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We have a volunteer that will follow-up on these listings on a regular basis.  If you do NOT respond to the "status request" - your listing will be automatically removed.  It's not fair to individuals that are interested in helping the dogs listed here to not have a response to inquiries.  Thank you.

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Blind Dogs
Blind dogs can live an almost normal life, please visit The Owners of Blind Dogs.   
To see how easy it can be to live with a blind dog, please visit

Milo is a very special Senior boy who needs a very special home.  He lost his eyesight about 2 years ago and now his family is losing their home.  He may have some hearing loss, also.  This beautiful guy may be a Senior, but acts like a pup:  an enthusiastic bundle of energy (typical Pointer!)!

Milo is on Thyroid meds (about $7 a month) and has some skin issues,  both of which are being managed nicely with medication, diet and lots of loving attention.  Milo weighs about 75 lbs. and is trimming down on the thyroid meds. Because of his blindness he needs to be in a home that is a safe, patient environment.  Milo is your typical Pointer and still full of energy.   He would do great with someone familiar with Pointers and their need for mental and physical stimulation.  Milo would love to find that special person who is looking for a nice walking partner and someone to cuddle with at the end of the day.     

He gets along well with other dogs, and even cats!  This boy is one of sweetest pups you'll ever meet (not a bad bone in his body).  He really deserves a loving homeThanks to donations Milo was able to get the medical attention he needed, but we still need to do follow-ups and hopefully get him into a doggie eye doctor!  Any donation would be greatly appreciated.  If you or someone you know might be able to donate or consider fostering or adopting Milo, please contact:   

Carson City Animal Services   (CCAS)
Carson City, NV

Milo is neutered, house-trained, current on shots and located in Carson City, NV.     

Thanks for listening to Milo's story!

We have Peeps in custody of Butler Town Pound. She is fostering at my house but does not have rescue commitment. When Peeps was reported to our police department her eyes were bulging out of her head.  Our options were euthanasia or removing the eyes, we authorized emergency surgery which donors were nice enough to cover the expenses. Peeps has recovered from her surgery. 

Most people who meet Peeps thinks she "must have SOME vision" because she gets around so well. She gets along well with all of the dogs in her foster home, but older dogs in your home may not appreciate her puppy exuberance. Peeps requires a fenced in yard. She requests you agree 30lbs is a great sized lap dog and plan to spend time each day holding her while she licks your face.  

Peeps is available for adoption or to be released to a reputable rescue. Anyone interested in Peeps can e-mail or call 205.604.8243.

Deaf Dogs
For information on living with a deaf dog, please visit Deaf Dog Education Action Fund.

Meet Ludwig, a wonderful dog that needs to find his forever home.  He loves other dogs so if he could find a home with a canine playmate that would be terrific!  Ludwig is stunning and has quite a regal air about him.  Perhaps it is because he is deaf that he notices everything and is so very smart.  Ludwig has a wonderful vet tech from our spay/neuter clinic to thank for his opportunity to find a better life.  

During this past winter, this vet tech passed by his house on her way to and from work and saw that he was chained outside in the dirt and appeared to have little, if any, care or attention.  She spoke to the owner of the house who agreed to surrender Ludwig.  The vet tech asked if we could take Ludwig into our rescue program and help him find a real home.  He has been a great fit here since he has lots of dogs to play with!  He is a very attentive and obedient boy and is crate-trained and housebroken.  He is wonderful on lead.  He notices everything and you may find that you start noticing the smaller things too as you explore together on your walks.  Ludwig has the best time chasing leaves blowing in the wind or watching the clouds and birds in the sky.  

We are so excited to help him to find that special place to call his own where he can blossom even more and get all that well-deserved attention that he missed in the first few months of his life.  He is now 11 months old and currently weighs 31 lbs.  Ludwig has been neutered, microchipped and is up to date on all of his shots.  He is heartworm negative and on monthly preventatives for heartworms, fleas and ticks.  

If you would like to meet Ludwig please complete our adoption application form at .  Call 336.251.8877 with any questions about Ludwig or our rescue process.  We do require that you come visit with Ludwig at our adoption center in downtown Mocksville, NC.  We are there by appointment only, so please call to set that up.  

Wheel Chair Dogs
We have a wonderful adopter of a fabulous wheelchair dog that has offered to speak with anyone needing assistance with your paralyzed dog.  Please contact Elizabeth at 

We will not be accepting anymore paralyzed dogs into the rescue.  The 6 we are currently caring for have filled our spaces for wheelchair/incontinent dogs.  Thank you.

Meet "Foxy"

This sweet senior Pomeranian might be pint-size (half-pint size, actually) but she is still full of spunk! Foxy is 12 years of age but don't tell her that because I don't think she knows! Foxy adores attention and never turns down a belly rub. She is loveable and "tote-able"- she will sit with you while you work at your desk or on the computer, snuggle up with you and watch TV or supervise your yoga positions. Of course there must be snack breaks in between- Foxy will let you know when she is hungry with a little hearty squeak.

