a good home.

She is smart and just needs a loving home. Like I said she already has learned some commands, she just needs a few more commands and she will be the perfect dog.

Zoey was born on Dec. 1, 2015, All white with a brown patch abover her tail. Sometimes her eyes are Blue sometimes they are green. She is friendly, loving, hyper. She gets long with other dogs.

Zoey is located in Miami, FL  contact:  Melissa Bermudez

Wheel Chair Dogs
We have a wonderful adopter of a fabulous wheelchair dog that has offered to speak with anyone needing assistance with your paralyzed dog.  Please contact Elizabeth at 

We will not be accepting anymore paralyzed dogs into the rescue.  The 5 we are currently caring for have filled our spaces for wheelchair/incontinent dogs.  Thank you.

Jubilent Jax - Toy Breeds In Need Rescue - Maryland -

Available for Adoption or Long-Term Foster Placement.

Jax is a stunning cream colored Pekingese Mix. We cannot be certain but, we think Jax may be part Peke and part lion. This little boy has courage and heart that is nothing short of inspirational. He is still very much a pup at only 3 years of age. He is 17 pounds of fluffy, sweet, cotton candy. Jax loves to play with other dogs, likes to chase cats (he means them no harm, he is just curious!) and gives his foster Mom a smooch every time she picks him up. 

A few weeks ago, TBIN offered to welcome Jax in to our rescue after his family decided they were no longer able to care for him. Jax suffered a ruptured disc and so no his hind legs are paralyzed. Upon taking Jax in, we took him to our fabulous holistic vet who evaluated him and began treating him with a few different modalities (herbs, supplements, and laser acupuncture). Jax is in no pain whatsoever and is blissfully unaware that he is paralyzed. Jax is taken out frequently and expressed (this is not hard to do!) and so he does NOT have accidents in the house. Jax had some pretty bad sores on his knees when he was relinquished to us so we ordered him a drag bag (second picture) so that he could scoot along without abrading his skin and allowing his sores to heal (which they have). We are going to be measuring Jax for a cart this week which will be custom made just for him so that he can go for walks outside. While inside, he pulls himself right along and has zero issues getting around. 

Jax is otherwise in good health, up-to-date on vaccines, Heartworm negative, and has been microchipped. We are seeking either an adoptive home for Jax, or someone who is interested in providing him with a long-term foster home. Jax's ideal home would include someone who is home most of the day and is able to take him outside for regular potty breaks. Another small, playful canine companion who would be interested in wrestling and playing with Jax, as he really loves to play and it is great exercise for him. A home without young children would be best (ages 14 and up). 

If you feel that you have room in your heart and home for Jax, please complete an Adoption Application: 

For questions or inquiries, please e-mail Toy Breeds In Need Rescue: 

Due to my failing health I have a rescue dog in a wheel chair that needs a new home.  Brian was shot and thrown in the woods to die.  By the time he was found, he had lost a lot of weight because he couldn’t move.  We took him in and started putting weight back on him and had him completely checked out by our vet.  Because he was shot he does not have use of his rear legs or control of his bowel and bladder.  He is a happy go lucky dog, loves food and treats.  We bought him an Eddie’s Wheel Cart so he could run around in the back yard.  He loves it and runs around like crazy.  He is up to date on all his shots, neutered,  about  2 years old, heartworm free, blond in color and listed as a mixed breed, weights about 26 lbs.  He is located in East Providence, RI.

His bed, cart, and blankets go with him.  He is on anti seizure pills twice a day as he had seizures in the past.  Anti seizure pills are cheap and are put in his food.  See the picture of Brian.

If you are interested in adopting Brian please call Ken at 401-569-2554, Thank you.

Tundra's Story: Every so often, Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM) is asked to consider taking in dogs who have exceptional needs and very often these dogs have a heart-breaking story that accompanies them. Tundra is one of those dogs.

Tundra is a male golden/shepherd/husky mix who was rescued by a RAGOM volunteer and the director of The Marshmallow Foundation along with two other dogs and three cats. All of these animals had been victims of severe, long-term neglect but because they were not malnourished enough to be seized there was nothing the local authorities could do about it.

Chained to the side of the house on a chain too short to reach his dog house, Tundra had a miserable life. The road to a new life began for Tundra and his canine and feline companions when the owner of the home was evicted. At the same time, a guardian angel neighbor made sure the animals had food and water. She was also very persistent in seeking out help for these animals…while another neighbor had been threatening to shoot them.