Foxy has a subluxation of the patella in each of her hind legs so she cannot walk. She gets around just fine, though, and a custom wheelchair for Foxy is in the works. She is trained to go on a wee wee pad and does so without any issue. Foxy is currently in a foster home where she keeps up with the large and medium size dogs who live there. This senior pipsqueak even chases after the large dog! Foxy's foster Mom says, "Foxy interacts with my other dogs- the longer I have her the younger she acts! When friends come over they think she is a puppy!"

So, why would a dog as wonderful as Foxy be looking for a home after all this time? Tragically, Foxy's first owner passed away unexpectedly so the woman's parents took Foxy and her other dog in. Sadly, tragedy struck twice when her owners were placed in a nursing home leaving Foxy and her other canine friend in need of a new home.

Foxy is good with other dogs, ignores cats and is great with all people. Given her size, age and disability a family without or with older children would be best for Foxy.

If you are interested in adopting Foxy or would like to learn more about her please contact Marilyn with Animal Friends for Education and Welfare (rescue) at . Foxy is located in New Jersey.

I am writing you on behalf of one of my patients at Garden State Veterinary Specialists (Tinton Falls, NJ).  His name is Dolittle (8 year old, M/N Mixed Breed Dog) and he has been under the ownership of Best Friends Animal Rescue since October 2013.  He has been living in our hospital since December 2013 when he underwent spinal surgery (hemilaminectomy) for his chronic disc disease.  Dolittle never regained motor function to his hind limbs.  

He is one of the brightest, happiest dogs I have ever met.  He loves his wheelchair and even plays fetch.  He deserves the stability and love of a forever home, not the constant commotion of a busy referral hospital.  The challenge is that he would do best in a home without other pets or children.  I have attached some pictures and a bio below.  I would really appreciate it if you could post his info to get the word out about him. Contact 

Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler)
5 yrs old spayed female
Is being brought UTD on vaccines and HW tested
Currently located an hour north of Dallas in Gainesville, TX


See the attached video and you'll see just how sweet she is. She is friendly, affectionate and playful. She is fine with being handled and groomed. When introduced to other dogs she was not aggressive.


Jesse is hind paralyzed, but continent (i.e. has control of her bladder and bowels). We are currently working on getting her a wheelchair.


Jesse is currently in the care of the Good Samaritan that saved her life, literally. Jesse was this woman's neighbors' dog. When they got her their dogs went after Jesse so they put her outside. One day the Good Samaritan found Jessie unable to walk and went to the neighbor. The neighbor said she was aware of Jesse's condition, that she just showed up like that in the morning and they she probably got hit by a car. Here is where Jesse got lucky...the neighbor's son was going to shoot Jesse and that is when the Good Samaritan told her neighbor she would take Jesse. Jesse was taken to the vet where x-rays were taken and no broken bones were found. The veterinarian prescribed steroids suspecting a disk issue but couldn't confirm that diagnosis with an MRI. Jesse is being boarded in the Good Samaritan's boarding facility (more luck) and is being well cared for, kept clean and given affection.


PLEASE, let's help this Good Samaritan help Jesse get into rescue or a forever home! If you are interesting in learning more about Jesse please e-mail  or

Pablo is an incredibly sweet, 6 year old rescue. He is fully trained, cooperative and obedient. In July 2013 he ruptured discs in his low back, had massive hemorrhaging, and now has permanent spinal cord damage. He needs his wheelchair to get around. He loves taking walks and being around people, dogs, cats, birds and wildlife. Animals and people love his gentle, quiet spirit. During the day Pablo sleeps quietly in his bed at home and at my office. 
Pablo is afraid to be alone since the injury. He bonds very quickly with caretakers. His bladder needs to be expressed a few times a day. He holds urine well between potty breaks and can hold his bladder 10-11 hours overnight. He weighs about 16 lbs and is easy to carry. 
Pablo is young, comfortable and healthy. He is an absolute angel. It's very hard to give up such a well-behaved, lovely dog but he will be happier in a better environment than I can provide as a single dog-mom. Please contact me, Sid, at for more info, pictures and videos. I live in Portland, Oregon. Thank you!

Bolt is still available for adoption.  Treasure Valley, Idaho.  Bolt is not in a wheelchair, but he probably will be when he gets older.  He was born without a tail and does not have full control of his back end.  He can leap and run and get on the couch and into the car, but sometimes his back feet knuckle under without his awareness and he has broken two toes.
And because he does not have full control of his hind end, he doesn't always void properly and is prone to frequent urinary tract infections.  Three or four a year.
I leave the hair long on the front of his back legs as he drags them through the doggie door and that gives him good padding and I scissor in a little puff where a tail might be. 
Bolt is 3-4 years old and had an awful childhood living outdoors in harsh weather his first two winters.  He had diareah and they didn't clean hm up and flies laid eggs and maggots ate the flesh around his anus.  This has healed well, but he must be shaved regularly back there to stay clean.  At least twice a month.
He so appreciates and loves being an indoor boy now and is the most snuggly, sweet affectionate being I've ever met.  He was given up because he killed barn cats.  And he occasionally gets overly excited and barky about little dogs, especially females.  Otherwise, he is a delight to have in my home.  He plays well with everyone else, With several little dogs, he will lay down to play with them when he gets tired.
If you would be interested in bringing this wonderful boy into your home, call Teresa at 208-384-1227 or e-mail at  And if you have not had a standard poodle before, look up FAQ at Poodle Club of America for more information.