As all six animals found themselves in rescue with the Marshmallow Foundation, the Foundation asked asked RAGOM to take Tundra because of our past success with Joy (another wheelchair dog). At some point in Tundra’s life, an unknown event caused a disc rupture or fibrocartilagenous emboli, a catastrophic injury that left his back legs paralyzed. Despite his sad and rough beginnings, he’s a happy boy who soaks up love and attention.

Please contact Kathy Guinn at for more information.  Tundra is located in Minneapolis, MN 

Available from ~ Ohio

Bubba is an American Staffordshire Terrier, that is about 2 years old. He is the sweetest happiest dog around. When our rescue took him he had no use of his back legs at all. But we have spent a lot of time working with him and he has really come a long way in the 3 months we’ve had him. He can stand for short periods, and even take some steps. He now has actual muscle in his hind legs. And surprises us more and more all the time.  He gets around just fine in the house and just needs help out to the bathroom. He also does not have accidents in the house as long as you take him out fairly regularly.  The length of time has gotten longer as he’s gotten stronger and gained weight. His tail is always wagging. And he just loves to be able to be a part of the family. Loves to chew on bones, hooves, balls, and especially loves to tear apart stuffed animals. He’s just an all around happy boy, that needs to find his forever family. He should not go to a family that has cats, as he’s a little too interested in trying to chase the resident cat at his foster home. Bubba has been neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. His adoption fee is $175.00.

If you have any questions please see our contact us page.

To fill out an application for this sweet boy 

Thank you so much for your consideration - Adrian Alltop (Bubba’s foster mom)

Meet Tilly! She is a sweet, small, 3yr old mixed breed pup who currently resides in Florida, USA.

She made the long travel from Thailand a few weeks ago, and is looking for a loving, forever home or special needs rescue. While in Thailand, Tilly was hit by a car, causing her to be partially paralyzed in her hind legs. She was being held at a wild animal sanctuary, where she couldn't get the treatment she needed to heal. An American volunteer decided to bring her home to give her a second chance.

She was surrounded by other dogs in Thailand, and even had a little doggie best friend. They were always together. She was also around other dogs at the vet and in the airport, and she was her normal self. I've never seen her be aggressive, either with other dogs or food. She has a very mild temperament, and weighs about 17-18 lbs.  

She is currently on pain meds and getting laser therapy, and is able to stand on her own now! She is still not quite walking, but she is certainly trying and her vet has hope :-) She cannot stay where she is and needs a forever home. 

For more information on Tilly or to contact her foster momma, please email Lindsay Sundell at

Please meet Isabella better known as Bella. She is an 8 1/2 year old Rat Terrier who is very sweet and friendly. Bella gets along well with other animals (dogs and cats)  and loves people (especially children!) She lives to lay anywhere there is sunshine. She loves to play catch and is quite smart. Bella suffered from a spinal cord injury back in 2010 causing paralysis from the waist down as well as being incontinent.

This injury, however, has not diminished her spirits and she continues to be an extremely loving and playful companion. We purchased a wheelchair for her which she refused as she is independent and prefers to get around on her own. Aside from this injury, she is in good health and her medical history has been uneventful.

I am looking for a loving home for her as I can no longer care for her.

Please help Bella find a home!

Marcella Rodriguez

This miracle baby is Link. He came to GPRO as just a puppy, dob approx March 2015, after suffering unbelievable injuries and neglect, including a lower back injury causing him partial paralysis, his left rear leg was broken in two places, and right rear leg was mangled beyond repair. There was no option but to amputate the right leg, and his left rear leg was successfully surgically repaired. Link then started the long road to recovery and has completed physical therapy including from June to Nov. He has gained strength and control in his lower back and rear leg, and has gained significant control of his bowels and bladder, and he can use his front legs to pull himself around quite well but he can't stand and balance without assistance. He is reliant on a wheelchair or assistance using a rear harness for mobility.

Read more info here

Sandy von Saydee is a beautiful 18 month old German Shepherd at Westside German Shepherd Rescue. She has a sad tale to tell -- even we don’t know all the details -- but we do know she is a heroic survivor. Sandy was found by some Good Samaritans in the Central Valley who kept her safe but needed to find a permanent place for her. Westside didn’t know at that time that Sandy’s back had been broken in the past and healed on its own. There is no surgery that can help her now. One of our vets said it is a miracle she can even walk, -- which she does well -- but needs a protective boot so she doesn’t hurt her back foot, which she drags a little. She has no feeling in her tail and no feeling in her back end. She will have to wear diapers unless she is romping outside with her doggy friends or you!

We know it will take a special person to give beautiful Sandy a home, but that person will be so rewarded because Sandy has so much to offer -- she is smart, loving and so appreciative.

If you would like to meet this Wonder Girl, please complete a  Westside German Shepherd application so that we can contact you. Go to the following link for an application:

My name is Harmony, I was born with no muscles in my back legs but I get around just fine, I was born July 7, 2014.  I do all my "business" outside all on my own - and although I have a wheelchair, I'm still afraid to use it.

My owner (and best friend) is moving on a military base and can't take me with her but I want to go to a good home that will love and care for me as much as she does. She is looking for a good home for me or help in placing me with a good family

Harmony is located in Roseville MI.

Contact Ashley for more information at (586) 360-0079 call or text and email address

KARMA - 9 mo old - I found Karma in a storm drain when she was roughly 6 weeks old. She was only 1lb 2oz. A week later she was basically dead on the Vets exam table with an unknown internal infection. She stayed at the Vets and got better. 2 weeks after Karma came back from the Vets she suffered 2 broken back legs. She was in the backyard with a bigger dog. The bigger dog took off running and her legs got caught in his tether. She was casted for 7 weeks. Due to cast being on for so long and it being during her prime growing stage her ligaments got super tight and she can no longer bend her legs. 1 legs has slight bend to it and the other does not. She does not let it slow her down one bit. She uses both her back legs at the same time so it's kind of like she is a tripod dog. Except her legs aren't missing! At 7 months old, Karma came down with Parvo. One again she beat the odds and survived! Karma was supposed to be a "get her well and find her a good home" puppy. Something is always happening to her so I have yet to find her a home. I am hoping with your help it will be possible. She is fairly small. Only about 40lbs. She is very skinny in the back end because she has zero muscle. She eats wet and hard food 2 times a day but doesn't gain back there. I gave her the birth date of August 12th from the Vets age estimate. She is fully potty trained. She is an awesome guard dog. She is not yet spayed. Our vet said it will be kind of difficult because the cannot maneuver her legs out of the way. If needed we came make them slather before she goes to a new home. She is UTD on shots, including rabies.

If you would like to know more please don't hesitate to ask. I am willing to travel for the right home. (depending on distance of course)  Contact Nicole

Odo is a 7 year old cocker spaniel mix, who weighs about 40 pounds. His back end was hit by a car in September of 2015 that caused fractures and nerve damage. He lost some strength in his hind legs and became incontinent. His vet was hoping he will improve his muscle functions through daily exercise trainings. His previous owner was not able to spend enough time to help him, so he came to Rescued Treasures to find his special family who will continue to assist him for his journey of recovery and his care.

He is a low key dog that loves to be with people. He is good with most dogs, ignores cats but would hunt small critters. He is mobile around the house by scooting or dragging his hind legs. He was fitted for a cart to assist him going on walks outdoors. Most of the time he wears belly bands or diapers. He prefers someone to be home a lot, who is able to lift some weight to help him stand. And a house with open space for him to move around and not too many steps to get in and out.

Odo's adoption fee is $100 after all vetting. For more information and adoption applications (which must be completed to arrange a meeting) visit Rescued Treasures website at If you do not hear from our volunteers within 2 days, please email us at

Before applying for this dog, please think the decision over thoroughly and make sure the whole family is in agreement. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility that is not something that should be rushed into. Each dog from Rescued Treasures has been saved from an uncertain future. If you are thinking about adopting, please remember it is a LIFE-LONG commitment. Dogs can live to be at least 14 years old...are you ready to take care of him/her that long?

Three legged Dogs

Raleigh, NC - Transport Available Out of State 

My name is Big Red. Aren’t I one of the most beautiful creatures you have ever seen? I am as sweet as I am beautiful. I love to be loved and to give love and my snuggles are like the warmest, coziest blanket on the coldest winter day. I am five years old and my first two years must have been very bad because I have some scars and I lost one of my legs. Somehow I made it to the shelter and then my mom found me and took me home with her. She has given me so much love and a wonderful home for the last three years and I adore her for that. But you see, the problem is that I have come to adore her so much that I can’t bring myself to share her anymore with my pet siblings. I can no longer be around other pets.

I need to be in a home where I am the absolute center of attention with no other pets and no children. I am low energy by nature and tend to spend the majority of my time sleeping. I love a good bone to chew, a tennis ball makes me access my inner puppy and a game of tug every now and then is great fun. Car rides are the bomb! I don’t require a lot of exercise which is good because I tend to be leash aggressive and bikes and skateboards scare me terribly. I do go to daycare and enjoy that. That environment is safe for me as I do not have to compete with any of those dogs for my mom’s attention or for food or treats. I would do best in a home where my people are home more than they are gone.