(not currently in a wheelchair)  Robbie, who was adopted by the present owner from a Philadelphia shelter, is a very happy, sweet, compliant beagle-terrier mix, roughly three years old, weighing about 40 lbs., and fully house-trained.  Physically, Robbie was in extremely good health until November 2013, when he had to undergo emergency surgery for a ruptured vertebral disc (IVDD).  Though at first he lost the use of his hind legs, his spinal cord was not completely severed; he regained limited sensation and mobility, and with extensive rehab learned to walk again.  His gait is very unsteady and he must wear protective robber booties on his hind paws to prevent damage from dragging (and also to help with traction on smooth surfaces).  He can walk for short distances but cannot be allowed to engage in active play (no dog park, for example; no jumping or climbing).  He loves people and other dogs, and he remains energetic, with a good appetite and demeanor.  Robbie also has separation anxiety, which has continued to be resistant to treatment both behavioral and pharmacological.  So he would do best in a household with multiple caretakers and, ideally, at least one other dog.  His present owner, who lives alone, canít manage this combination of physical and behavioral challenges.  He hopes that Robbie can find the right forever home with you, and he would be very happy to send you more information, pictures, videos, etc. and to talk with you about arranging a visit in or near Philadelphia.  Please contact him directly at

Riversong (River) is a four year old active, loving feist terrier. She joined our family in 2011 when we adopted her from the local animal shelter. She is a great companion dog, she loves people and loves getting lots of attention. In September 2013 she was hit by a car and now suffers from paralysis of her hind legs and is incontinent. 

She is very resilient and in spite of her injuries, she manages to be mobile and active by pulling herself around with her front legs. She adapts well and would do fine in a home with only one owner or a family with children. She does not like other dogs but might adjust if she is introduced slowly. She gets along fine with the cats in our home. She loves playing ball with our 4 and 6 yr old. Our teenage son has been caring for her but because of a family crisis and other medical needs in our family, we are unable to continue to give her the care she needs. Our prayer is that we can find another loving home for her where she gets a lot of tender loving care. She will reward you with lots of affection and loyalty. Email  if interested. 

Location: Charlotte, NC
Contact info:  (email) 

Three legged Dogs

Name: Merry
Species: Pit-mix
General Color: Tan
Current Size: 50 pounds (approx)
Current Age: 4-5 years (best estimate)

Merry is an affectionate, people-loving dog that was rescued several years ago from a high-kill shelter. Despite the fact that she is deaf and has three legs, Merry is one of the happiest and most affectionate dogs you will ever meet (hence the name). She loves to nap in the sun, cuddle with people, and play tug with her rope.

Merry loves attention and has a lot of energy and would be best in a home without small children or cats. She is house trained, crate trained, and good in the car. Because she is deaf, she has been trained to respond to basic hand gestures, and knows how to sit, lay down, follow, drop toys, etc.

Contact John Hays - email - phone (908) 420-9611 Located in  Somerset, NJ 08873

Dogs with Minor Challenges

Hello, let me introduce myself. I am a 5 year old spayed german shepherd named Mico. I am a fun loving girl who loves to play with my lab friend. I am trying to help my mom find me a new home as she is REALLY busy with school and my human kids. She only wants the best for me, so this is why I will be out there looking for my next forever home. I have this condition called mega esophagus, my mom feeds me soaked food 3 times a day at an elevated level and I do not have any problems. When my family need to leave me I sleep in this thing called a crate which I have no problem with. I went to school awhile ago to learn some of those things like sit, stay and come. It has been awhile since I practice this but I will work very hard to freshen up my skills. Will you be willing to meet me to see if you will be my next family? 

If you are interested in meeting with me or have any questions about me please contact I look forward to meeting you 

Mo-Mo is a 4yr old Boxer / Great Dane / Mixed and was treated for Distemper. So far it appears there will be a residual tick that is affecting his left leg muscles. As the pictures show, he is active and it is not letting it get in his way. TMo-mo is still available and being housed in my home. He is a sweet loving guy who still acts like a puppy and very playful. Our family has taken him to a local lake where he was just awesome going into the water. He did swim in deeper water but only when we where they next to him. Mo-Mo is current on all vaccines, neutered, and micro-chipped. If we could find a loving heart and a happy home locally, we would place him at no charge as his adoption amount has been taken care of already. If it is out of the area and he has to be shipped, the adopting family would have to pay for those services.

If you are interested, have questions, or to schedule a personal viewing, please contact Ms. Laurie Jane Eberle, volunteer for Love of Animals, Visalia Division, Visalia, California, at 559-799-3937 or 2807

Hi everyone! My name is Arnie, and I would love to be your best friend! I get along with everyone and love to play! I walk kind of funny and lose my balance sometimes because the doctors say have a condition called Myotonia Congenita. I take on the world at a slower pace, but I don't mind--you should see my huge muscles! Arnie is currently in foster care, if you would like to meet with him please contact Animal House at 970-224-3647.

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