I am neutered and up to date on all vaccinations. I have one daily med for a controlled seizure disorder. I am fully housetrained, but a crate is not an option for me given trauma I must have experienced in my past. Mom crated me early on and I broke two teeth trying to get out. I stay in the house when she is gone and have access to a dog door and a fenced in back yard. I love to be lazy in the sun!

If you have a big heart and could open it to let me in, I will make it swell with my love and admiration. I really am a sweet boy, I just need the right situation. Serious inquiries only please. This is a very hard time for my mom and your consideration of that is much appreciated.

We need to find a new home for a lovely young female lab (4 years old approximately) who has a very sad story.

My fiancé (A DVM) has a small vet clinic in Rosamond CA. (Near Edwards Airforce Base)

A beautiful young female lab was brought to us after she was hit by a car.

She had recently been rescued from a shelter. 

Dr Rich was able to save her life… but she is partially crippled and cannot walk at all on bad days, but she is able to "all her business outside on her own."  She would benefit from a cart.

Her new owner did not want to take on a crippled dog and surrendered her.

We would be so grateful if you could help us…. she has been through so much and  is too sweet and lovely to not have a better life

Louise /Sierra Oasis Animal Care 661-752-5729

Louise Felsher



Dogs with Minor Challenges

We brought this little fella in, and could use some help getting his information out there to find him a "furever" home.  We are located in Ypsilanti, MI.  We are only foster based, and Dylan is in foster care with one of our best fosters in Toledo, Ohio.

Dylan's story: Dylan is between 1-2 year old male.  He was hit by a truck in WV, 3/24/16 and has been healing with us since 4/5/2016.  Dylan has been neutered, utd on shots, hw negative.  Dylan had to have his tail amputated since the accident broke the bones in it, he is still recovering from his broken pelvis too.  He has another fracture on top of his spine and the inflammation is going down.  Bladder and bowel control have improved, but we do not know if damage is permanent or not, only time can tell us that.  Dylan has special physical needs, but he is all Labbie boy.  

He is so sweet, loves to play, and gets along with everyone.  We think he must have had a little boy in his original home, because he certainly gravitates towards them.  

We had Dylan at an adoption event yesterday for 3 hours, and there was no pee in his belly band. His foster Mom is a nurse and works long hours.  If he had someone home more we are betting there wouldn't be many accidents.  He doesn't know when he is done pooing so sometimes there is a nugget or two following in the house.  This is his special needs...they are all physical, he is an awesome dog.

MI Lab Rescue -  

email: MI LabRescue

Truman is a male Lab mix (possibly Cattle Dog). The vet thinks he is about 2-3 years old. Truman was pulled out of the Robertson County Animal Shelter in Springfield, TN by Beau's Wish dog rescue. He was afraid of people and afraid of being touched so no potential adopters would even consider him. He walks with a limp and tends to hold his right paw slightly off the ground so as not to put much weight on it.  We took him to see the vet and, after looking at his x-rays, they determined that Truman had been shot in the shoulder at some point in his life.  Even though Truman has been through a lot in his life already he still loves people!  We are amazed at how well Truman has adjusted to a normal life after being hurt and mistreated for so long.  He loves to play with his foster brothers and sisters and he fits right in with the rest of the pack. He's also learned how fun it is to go for rides in the car and walk around pet stores, people always pet him and give him lots of treats!  Even though Truman walks with a slight limp, that doesn’t hold him back from anything, including running around in the yard and playing with the other dogs!  Truman would love to find his very own family to love. His idea of heaven would be curled up next to his special person or people.  Truman is neutered, house-trained and up to date on all his shots.  He takes daily anti-inflammatory medication as well as a glucosamine supplement.  

Beau's Wish

615-686-9462 | | | Nashville, TN


Sweet LILLY........... is a very pretty boxer/boston mix approx. 10 months old. She is house and kennel trained. She is very loving and playful and gets along well with other dogs and cats. She lost an eye in an unfortunate accident with another dog as a little pup but that has not altered her playful attitude with dogs. She loves to play with children as well and pretty much anyone that she meets. Lilly has learned several basic obedience commands. She would love a family, a yard to have fun in and a playmate would be great fun. She is current on shots, spayed and microchipped and just waiting to hear from you. Lilly is located in Spring, Texas. The fosters will transport within the USA. Please contact 

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